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The Mission

"All men on guard!"

"Keep their majesties from harm!"

"Do as the Captain orders! Now now, move it!"

Ugh. Guards. If it's one thing I like more than taking from the rich, and giving to the less fortunate; it's bringing down a whole set of guards, who know nothing of what they're up against. The dark chainmail they wear, under those suits of steel or fake aluminum armor, surely doesn't give them justice, to what I could bestow upon them. But no time to dawdle, I have a mission to accomplish.

A soft landing of mud-colored boots on the royal red carpet, soon started their way down the hall of the second floor. Guards were going to be lurking everywhere, so Logan had to be careful. With his hood wrapped around his head, and a smirk curling on his features; he knew just where to find his prize.

"Check the armory!"

The sound of guards were endless, and only had given the man a few seconds to disappear, just as the guards ran in, looking about the hall, their grey eyes squinting in the dim light of the torches that ran along the wall. The dark figure smirked, as he watched them from above. It would only be a matter of time, when he can make his final escape, but not before taking his prize. Crawling along the ceiling, his artwork of ninja skills showing a new light, he kept his eye out for anything suspicious, regardless the guards looking around in wonderment. There was a passage way somewhere, Logan knew, his hands searching for that small bronze handle in the ceiling; and once it was found, he pulled it gently, and was soon flipped over, the small patch of the stone showing on the floor, as he stood up. He was hidden safely, but there was no time for standing around.

The large room he found himself in, was more like a storage room of an attic, with old scrolls and ancient arts, stashed away from greedy eyes, that would have been paid fortunes. The smirk continued to play on his lips, as he walked about the room, knowing just where his target would be. A small burgundy chest, the size of a jewelry box, sat in the back of the corner, covered in dust; rarely touched at all. Logan picked it up carefully, dusted it off with the finger-less gloves he had on, careful not to take in the residue it left behind. To his surprise, it was unlocked, and once opened; a dark frown appeared next. His prize was gone!

"I wasn't sent here to fail..."

He growled lightly, and closed the box in anger, before placing it back where he found it, dusting it up, as though it was never touched. Now, all he needed was to find the item he was sent to get.

"Gregor said something about the Princess having to know where this thing is. If she does, she may be the one I'm looking for."

More noises of the guards can be heard below, and moving quickly, Logan ran back to the passage doorway, and listened,

"I want guards standing by, they could be anywhere. Keep searchin! We'll use the rest of the night if we have to."

Lifting himself away from the floor, Logan then smirked; he knew another way out. It didn't take long for him to find another door that lead to another hall of the Palace. This was where the majesties chambers were, as well as the Princess. He was sure they were sleeping by now. He quickly used the route he remembered to get to the Princess’ room, and moved a stone from the ceiling. There, he found the Princess sleeping in her bed, her long golden brown hair splashed against the pillows, as her hands gripped the sheets tightly around her. She was in deep slumber. Good, Logan thought, his green eyes looking about the room for any thought on where that scroll could be. If not in a chest, look in a drawer.

He took his time falling out onto the floor in the middle of the room, the dull sounds of rain pattering outside the window; and flashes of lightning illuminating his body with every strike. Moving silently across the room, he looked through every drawer, finding nothing but clothes and jewels in either. Some, he took for good measure, everything else didn't matter. It was becoming frustrating, not knowing where that scrap of paper could be. Until, his eyes found it; right under the Princess' pillow. He cursed under his breath, and made his way over to the bed, as silently as he could; his eyes all on the scroll. He sat down by the bed, leaning his back against the mattress, and waited 3 seconds, before looking up and over, just in time to see the Princess twitch in her sleep. He frowned deeply, his eyes looking at the scroll, before his hands reached it, pulling it gently out from under the pillow, and adding a stuffed cushion to replace it.

Finally. He had the plans in his hands. What joy!

"Check the rooms!"

There wasn't much time for celebration. Logan quickly scampered up onto the windowsill, and using his ninja skills, crawled against the ceiling, and back into the space of which he came from; placing the stone back, just in time, as the doors to the Princess' room burst open. The sounds of heavy metal and pattering feet filled the room, as Logan ran back through the passageways of which he came, and found himself back in the same hallway he had occupied before. The hall of Armor.

More noises of the guards had him running, until he almost collided into one. They noticed him, and glared, taking out their sword, "Stop, in the name of the King!"

Logan had no time for play, so he ran over to a window, and crashed into it, his body falling from a great height, in which he landed on his feet, and began running towards the gates.

"He's got the script! After him!!"

Escaping the gates was easy, as Logan would guess, and now he was the one being chased by the King's guards. They ran, yelling for him to stop or surrender, as they roamed through the silent village; with the townspeople who were either sleeping, or just finishing up dinner. In the new light, the guards could see what Logan looked like. He wore a long brown coat, with a dark green hood and cape, a dagger wrapped around his waist, and finger-less gloves. But they couldn't worry more about his appearance, than what he held in his hands. Logan smirked, and soon took to the roof, leaving the guards confused at a dead end.

"Mission accomplished." Logan spoke lightly, continuing his run towards his hideout.
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