You Loved Me Once

67: I’ll See You

Pulling the zip around on his holdall, Lionel let out a small sigh, his dark eyes peeking towards Alba who was still contently sleeping. It was early, with a flight to Argentina to catch, he had had little choice but to wake up early, but it irked him a little. He knew that Alba would be fine, they were still more than 3 months away from the due date that Cassandra had provided them with, but the idea of leaving her for more than a few days unsettled him.

He knew that she would be OK, with her bump getting bigger, Alba had learnt how to take better care of herself, but still he didn’t like it, even if she did insist that she was more than capable of looking out for herself, he would have much preferred it if she’d opted to have someone stay with her.

“You’re going to miss your flight”

Lionel, who’d zoned out, startled a little as Alba turned over, offering him a sleepy grin.

“You’re supposed to be asleep” he countered softly.

“You’re not exactly being quiet” Alba pointed out “You didn’t think to finish packing last night?” she posed.

Lionel shrugged. “A little part of me kind of wanted you to wake up. I didn’t like the idea of going without a goodbye” he smiled softly.

Alba rolled her eyes. “You’re going to be away for a couple of weeks” she pointed out as she snuggled a little closer to her pillow “I think you’d have survived” she added, yawning a little into her hand.

Lionel shrugged. “You’re awake now” he commented as he sat down beside her, poking her cheek softly.

Alba smiled. “You’re an idiot” she quipped.

“Your idiot” Lionel countered easily.

Alba rolled her eyes. “Shouldn’t you be thinking about leaving soon?” she posed as she peeked over her shoulder, checking the time on the alarm clock which stood on the end table.

Lionel nodded. “I should” he mused softly “But I have a little time. My flight’s not for another couple of hours yet” he added, moving to get a little more comfortable.

Alba nodded. “OK, but I am going to contemplate getting back to sleep. Your daughter is relaxing a little and I want to make the most of it whilst I can” she mumbled as she spared another yawn into her hand. It was frequent, since the baby had started to move, she had been reluctant to allow Alba a moment’s rest, and she wanted to make the best of every chance she got, even if it did mean skipping out on a goodbye, she merely wanted to relax a little.

Lionel smiled. “Clearly, she takes after me” he teased, the pad of his thumb rubbing small soothing circles into the side of Alba’s bump.

Alba smiled gently and leant a little closer, kissing his cheek gently as he wrapped an arm around her. “I’m going to miss you” he mumbled quietly.

“You’re not going to be gone for that long” Alba pointed out “And it’s not like we’ll never talk. It’ll take a little work with the time difference, but I am sure that we can conspire to at least talk once a day” she added, yawning softly.

“I might not be back for a month” he pointed out.

“I am aware of that” Alba commented “But I wouldn’t mind it if you were out there for longer. I know that you want to win something with Argentina and this is a brilliant chance for you. I’d like for you to do well” she insisted, sitting up a little. She knew what he was getting at, for a little while, he had tried to broach the subject of having someone stay with her whilst he was away with Argentina, but Alba didn’t want to put anyone else out, nor did she want to feel coddled. They were still a while away, it was the beginning of June and their due date wasn’t until the end of August, and Alba merely wanted to relax, something she doubted she would do if Lionel asked someone to keep an eye on her.

Lionel sighed. “Alba…”

“I am going to be fine” Alba insisted “I have work, I have unpacking to do, I am going to be just fine by myself and the second that I am not, I will contact someone, but I don’t need someone here with me. Me and bump, we’re going to be just fine and you need to get that into your head” she mused, poking the side of his head softly “Leo, it’s going to be fine” she repeated gently.

Lionel nodded. “I know that” he commented “But I just like the idea of someone keeping an eye on you. A month is a long time, Alba” he pointed out.

“It is” Alba agreed “But it might not be a month and even if it is, I am going to be just fine without you here, something I know you know. The only downside is that you could miss our birthday” she pointed out, a playful pout on her face.

“I’ve already planned for that” Lionel grinned.

“You have?” Alba posed, sitting up a little more “What have you got planned?” she pressed.

Lionel shook his head, tapping the side of his nose. “You’ll have to wait and see” he grinned.

Alba scoffed, pouting a little.

“It’ll be worth the wait” Lionel quipped, smiling at her gently.

Alba offered him a slightly glance, but kept the pout on her face, something which made him shake his head. “You’re going to love it” he insisted softly as he moved to stand up “I have to get going” he added, checking the time on his watch.

Alba nodded. “You’re going to win it” she insisted.

“I don’t know about that” Lionel countered “But I am going to try my hardest and we’ll see how that goes. You’re sure that you’re going to be alright?” he posed as he moved to collect his jacket.

“Me and bump are going to just fine” Alba smiled “You’ll call when you land?” she posed.

“Of course” Lionel smiled as he stepped towards her, ducking down to kiss her bump softly. “Adios, bump” he murmured, smiling a little at the small kick which tapped against his hand.

Alba, who was watching him, grinned a little. A part of her was going to miss the way he fussed over her bump.

“I’ll see you” Lionel murmured as he lifted his head, offering Alba a small smile.

“Adios and good luck” Alba smiled “I know you’re going to be great” she grinned.

Lionel offered her a small smile before he pressed a kiss against her lips, holding onto her for a moment. Alba smiled into the soft kiss before she tugged herself away, offering him a grin. “Go” she murmured.

Lionel nodded and stepped back a little, moving to collect his bags, something which made Alba sniff a little.

Lionel perked up at the sound of the small sniffle and turned around, his head tilted a little. “Are you crying?” he posed, watching as she wiped her eyes a little.

Alba sniffed. “Hormones” she muttered.

Lionel shook his head a little and padded back towards her, stealing another soft kiss. “Are you sure that you’re going to be OK?” he posed, pushing the hair out of her face.

“Fine” Alba noted “You really ought to go” she added, pushing him back slightly.

Lionel shook his head a little but smiled, kissing her lightly once more. “I’ll see you soon” he mused as he stepped out of the door.

Alba watched after him and nodded, still wiping her eyes a little as she rued her pregnancy hormones for making her a little more emotional than she had wanted to be.
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