You Loved Me Once

64: It’s Going To Take More Than That

Peeking around the small living room, Annabella pushed a hand through her hair, her eyes caught on the plethora of boxes and bubble wrap which was dotted around. she wasn’t surprised, as soon as she had heard that Alba was pregnant, she had known it was only a matter of time before she heard that she’d moved in with Lionel, but still it unsettled her a little, even if she had arrived to make amends with her oldest, she didn’t quite know how she felt about her progressing relationship with the man who’d broken her heart before.

“What are you doing here, Mama?” Alba posed as she sat down, her eyes fixed on her mother uncertainly.

Annabella jumped a little at the sound of Alba’s voice, but quickly fixed a smile, her eyes landing on Alba who sat beside Lionel, holding onto his hand. “I came to see you, Alba” she fussed softly “It’s been since we were in the same room” she commented.

Alba shook her head. “There’s a reason for that, mama” she mused softly “You made your feelings on my relationship very clear the last time we talked” she added, her fingers messing with Lionel’s shyly.

Annabella nodded. “I know” she murmured “And I hate that I did that, Alba, but I’m not here to fight with you. I’ve missed a lot in the last few months and I don’t want to miss anymore” she insisted, her eyes fixed on Alba’s bump.

Alba peeked down at her bump before she shook her head, her eyes looking back towards her mother. “You think I am just going to let you be involved with my pregnancy?” she posed, her tone a little sharp.

“I want to help out” Annabella mused “I am so sorry for the last few months, Alba, and I wish I could undo it, but I can’t. I wish I could take back the things that your papa said, but you know how he is and how he was always going to be when it comes to this relationship of yours. I merely want to be around, Alba, for you and for your little girl” she enthused with a soft smile. It had been a surprise, when Calista had let slip that her sister was expecting a daughter, Annabella had been a little shocked, but she was excited. She couldn’t quite believe that she was going to be a grandmother.

“Calista told you it’s going to be a girl?” Alba mumbled.

“She showed me the sonogram you sent to her” Annabella enthused “I still can’t quite believe that you’re having a baby, Alba” she cooed.

“Would you be here otherwise?” Alba countered.


“Don’t act like this is about me, madre” Alba interrupted, a small frown on her face “You didn’t show up for months and now I am nearing the final trimester of my pregnancy, you suddenly want to make amends? Why did you come here, mama, really?” she pressed, her tone sharp.

“I wanted to apologise” Annabella insisted softly “I have been a terrible mother to you these last few months...”

Alba scoffed. “You blanked me simply because I was with a man that you didn’t approve of. You and papa, you’ve treated me poorly and you seem to think a sorry will suffice and enable you to be involved in not only my life, but that of my daughter. It’s not that easy, mama” she muttered before she pushed herself to her feet.

“Alba” Annabella squeaked.

“I am going to lay down” Alba mumbled, shaking her head a little as she padded out of the room.

“Alba” Annabella called as she attempted to follow after her, but Lionel was faster, stepping ahead of the older woman.

“You should leave her” the footballer muttered “I don’t want her stressed out” he added.

“I merely want to talk to her” Annabella insisted.

“And she will do that in her own time, but right now, if she wants to lay down, I am going to insist that you let her. She’s carrying something pretty important, Mrs Nunez” Lionel noted firmly.

Annabella tilted her head a little, but conceded, nodding her head a little. “Alright” she murmured.

Lionel offered her a look before he sighed, shaking his head a little. “Why are you here, Mrs Nunez?” he posed softly.

“I wanted to speak with my daughter” Annabella noted as she retook her seat “I’ve been thinking about coming since she told us about the baby, but with my husband out of town for the week on business, I took the chance to come and see her. I know it’s hard to believe, but I have missed her” she insisted earnestly.

Lionel, who’d taken the seat beside her, shook his head. “You could have made amends a long time ago” he murmured.

“I know that” Annabella noted “But you know my husband. He’s not one for admitting he’s wrong, even if it does cost him his little girl, and his first granddaughter. He’s never going to admit to being wrong about you” she mused.

“And you are?” Lionel posed.

Annabella sighed. “I am still unsure about you” she murmured softly “I think a part of me always will be, but I can see that my little girl is happy here, happier than she’s been in a while and whilst I may not love it, it does seem to be connected with you. She’s glowing” she fussed.

“She is” Lionel confirmed with a fond smile.

“You’re going to look after the two of them, aren’t you?” Annabella posed, her eyes admiring the warmth that had appeared on his face at the mere mention of Alba’s pregnancy.

“I intend to, yes” Lionel confirmed “And I know you have no real reason to trust me, but I intend to do my best by both of them. I love your daughter, Mrs Nunez, and I know that I screwed it up before, but this time will be different, I promise you. I see my future with Alba and with our daughter” he insisted softly. He knew that it was going to take a lot, after the way their relationship had ended before, Alba’s parents had every right to be uncertain about him, but he wanted to reassure Annabella that his intentions towards Alba and their baby were good. He wanted her to know that he had little intention of hurting Alba again.

Annabella nodded. “You know, I am sorry for before” she mused, her fingers messing with a loose thread on her jacket “Me and my husband, we treated both you and Alba awfully and I am sorry for that. I should have trusted her more” she added.

“I don’t blame you for being unsure about me” Lionel insisted “But you, or more specifically, your husband, you hurt her and it is going to take a lot more than you showing up unannounced to get back in her good books, let alone for Alba to involve you in her pregnancy. I am sorry that you came all the way here for that, Mrs Nunez, but you have to let Alba come to you. She inherited her father’s stubborn streak” he added with a half-.

Annabella smiled. “She’s always been a lot like him” she quipped “Strong willed, independent, stubborn…”

“But at the same time, the warmest and kindest woman I’ve ever met” Lionel finished for her, a grin forming on his face.

Annabella smiled. “She was always going to wind up with you, wasn’t she?” she posed softly.

“I don’t know about that” Lionel noted sheepishly “But I like to think that we’re best together. I know I hurt her, Mrs…”

“Annabella” the older woman cut in.

“I know I hurt her, Annabella, but I also know that I love her, I’ve always loved her” he insisted.

Annabella nodded. “I know you have” she mused.

“I am going to take the best care of them, Annabella, both of them, and you need to know that, even if Alba doesn’t change her mind about wanting to talk to you, you need to know that she is safe and happy here” Lionel mused after a moment of quiet.

Annabella nodded. “I know that” she confirmed “And I should head out. I am in town for a couple of days, tell Alba if she wants to talk, I’d be happy to see her, but if not, I wish the two of you luck when bump comes along” she smiled softly.

Lionel nodded his head gently and offered her his hand, something which made Annabella smile as she shook it, a little bowled over with how similar Lionel was to when he had been younger.
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