You Loved Me Once

58: He Won’t Make The Same Mistake

Standing in the airport terminal, Alba shifted a little, her blue eyes peeking around the room nervously. It wasn’t where she wanted to be, with a day off from work, she had hoped to find herself curled up in bed for the majority of the morning, but with Lionel in Chile for an international match, there was little option. He had been insistent, even if he was going to be gone for a few days, he wanted someone around to keep an eye on Alba and when he’d mentioned it to his mother, she had been more than happy to volunteer, something which had left Alba to collect her from the airport.

She knew that Lionel meant well, since they’d found out about bump, he’d not stopped fussing, but Alba didn’t have the heart to tell him that it wasn’t necessary. He looked so happy whenever they talked about the small bump which stuck out from beneath her shirt and Alba had learned to merely go along with him, even if it did leave her feeling a little overwhelmed, she was a little touched that he seemed to care so much.

“You look a little lost”

Alba, who’d started to stare into space, startled a little at the sound of Celia’s voice, something which made the older woman smile. “You’re waiting for me?” she posed.

Alba nodded. “Leo told me when your flight got in and I figured you’d rather I picked you up than you have to take a cab. I’m taking you to Leo’s, aren’t I?” she posed.

Celia nodded. “That’s what he told me” she enthused “But you didn’t have to drive all the way here. I’d have been fine getting a taxi” she added as she linked arms with Alba, leading her towards the luggage carousel, quickly collecting her suitcase.

“It was no trouble” Alba mused “Besides, I am sort of the reason you’re here” she added.

“My son is the reason I am here” Celia noted, moving to lead Alba towards the exit “He’s worrying about bump already and they’re not even here yet” she added with a small smile. It had been sudden, the news that Alba and Lionel were expecting a baby, but it was welcome, even if it did seem a little quick for the couple who were still attempting to fix their own relationship, Celia was thrilled at the prospect of another grandchild.

Alba shook her head, a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth. “He just wants to ensure that I am looked out for. I insisted that I could survive a few days without him, but he was insistent, and you know how hard it can be to change his mind” she mused.

Celia smiled. “He’s protective of you” she noted “He has been for years, and I expect it to get worse now that you’re…you know” she mused with a coy grin.

Alba smiled shyly, something which made Celia squeeze her arm. “He loves you, you know” she teased softly.

“Are you sure that there is nothing I can get for you?” Celia posed as she set her cup of tea down onto the coffee table, her eyes peeking towards Alba who was trying to get comfortable on the couch. It was late, with the time difference, Argentina’s match with Chile was due to kick off at almost midnight in Barcelona, but Alba had made a point of sitting up, wanting to at least be able to say that she attempted to watch it when Lionel called the next day to ask.

“I’m alright” Alba commented “Are you sure that you’d rather not head up to bed?” she posed.

“It’s been a while since I watched a match” Celia shrugged “Besides, if you can stay awake, I am sure that I can” she added with a smile.

“You don’t have to stay up on my account” Alba noted.

Celia shook her head. “Can’t I want to spend time with you?” she posed “You and Leo have been dating for months and I only saw you briefly when you came over for the holidays. I want to catch up” she insisted with a warm smile.

Alba smiled a little, shifting her feet beneath the blanket she had wrapped around her.

“How are things, Alba?” she posed softly.

“That depends what you mean by ‘things’” Alba returned “My pregnancy is progressing well, we’re due for another scan at the beginning of May and my midwife seems particularly happy with how things are going” she enthused.

Celia nodded. “And your parents?” she posed tentatively.

Alba shook her head. “They’ve made their minds up about me and Leo” she murmured “And, as a consequence of that, they’ve made their minds up about bump. They’re the ones who are going to miss out” she mumbled. She had been hopeful, for as long as she could remember, her mother had been keen on the idea of grandchildren and Alba had hoped that the news of her pregnancy would bridge the gap that had formed between them, but with two weeks having passed, she figured that she was wrong. There had been no contact, no interest, and it hurt Alba who’d been a little hopeful of having her mother, at least, around to help her through her pregnancy.

Celia nodded. “They’ll regret it one day when they’ve missed the important moments in your life” she noted.

Alba shrugged, something which made Celia lean over, collecting her hand. “You’ve got a good thing going on here, Alba” she fussed softly, her eyes studying the uncertain expression on the younger woman’s face “You know that, don’t you?” she pressed.

Alba nodded. “Of course” she agreed.

“Then don’t let them get you down, sweetheart” she fussed “You, Leo and baby, it’s a good thing, one that will probably only go from strength to strength, and if they can’t get on board, you don’t need them. Alba, this is the best place for you” she insisted softly.

“And what if it doesn’t?” Alba posed “What if it does go wrong again? Where does that leave me?” she added fretfully.

Celia shook her head. “He’s not going to let you go again” she insisted.

Alba shifted a little, her expression dubious.

“Alba, Lionel loves you” Celia insisted, squeezing her hand gently “He adores you and I know that you know that. I’ve never seen him quite as happy as when he told us about bump and I know you saw that too. Alba, he made a mistake before, one that I know hurt you, but he won’t make it twice. He’s not stupid enough to lose the best thing that’s happened to him twice” she explained.

Alba offered her another uncertain look before the roar of the crowd from the TV caught her attention, causing her to look at the screen as Lionel sped away from goal, the ball tucked beneath the front of his shirt as a grin stretched across his face.

Alba admired the goal celebration, not missing the warmth in his smile, before she felt a little smile pull at the corner of her mouth, something Celia didn’t miss.

“He wants this as much as you do, Alba” the older woman mused “You, bump, all of it, it’s what he wants and I doubt that he will make the mistake of throwing it away again” she added with a soft smile.

Alba turned away from the TV and peeked up at the other woman who quickly pulled her into a hug, offering her more reassurance that she looked to be in need of.
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