You Loved Me Once

114: Right Here, Right Now

“So, what do you want to do tonight?” Lionel posed as he stepped into the bedroom, towel drying his hair. It had been a few days, since he and Alba had arrived in Venice, almost a week had past, and whilst he knew that Alba was looking forwards to getting back to Isabella, a small part of him was going to miss having her attention to himself. It had been while, with Isabella around, Alba spent a lot of time cooing and fussing over their little girl, and whilst Lionel understood, he had missed it just being him and her, something he intended to enjoy until the very last moment before their departure back to Barcelona.

Alba, who was contently resting on the bed, shrugged. “We could go to dinner” she mused softly “It’s been a while since we actually went out to dinner” she added, beckoning him over for a kiss. It was a trend, since their wedding day, neither Alba nor Lionel had been able to keep their hands to themselves, and it made the blonde smile a little. Neither of them had ever been the most affectionate, but it felt nice to feel a little more relaxed.

“It has been” Lionel confirmed “And I know you’re dying to eat more of cuisine out here” he teased as he moved to find a shirt.

“It is my job” Alba smiled.

“What are you going to do about that?” Lionel posed as he moved to sit beside her, his fingers lazily dragging up her arm.

Alba shrugged. “I thought I would be going back in September” she noted softly “Bella will be a year old and I thought we’d start looking for a nanny for her once we got home, but now with bump, I don’t know” she mumbled softly. She had missed it, since she had opted to take a year off after Isabella had been born, she had missed her job, but she knew that she was going to have to postpone her return for a little longer. It made little sense to go back when she would be on maternity leave again in a matter of months.

Lionel noticed the soft tone of her voice and leant a little closer, pressing a kiss to her temple. “You could always work freelance” he mused softly.

Alba nodded quietly. “It’s something I can figure out later” she mused softly “Right now, I ought to find something to wear if we’re going out” she added as she moved to stand up.

“You know I will do whatever I can to make you happy and comfortable, don’t you?” Lionel posed as he reached out for her hand, stopping her from making her way towards the bathroom.

Alba eyed his hand for a moment before she nodded. “Of course I do” she noted “But right now, I don’t want to think about work or about going back to Barcelona, I want to think about eating some lovely food and spending time with you. Do you think we can do that for the next week?” she posed.

Lionel smiled gently before he ducked his head, gently kissing her palm. “I think we can manage it” he noted.

“Are you excited ahead of the new season yet?” Alba posed as she sipped on her glass of water, her blue eyes glancing at her husband who sat across from her, studying the dessert menu which sat in his hand. It had been a pleasant evening, the dinner that they’d had had been one of the best that Alba had ever eaten, and she was glad that they had opted to go out, even if she was starting to get a little tired, she had enjoyed herself.

“I am” Lionel confirmed with a nod “I hope we can do better than the last one” he added.

“You won the cup” Alba pointed out.

“And missed out on the league and Champions League” Lionel added.

Alba rolled her eyes, mumbling something beneath her breath which made him smile. “You know, I am going to expect you and Bella at a few matches this season, at least 5” he enthused.

“5?” Alba pressed.

“At least” Lionel grinned “And once bump comes along, you’ll have to bring them both to the last game” he added.

Alba rolled her eyes a little.

“You know you love it really” Lionel grinned as he moved to take her hand, pressing a soft kiss to the warm smile.

“You keep on believing that” she quipped.

Lionel laughed to himself for a moment before he spotted something out of the corner of his eye, causing him to flick his attention to the little boy who sat at the next table, eyeing him shyly.

“I think someone wants an autograph” Alba teased, moving to take the dessert menu out of his hand.

Lionel offered the little boy a small smile before he moved to sip on his drink, watching as the little boy nervously stepped up towards the table.

“Excuse me” the little boy’s mother noted “I hate to interrupt the two of you, but Luca here was wondering if you’d be so kind as to give him an autograph. He’s a huge fan” she added, carefully ushering the shy boy forwards.

Lionel smiled. “I think I can handle that. You’re a fan, Luca?” he posed, moving to take the pen and piece of paper out of the woman’s hand.

Luca nodded his head shyly.

“Barcelona?” Lionel posed, scribbling his name on the piece of paper.

Luca nodded. “I watch all the games” he mused shyly.

“Do you have a favourite one?” Alba pressed, smiling at him gently.

Luca nodded his head. “4-0 against Madrid” he grinned.

“I liked that one too” Alba smiled “Though, Messi didn’t score in that one” she added with a teasing look towards her husband who rolled his eyes.

Alba merely flashed him an impish smile before she said goodbye to Luca and his mother who’d moved to head back towards their own table.

Lionel offered the pair a small wave before he turned his attention back to Alba, offering her a small smile. “Do you have any inkling as to whether it is a boy or a girl yet?” he posed softly.

“I never did with Isabella” Alba noted “Until Cassandra told us, I had no idea, but I would like a boy” she added.

“I’d love a boy” Lionel mused “But if it is another girl, I’d not mind for a second, though, we will have to keep trying until we get a son” he added.

Alba rolled her eyes softly, but smiled nevertheless, quietly hoping that their last few days in Venice passed slowly, even if she did miss Isabella a lot, she merely wanted to enjoy his company for a little longer.
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