You Loved Me Once

105: For A Little Longer

Placing the last of his things into his suitcase, Lionel leant forwards, quickly drawing the zip around before he sat down, his eyes glancing at the date which was illuminated on the screen of his phone. It had been coming, with the season having concluded for Barcelona the day previous, the trip to Argentina was imminent, and it had him slightly on edge. He had little doubt, he had wanted to marry Alba for a while and was excited at the prospect of it finally happening, but the idea that there were only a few days between them the event was nerve-wracking.

“Are you nearly done in here?” Alba posed as she stepped into the room, Isabella happily balanced on her hip.

Lionel, who’d been staring at his phone, jumped a little at the sound of her voice, something which made Alba snicker slightly. “Do you want me to clear my throat every time I walk into a room?” she teased.

“Sorry” Lionel murmured “I was in my own little world. Is Bella all packed?” he posed as he moved to take the little girl from Alba’s arms.

“She is” Alba confirmed “What about you?” she added, her eyes glancing at the suitcase which sat on the floor beside the bed. It felt a little odd, the idea that they were only a week away from getting married, but it was a welcome feeling, even if a part of Alba was still worried about Lionel changing his mind, she was looking forwards to it.

“I think so” Lionel noted with a small nod “I’ve got everything in there that you put on your list” he quipped.

Alba rolled her eyes. “I wrote that to help you” she countered “You have a habit of forgetting things and I don’t want to get all the way there and realize that you left your suit in our wardrobe” she added.

Lionel smiled. “I know, nena” he enthused softly.

Alba offered him a small smile for a moment before she pushed herself to her feet, a slight lump arising in her throat.

“Alba?” Lionel posed “Amor, are you OK?” he added as he carefully set Isabella down onto the bed, allowing him to pad after his girlfriend.

“Fine” Alba replied, pushing some hair away from her face “I think it is a nervous thing. When I got my interview with the magazine, I felt nauseous for days with nerves, and I imagine it is going to be worse now. In just 7 days, I am going to be your wife” she mused, a soft smile on her face.

Lionel marveled at the warm grin on her face before he nodded, stepping towards her. “You are” he murmured “And I am going to be your husband” he enthused gently.

Alba giggled a little, something which made him shake his head. “You still do that giggle?” he teased, his fingertips tucking the blonde hair behind her ear.

“Only when I get nervous” Alba shrugged “And I guess getting married makes me a little nervous” she added, moving to collect Isabella, preventing her from rolling too close to the side of the bed.

Lionel nodded his head slightly before he stepped towards her, pressing a soft kiss to the side of her head. “You can be nervous you know” he mumbled softly “Whilst we already live together and have Bella, this is a big deal and I would be a little concerned if you, my worrier of a fiancée, weren’t nervous” he teased softly.

Alba scoffed quietly. “I do not worry that much” she mumbled.

“You wrote me a list of things I needed to take with me” Lionel pointed out with a small grin.

Alba rolled her eyes, a slight pout forming on her face, something which made him laugh softly.

“We have to get moving” Alba mumbled “We’re due at the airport in a little while” she added.

Lionel offered her a small smile before he stepped towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. “You are more excited than you’re nervous, aren’t you?” he posed softly, his forehead resting against hers.

Alba peeked up at him through her eyelashes before she quirked a small smile, pressing another brisk kiss against his lips. “I’m more excited than I am nervous” she confirmed.

“My mother is already requesting our presence for lunch tomorrow” Lionel quipped as he placed the last suitcase down inside of the apartment, his spare hand holding onto his phone. It had been a long flight, with Isabella being a little fussy, neither Lionel or Alba had had a chance to sleep, hence why he had opted to return to his apartment without a visit to his parents who were itching to coo over them.

“My mother is the same” Alba quipped from her spot on the couch “She wants us there for dinner. Something about celebrating” she added, stowing her phone into the pocket of the sweater she wore.

“Aren’t we having a big dinner on Saturday night?” Lionel quipped as he moved to sit beside Alba, a slightly exasperated sound falling out of his mouth.

“We are” Alba confirmed “Our mothers conspired so that they could fuss over us both before you head off to spend the night with your groomsmen and I head back to my parents’ house with Isabella” she enthused, resting her head against his shoulder tiredly.

Lionel shifted slightly, making their embrace a little more comfortable, before he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “As excited as I am about this, a small part of me can’t wait for it to be over” he mumbled gently.

Alba smiled. “I know what you mean” she noted “I’m excited about the whole wedding part, but the build up? I could do without it” she enthused.

“We should have eloped” Lionel muttered, kissing her shoulder gently “Just got it over and done with months ago” he added.

“Because everyone would have taken that so well” Alba quipped sarcastically.

“They’d have dealt with it” Lionel mumbled.

Alba scoffed. “You’ve met my padre, haven’t you? How well do you think he would have taken the news that he wasn’t there when his oldest daughter got married?” she teased as she turned to look up at him.

Lionel sighed, something which made her smile. “You’ve only got a few more days” she murmured softly “A few dinners, a couple of last minute wedding related appointments, and then it’s done. You just have to grin and bear it for a little longer” she enthused before she pecked his lips, excusing herself to check on Isabella.

Lionel watched after her for a moment before he let out a small sigh, hoping that they next few days passed quickly.
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