You Loved Me Once

Epilogue: You & I

“You’re doing so well, Alba” Lionel cooed as he leant a little closer to his wife, his hand gently squeezing hers as she let out another yell. She had been at it for a while, after her waters had broken in the middle of the night, they been at the hospital for almost 12 hours, but at last the baby had decided to make an appearance, something which pleased Lionel. It had been hard to watch, Alba had spent hours screaming and yelling, and he was relieved that it was almost over. He didn’t quite know how much more time he could spend watching her cry.

“You do not get to talk” Alba spat through gritted teeth “This is your fault” she added, letting out another yell.

Lionel startled a little at the sound, but didn’t move, mumbling soft reassurances into Alba’s ear.

“I can see the head” Cassandra enthused softly “You need to keep pushing, Alba. When the next contraction hits, you need to give it all you can” she insisted softly.

“Can’t we stop?” Alba pleaded tearfully.

“You know that you can’t” Lionel mumbled softly, brushing the sweaty hair off of her forehead “Come on, nena, just a little longer” he added, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Alba offered him a glare before she felt another contraction build, causing her to let out another aggravated noise whilst Lionel leant closer to her, mumbling soft encouragements into her ear as she continued to push their baby into the world.

“Keep going, Alba” Cassandra enthused “Just a little longer” she added before the room fell quiet, the soft silence only broken by the soft whimpers which emanated away from the end of the bed.

“Are they OK?” Alba squeaked, her blue eyes wide and tearful.

Cassandra smiled. “He’s perfect” she enthused softly “I’ll just go and get him cleaned up and then you can meet your new son” she added before she carefully padded away from the bed.

Lionel, who’d been watching the midwife, blinked a little. “Did she just say…do we have a son?” he spluttered softly. It had been a joint decision, after they’d found out that Isabella was girl at the first opportunity, they’d opted to wait second time around, something which made the news that they had a son a surprise to Lionel who, for months, had been almost convinced that they were having a second daughter.

Alba let out a tired laugh and nodded her head. “She said that we have a son” she confirmed softly.

Lionel tilted his head, trying to think of something say.

“You should stop thinking and just kiss me” Alba teased softly.

Lionel smiled. “I think I can manage that” he quipped he stepped back towards the bed, pressing a brisk kiss against her lips.

“He looks like you”

Lionel, who was sat in the chair beside Alba’s bed, startled a little, moving his stare away from the little boy who snoozed in his arms. It had been a few hours, not long after their son had entered the world, Alba had fallen asleep, and Lionel was a little surprised to see her awake again so soon. He had assumed that she would sleep for a lot longer.

“He’s got your hair at least” Alba added gently, a small smile pulling at the corner of her mouth.

“He has” Lionel agreed “But I am sure that he will grow to look more like you. Isabella did” he enthused.

Alba offered him a soft eye roll before she flicked her attention towards the little boy who rested in Lionel’s arms, her smile growing a little. “Have you come up with a name for him yet?” she posed quietly.

“I spent the last 8 months coming up with girls’ names” Lionel admitted “I was so convinced that we were going to give Bella a sister. She’s going to be so irked that she’s got a brother” he teased.

Alba shook her head. “I think she’ll love him. She’s been looking forwards to his arrival since we explained it to her” she enthused. It had been a surprise, even though she was only little, Isabella had taken the news of the new addition remarkably well, and Alba was sure that she would be smitten when she met the baby, even if it wasn’t the little sister she wanted, she had no doubt that Isabella would warm to her brother.

“My madre called whilst you were asleep” Lionel revealed softly “She’s going to come by in a bit to drop Bella off. I thought you’d feel better if she met him with just me and you around” he added, offering a small look down towards the little boy who stirred slightly in his arms, letting out a soft whimper.

Alba nodded. “I’d like that” she mused.

Lionel quirked a little smile before he turned his attention back to the baby. “Henry” he murmured after a second of quiet.

“Henry?” Alba repeated softly.

Lionel nodded his head. “I like the name Henry” he mused “Do you not?” he added.

Alba smiled. “I think it’s lovely” she enthused softly.

Lionel smiled at her warmly before he ducked his head, pressing a soft kiss to the top of the baby’s head, mumbling softly to him.

“You have to be really quiet, Bella” Lionel mused as he knelt down ahead of the little girl, straightening out the shirt she wore. “Your mama, she is very sleepy, and in there, there’s someone else we want you to meet, but you have to be quiet” he explained gently.

“Baba?” Isabella squeaked.

“Mama had the baby” Lionel confirmed softly “But he’s very little and you need to behave for me. Can you do that?” he posed.

Isabella peeked up at him, her blue eyes wide, before she nodded her head.

Lionel offered her a warm smile before he pushed himself back to his feet, gently taking her small hand in his. “Alba?” he posed as he quietly stepped back into the room.

Alba, who’d just finished dressing Henry, flicked her stare towards the door, smiling at the sight of Isabella who tentatively toddled alongside her father. “Hola, Bella” she greeted gently.

Isabella looked around the room quietly, something which made Lionel smile. “She’s feeling a little shy” he noted gently “But she’s excited to meet her new brother, aren’t you, Isabella?” he posed softly as he moved to pick her up, carrying her towards the bed.

Isabella tilted her head a little, her blue eyes peeking at the baby which sat in Alba’s arms. “Baba?” she posed.

Alba nodded. “This is your brother, Bella” she noted gently.

Isabella frowned a little, something which made Alba smile. “Come and say hello, Bella” she mused as she shifted Henry a little, making room for Isabella in her lap.

Isabella frowned as she settled into her mother’s lap before she tentatively reached her hand out, brushing it against Henry’s, something which caused the little boy to blink his blue eyes open, staring up at his older sister.

“Hola, Baba” Isabella squeaked, grinning.

Lionel, who was stood a little away from the bed, chuckled softly at the greeting before he stepped forwards, pressing a small kiss to the top of the toddler’s head. It felt a little strange, the idea that he and Alba had not only welcomed one, but two children into the world, but he knew it was something he was going to get used to it, just as he had gotten used to the changes that Alba being in his life had bought about.
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