You Loved Me Once

103: A Long Time Coming

“You really have to go for a whole week?”

Alba, who was sat on her bed neatly folding a few items of clothes, looked up, her blue eyes landing on Lionel who rested against the doorframe, a small pout on his face. It had been a couple of weeks and with only a few more separating them from their wedding day, Alba had taken the decision to fly to Argentina, wanting to spend a little time finalizing details before the two of them flew out for the big day.

“I don’t have to go for a whole week” Alba mused, placing another shirt into the suitcase which sat ahead of her “But I want to make sure that things are being handled and a few people want to spend a little time with me and Isabella. Besides, you’ve got two away matches this week, it’s not like you’re going to be here by yourself the whole time” she mused with a small smile.

“It’s still a long time” Lionel mused, padding a little further into the room.

“I am sure that you’ll cope” Alba teased, placing another piece of clothing into the suitcase.

Lionel rolled his eyes before he sat down beside her, helping her to fold the pile of clothes she had pulled out of their wardrobe. “How much more do we have to do ahead of the wedding?” he posed gently. It had been a joint effort, every plan that had been put in place had been agreed between the two of them, but if there was one of them who took charge, it was Alba. She was a perfectionist, she had been for as long as he could remember, and he knew if anyone knew what they’d yet to do, it was her.

“I don’t think we have too much left to do” Alba mused softly “The venues are sorted and the invitations were sent a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got the majority of RSVPs which is a good sign. I’ve already had one dress fitting but I am going to do another one whilst I am out in Argentina for my dress as well as for the bridesmaids’ dresses. Have you given a thought to a suit fitting?” she posed.

Lionel, who’d merely been watching her talk, startled a little. “Huh?” he spluttered.

“Were you not listening to me?” Alba posed, her eyebrow cocked slightly.

Lionel’s cheeks warmed a little, something which made Alba roll her eyes playfully. “Was I boring you?” she posed.

“Not at all” Lionel countered quickly “I just like watching you talk about the wedding. Your face lights up and you get the cutest smile, just here” he enthused, his fingertips gently poking the corner of her mouth.

Alba shook her head, a grin playing on her face. “I am pretty excited” she admitted gently. It wasn’t something that they talked about, with her family and a few of their friends constantly checking to see if he was starting to get nervous, Alba had opted against asking, but a small part of her curious, even if she did trust him. They were only a month away from the big day and she worried that he wasn’t quite as into it as she was.

“I know you are” Lionel smiled gently as he moved to stow her suitcase on the ground, allowing him to pull her into a comfortable embrace “And you know that I am too, don’t you?” he mumbled softly.

“I’d like to think you are” Alba mumbled, cuddling a little closer to him.

Lionel frowned a little at the tone of her voice. “Alba…”

“I know you hate people asking” Alba interjected softly “And I don’t want to be the one to kept checking up on you. But we’re only a month away now and last time…” Alba’s voice trailed off as she tilted her head, peeking up at him shyly.

Lionel sighed. “You’re worried?” he posed softly.

“Slightly” Alba admitted gently “And I hate that I am. I don’t want to upset you…”

“You haven’t” Lionel murmured softly “And you have every right to be a little worried, Alba” he insisted, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. He wasn’t entirely surprised, with the days passing quickly, they were getting closer to the point that he had called it quits before, but he wanted to reassure her. He was where he wanted to be and had little intention of changing his mind.

“I’m sorry” Alba mumbled softly.

“You don’t have to be” Lionel smiled, squeezing her gently “After last time, you have every right to be a little wary, but I assure you, Alba, I am certain about this. I want to do this” he insisted, his dark eyes meeting hers.

Alba studied his expression for a moment before she nodded, leaning a little closer to him. “I can’t wait for it, you know” she murmured softly.

Lionel nodded and pressed a kiss to her cheek, offering her a small smile. “I know” he enthused “And I can’t either. It’s been a long time coming” he enthused with a warm grin.

Alba smiled softly before she tilted her head, allowing her to press a brief kiss against his lips. “I love you” she smiled impishly as she sat up, moving to collect the suitcase from the ground.

Lionel followed her movements, helping her to settle the suitcase on the bed before he flicked his attention to Alba, watching her with a soft smile. He knew that she was slightly nervous, after the way things had ended last time, he couldn’t blame her for getting a little more anxious the closer they got to the big day, but he was determined to show her that there was nothing to be concerned about. He’d messed her around the previous time, hurt her, and it wasn’t something he was in a hurry to replicate. If he was sure of anything it was that he wanted to be with Alba and he wasn’t going to waste any more time in showing it to her.
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