You Loved Me Once

99: Comforting Words

“Are you sure that you don’t mind helping me with this, Celia?” Alba posed as she pushed Isabella’s pushchair through the streets, her eyes glancing back at the older woman who followed along beside her. It had been a couple of weeks and with Lionel in Argentina ahead of a couple of internationals, Alba had opted to tag along, wanting an opportunity to scout a few venues that she had in mind for their wedding. They were making progress, with the decision to do it in Argentina, they’d already made arrangements with a local hotel in order to host the reception, and Alba was pleased that they were making progress, even if it was a little slow, she was merely glad to be taking steps towards the big day which lingered a little over 2 months away from them.

“Mind?” Celia posed “I was honored you asked, Alba” she enthused with a warm smile.

“Leo suggested it” Alba mused “And I thought you’d be more help than my mother. I love her, but I can do without her asking if I am sure for the thousandth time” she mumbled. She had thought about it, asking her mother for help, but she had opted against it, not wanting to listen to her mother enquire whether or not she was sure about getting married. She understood her parents’ hesitation, with what had happened before, there was a small part of Alba that was concerned that Lionel could change his mind again, but hearing it time and time again irked her, something which had led her to ask for Celia’s help over her mother’s.

Celia, who walked alongside her, nodded. “I understand that” she confirmed “Leo says that they are still worried” she added.

“They are” Alba confirmed gently “And I think until Leo and I are actually married, they’ll keep worrying” she mused with a small sigh.

“They do have grounds to be a little concerned” Celia pointed out as she led Alba towards the small church that they had opted to visit “He does have form for being a little erratic” she added.

“Nobody knows that better than I do” Alba mumbled.

Celia admired the expression on the younger woman’s face before she stepped towards her, offering her hand a gentle squeeze. “I know you’re worried, Alba, even if you don’t want to admit it” she murmured softly.

Alba shook her head. “It’s just at the back of my head” she murmured softly “And every time my mother or someone else asks, it gets at me a little more. I trust him, you know that, but a small part of me is…”

“You have every right to be concerned, Alba” Celia agreed gently “After last time, I would be a little concerned if a small part of you wasn’t worried, but I want you to know that I haven’t seen him happier than he’s been in the last year or so. He’s so in love with you, Alba, more so than before, and I fully believe that this is what he wants. Whenever someone mentions it to him, he seems so happy” she enthused softly. She knew that Alba had a right to worry, until the night he’d left, Lionel had seemed to be on board with the idea of marrying Alba the first time around, but she wanted to offer the younger woman a word of comfort, something it was clear that Alba needed.

Alba offered the older woman a slight look before she nodded, a slight smile on her face. “I do know that” she noted softly.

Celia offered her hand another soft squeeze before she padded ahead of her, chattering excitedly about the wedding plans that Alba and Lionel had already made.


Alba, who was sitting on her bed, spared a small smile, her blue eyes peeking at the screen of her laptop. “I think I might have found the place” she murmured gently.

“You do?” Lionel pressed, his expression curious. He was a little surprised, Alba had always been particularly picky when it came to details, and he was a little impressed that she thought that she had found the place. He had been almost entirely convinced that it would take the entire week that she had arranged to stay in Rosario for.

Alba nodded. “I think so” she confirmed gently “We’ve got a meeting with the official tomorrow to see if we can get the day we’ve picked out, but your mother seemed hopeful. She seemed to like it too” she enthused.

Lionel nodded. “I am sure that it is perfect, Alba” he mused “I doubt you’d have picked it if it was anything less” he quipped.

Alba rolled her eyes. “I am not that fussy” she pointed out.

Lionel scoffed. “You do remember your cousin’s wedding, don’t you? The first one we went to as a couple?” he pressed.

“I do” Alba noted.

“Then you remember picking out my outfit” he mused with a grin “And fixing my hair” he added.

Alba rolled her eyes, something which made him laugh a little. “I’ve got a load more stories where that one came from” he teased.

“I merely want our day to be memorable, Leo” Alba mused softly.

“And it will be” Lionel enthused “Even if things do go a little awry, it’s going to be memorable, Alba, because it is the day that you and I are going to get married. It’s going to be the day that we celebrate every year from now on” he added, his tone gently and reassuring. He knew what she wanted, Alba had always been somewhat of a perfectionist, but he wanted to reassure her that even if things did go a little wrong, their wedding day was going to be one of the most memorable days that they shared.

Alba smiled a little at his words before the sound of Isabella’s murmurs emanated away from the monitor which sat on the bedside table beside her. “Isabella’s just up from her nap” she murmured “I ought to go and get her. You’ll call tomorrow?” she posed.

“I will do” Lionel smiled “Te amo, Alba” he fussed softly.

Alba’s cheeks warmed a little at his words before she blew a kiss at the screen, repeating the words to him gently.

Lionel offered her a small grin before he ended the call, something which made Alba shake her head a little, already counting the days that separated her from the day she had been waiting a long time for.
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