You Loved Me Once

65: Up To You

“Alba?” Lionel murmured as he stepped quietly into her bedroom, his eyes peeking at her “Nena, your madre’s gone. It’s just you and me again” he murmured softly as he padded towards her, sitting quietly beside her body which was curled up on the side of the bed furthest from the door. It had been a little while, after Annabella had left, Lionel had opted to give Alba a little time before he tried to speak to her, but he knew that it couldn’t be avoided, even if he knew that Alba would want to pretend that it hadn’t happened, he knew that they had to talk.

He had been a little surprised, with Annabella clearly there to apologise, a large part of him had been anticipating that Alba would welcome her with open arms, but he was a little proud that she hadn’t. Whether Annabella was her mother or not, she and David had hurt Alba and Lionel didn’t want to see it simply swept aside.

Alba, who was staring quietly at the wall, didn’t move, something which made Lionel shake his head. “I know you’re awake, Alba” he murmured softly “And you know that we can’t just not talk about it. She only wanted to talk to you” he added, his voice gentle.

“She’s not wanted to talk to me since she found out about us” Alba murmured “She didn’t even want to talk to me when she found out about bump, and now I am supposed to hear her out? She’s not interested in me, or in apologising to you, she merely wants to be involved with this” Alba murmured as she rolled onto her back, her hand gesturing towards her bump.

Lionel, who was sat at her side, sighed a little. “You don’t want her around?” he posed as he moved to lay at her side, his eyes peeking up towards the ceiling.

“I’d love nothing more than her to be around me right now” Alba returned, shaking her head a little “But I don’t want her just waltzing in like nothing happened. They turned their back on me, Leo, they didn’t trust my judgement, and I am not going to just forget it because I am pregnant. They had no interest in playing nice before” she mumbled, her eyes fixed on the ceiling above her. She wanted her mother, from the moment she had found out that she was expecting, she had wanted nothing more than Annabella’s support, but she didn’t just want to accept it, not when her parents had hurt her as badly as they had.

Lionel nodded. “I understand” he murmured, his fingers lacing through hers “But you should at least consider talking to her, even if you do want to wait until after bump comes along, she is still your mama” he added, his tone soft in an attempt to calm her down.

Alba rolled onto her side, her blue eyes peeking at him. “How are you not more upset with them?” she posed softly.

“Because they were only trying to look out for you” Lionel shrugged, his dark eyes turning to look at her “I hurt you, Alba, there’s no getting away from that, and your parents, whether they went the right way about it or not, they’re merely trying to protect you. I can’t be upset about that” he mused with a small smile.

Alba shook her head. “You’re too nice, you know that?” she mumbled.

“I don’t want to be the reason you don’t have your parents around you, Alba” Lionel mused softly “If it is my feelings you’re worried about, then you shouldn’t. I can take the comments and looks if you really want to have them around” he insisted gently. He knew that it was something Alba wanted, ever since she had found out about their baby, he could sense that she wanted her parents around, and he wanted her to go for it, even if it did mean that he had to put up with David’s negativity about their relationship, he merely wanted Alba to be happy.

Alba, who was studying his expression, shook her head a little. “I don’t want to get into it right now” she murmured softly “Right now, I just want to get through the next few weeks and have our baby. After that, then maybe, but I have little interest in doing it now” she explained softly.

“I understand” Lionel mused softly “And I support whatever it is you want to do. I merely want you to be as comfortable and as happy as you can be for the next few months” he enthused as he shifted his hand, settling it on her bump.

Alba smiled. “You’re a pretty great boyfriend, you know that?” she teased, her eyes watching as his thumb brushed back and forth over the bump happily.

“I’ve always been a great boyfriend” Lionel grinned “I used to send you flowers every week, even when you were still living in Argentina” he pointed out.

Alba shrugged teasingly, something which made him shake his head. “I learned to cook for you, I went to more than one wedding where I had no idea who anyone was, and I spent copious amounts of time with your girlfriends, not to mention your family” he pointed out.

Alba scoffed. “You act like I never did any of that for you. Do you know how many football matches I have been to?” she teased, grinning up at him impishly.

“You know you love it really” Lionel scoffed playfully in return “So much so, you’re going to be in Madrid this weekend when we fly out for the cup final” he quipped.

“You want me there?” Alba posed, her fingertips tracing the outline of the tattoo on his arm.

“You know that I do” Lionel countered “I wouldn’t have bought it up if I didn’t” he added with a small smile.

Alba looked at him a little uncertainly, something which made him capture her hand, kissing it lightly. “You’re the most beautiful woman, Alba” he insisted softly.

Alba shook her head, something which made him shift his hands, cupping her cheeks gently. “I love that you’re pregnant, Alba” he fussed softly “I find the idea that you’re carrying our child amazing and I want you to know it. You’re beautiful, Alba” he murmured softly before he ducked forwards, kissing her lightly.

Alba smiled a little, pulling away from him slightly. “Gracias” she murmured.

“You’re thanking me?” Lionel posed as he moved to stand up, helping her to her feet.

“You’ve been a pretty great boyfriend in the last half an hour or so” Alba shrugged “And I wanted to let you know that it is appreciated. I’ m not the easiest person to be around” she mused.

“I find it pretty easy” Lionel countered.

Alba offered him a small before she kissed his cheek, mumbling a soft ‘I love you’ before she padded out of the room, insisting that she needed something to eat. Lionel watched her go and smiled to himself, wordlessly vowing to ensure that the next few months were easy for her. He wanted her calm, he wanted her to be safe and relaxed, and he was going to do everything that he could to ensure it.
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