You Loved Me Once

83: Just Think Things Through

“Are you sure that you’re alright to do this tonight?” Lionel posed as he moved to pull on his shirt, his eyes glancing back at Alba who sat on the end of their bed, Isabella sat in her lap. It had been a few weeks, after their dinner with her parents, Alba had seen her mother and father on a couple more occasions, and after a lot of talking, she had agreed to allow them to meet Isabella, something that marked a big step forwards for her. It was still a work in progress, with tension still evident between her father and Lionel, Alba had been reluctant to have them around too much, but after a few kind words from her boyfriend, she had agreed to introduce her parents to their granddaughter, something which had excited her mother in particular.

“They fly home tomorrow” Alba commented, peeking away from Isabella slightly “And we’d already agreed that we’ll be spending the holidays with your parents, so I figure this will probably be the last shot they get for a while. I think I’d feel bad if they left without having met her” she mused.

Lionel nodded. “They’re going to love her” he enthused brightly “I mean, look at her, how could you not?” he teased as he moved to collect Isabella from Alba’s arms, allowing him to press a kiss against her cheek. Isabella squeaked a little at the contact and lifted her hand, placing it against her father’s cheek as a grin grew on her face.

Alba watched the smile on her daughter’s face for a moment before she pushed herself up to her feet, pressing a kiss against the top of the little girl’s head as the sound of the doorbell echoed through the house. “Did you want me to get that?” Lionel mumbled softly.

Alba shook her head. “I’ll get it” she murmured gently.

“It’s going to be Ok, you know” Lionel mused as he moved to lead her out of the room, heading towards the living room.

“I know” she mused “But I am a little nervous. I’m still not exactly comfortable with them being around” she added.

“I know that” Lionel agreed with a small nod “But they’re your parents and they’re here to meet their granddaughter. It’s going to be a couple of hours tops, and then they’re going home and you won’t have to see them again until you’re ready to” he explained.

Alba nodded her head in agreement before she stole a quick kiss, ducking away to answer the door.

“I cannot believe how much like you she looks, Alba” Annabella fussed as she smiled down at Isabella, her eyes stinging a little as she admired the little girl. She had seen pictures, Calista had been keen to keep her in the loop when it came to Alba’s pregnancy, but it bore little comparison to holding the little girl in her arms, something Annabella had been waiting for since the news that Alba had given birth had broken.

Alba, who was sat across from her mother, shook her head, a soft hint of pink playing on her cheeks.

“She looks just like you did when you were this small” David mused “Aside from the dark hair of course” he added.

Alba smiled. “She’s a beautiful little girl” she enthused softly “And she’s very well behaved, though, she does pout when Leo goes away for matches. She’s very much a papa’s girl” she quipped with a look towards Lionel who offered her a playful smirk.

Annabella flicked her look between the couple before she smiled, a little amazed by the dynamics between them. It was no secret, after the way their relationship had ended the first time around, both Annabella and David had been concerned by how they’d cope being back together, but despite their worries, both Lionel and Alba looked at home with one another, something which pleased the older woman more so than her husband. She had always liked Lionel, as far as she was concerned, there was no better match for her oldest daughter than the boy she had grown up with, and whilst she had her concerns about whether or not they’d make it work, she was pleased to see them so happy. She liked the idea of her daughter being as content as she clearly was with the man who sat beside her.

“I cannot quite fathom the idea that I am a grandfather” David fussed as Annabella leant over, settling Isabella in his arms “I thought it would be a while longer before I was holding a baby” he added.

Lionel smiled a little, not missing the warm expression on the older man’s face, before he pushed himself to his feet. “I am going to make some coffee. Can I interest the two of you in anything?” he offered gently.

David shook his head, not moving his stare from Isabella who smiled up at him.

“No thank you, Lionel” Annabella declined politely.

Lionel nodded his head and stepped out of the room, leaving Alba alone with her parents.

“You look happy, Alba” Annabella mused.

Alba, who was messing with her hands, shook her head a little, her cheeks a soft shade of pink. “I am happy, mama” she noted gently “And I know that you both still have your problems with Leo, but he is what I want. He’s a wonderful papa, an amazing boyfriend, and this is where I am happiest. Here, with him and Isabella” she enthused.

Annabella nodded. “We know that” she noted gently “But we’re still worried. You two were together for 7 years before, and then he hurt you. There’s nothing to say he won’t do that again” she reasoned gently.

“I trust him, mama” Alba countered softly “He’s assured me that last time, it was a one off, and I believe him, even if you two don’t. I trust that he wants to be with me and I know I want to be with him” she insisted.

Annabella offered her a small look before she nodded her head, moving to take Alba’s hand. “I trust that you know what you are doing, Alba” she noted gently “But please, just be careful. 15 months is a long time, but so was 7 years. Please, think things through before you take another step forwards with him” she pleaded gently. She knew that she wasn’t going to change Alba’s mind, for as long as she could recall, her daughter and Lionel had been inseparable and she doubted a few words from her were going to change her mind, but she wanted her to be careful.

The last thing she wanted was to watch as her daughter got her heart broken all over again.
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