You Loved Me Once

90: I Got It Wrong

“So, have we got any plans yet?” Celia posed as she placed a mug of tea down ahead of Alba, offering her a small smile. It was starting to get a little late and with the day winding down, the older woman was glad to have a second alone with blonde, something she hadn’t since Lionel had announced their engagement. She wasn’t surprised, since Isabella had been born, it had merely been a matter of time before Lionel had popped the question to his girlfriend, but Celia wanted to talk to Alba alone, wanting to ensure that the blonde woman was certain about the engagement.

It had always been a matter of time, from the moment that they’d gotten back together, it had only a question of how long Lionel would leave it before he suggested the idea of marriage, but Celia wanted to ensure that Alba was certain that it was what she wanted. She didn’t want either of them to get hurt all over again.

Alba, who’d been reading the book which sat in her lap, startled a little, flicking her attention up to the older woman. “Pardon?” she posed softly.

“Wedding plans” Celia mused softly “Do you have a date in mind or anything?” she posed.

Alba shook her head. “We’ve not talked about it yet” she admitted quietly “The whole proposal thing kind of came out of nowhere and we wanted to take some time to get our heads around it before we talked” she explained gently.

Celia nodded. “But you’re happy, aren’t you?” she posed gently.

Alba offered her a slightly surprised look, but nodded, sparing a soft smile. “Of course I am” she insisted gently “I mean, it was a little out of the blue and Leo did catch me off guard, but when I saw that box in his hand, I knew I couldn’t say no. I want to do this, Celia” she noted softly.

Celia mulled over her words for a moment before she smiled, moving to squeeze the younger woman’s hand. “I am glad” she enthused softly.

“You are?” Alba posed softly as she closed her book, turning to face the older woman.

Celia nodded. “Of course I am” she mused as though it was the most obvious thing in the world “You’re the best thing that has happened to him, Alba, you and Isabella, and I’m more than thrilled that the two of you are thinking ahead. I was a little worried that you two getting back together would be a disaster, but I am pleased that it is not. You two are wonderful together” she enthused softly.

Alba smiled a little at the older woman before Lionel stepped into the room, a sleepy Isabella cuddled into his arms. “Are we nearly ready to go?” he posed softly.

Alba nodded. “I just need to find my shoes and coat and I will be with you” she mused as she pushed herself to her feet, excusing herself quietly from the room.

Lionel watched her go before he sat down beside his mother, not missing the slightly firm expression on her features. “Mama?” he posed softly.

Celia offered him a look before she shook her head, her expression firm and serious. She knew that she didn’t need to remind him, if anyone was aware of how badly he’d hurt Alba, it was Lionel, but still she felt the need to warn him, even if the chances were that he was not going to make the same mistake twice, she wanted to hear him say that getting married to Alba was what he wanted. “You’re sure about this, aren’t you?” she posed softly.

Lionel sighed. “You think I would have asked her if I wasn’t?” he countered gently. He wasn’t surprised, from the moment that he’d announced that he had proposed to Alba, he had been expecting questions, but still it irked him a little. He knew why they were asking, he had seemed so confident the last time that he had proposed to her, but he didn’t want to make the comparison. Their previous relationship was done and he merely wanted to focus on moving forwards.

“I merely want to make sure, Lionel” Celia murmured gently “You were so certain last time that it was what you wanted and we both know what happened then. I don’t want to watch that girl get hurt again” she insisted gently.

Lionel shook his head softly. “I don’t intend to hurt her again, mama” he murmured gently “Last time, I got it wrong. I ruined something which had been working well and lost the person I cared about the most. That’s not something I want to do again. It’s what I want, mama, Alba’s the woman I want to be with and I need you to know that. I am sure this time” he insisted firmly.

Celia listened to his words for a moment, mulling them over before she spared him a small nod, a small smile on her face. “I am so happy for you” she murmured softly.

Lionel smiled at her gently before Isabella let out a small whine, pulling his attention to her. “We should really get back” he mumbled gently “This one clearly needs to get to sleep and I doubt her madre will be too far behind. Gracias for a lovely day, mama” he mused as he carefully pushed himself to his feet.

Celia smiled. “We were more than happy to have the three of you” she smiled gently as she followed him into the hall.

“We will pop by tomorrow before we head home” Alba smiled as she moved to collect the bag of gifts which had been stowed beside the door “Thank you for a lovely day, Celia” she smiled.

Celia grinned and moved to hug the blonde who hugged her tightly before she excused herself to place the last of their things into the car.

“You’re sure?” Celia posed as she flicked her attention to Lionel.

Lionel nodded his head. “I’m certain, mama” he insisted softly.

Celia nodded. “I am glad. I like her, Leo” she insisted warmly.

Lionel offered her a boyish grin. “I like her too” he teased gently “And I intend to keep her around. I am going to get it right this time” he promised gently.

Celia smiled and pulled him into a loose hug before she allowed him to follow after Alba. She knew that he meant it, one look at his face told her that he meant what he was saying, but still she was a little apprehensive, even if he did insist that there was no reason to be.
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