You Loved Me Once

95: One Night Only

“Are you sure that you don’t mind me heading out tonight?” Alba posed as she fixed the last strand of her blonde hair, her blue eyes glancing at Lionel via the mirror which stood ahead of her. It had been a while, since Isabella had been born, Alba couldn’t quite recall the last night she had taken a night to herself, but still she was a little unsure about leaving Isabella. It wasn’t something she had done a lot of since the little girl had been born and despite her being almost 5 months old, it was something that Alba was sure she wouldn’t get used to quickly.

Lionel, who was sat on the bed with Isabella in his arms, shook his head. “I don’t mind at all” he enthused “It’s been a while since you had a night out and I am all for it. You deserve a night out” he grinned.

Alba shook her head. “It’s only dinner with a few friends and maybe a drink or two. Nothing major” she protested gently.

“It’s still been a while” Lionel pointed out “And besides, I am sure that your friends are itching to talk all things wedding, something I think you want too” he encouraged gently. He knew that she didn’t like it, even when they’d been younger, she’d tended to shy away from girls’ nights out, but he wanted to encourage her to let loose a little, something she hadn’t particularly done since they’d gotten back together.

Alba, who’d moved to slip on her shoes, rolled her eyes a little, something which made Lionel smile. “You deserve a night off, Alba” he mused softly “Since Isabella came along, you’ve barely been out without either of us, and you should take a night to yourself. Me and Bella, we’re going to be fine” he enthused as he moved to stand up, padding towards his girlfriend.

“You’re sure?” Alba pressed softly.

Lionel brushed the blonde hair out of her face and pressed a kiss against her lips before he flashed her a smile. “We’ll be fine” he enthused “And if we’re not, I will call you, but I am sure that I can handle one night without you, Alba. It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve looked after her” he enthused, smoothing out the dark hair which sat on the top of Isabella’s head, something which caused the little girl to smile up at him.

Alba admired the two of them for a moment before the sound of her phone buzzing caught her ears, causing her to collect it from the side. “I shouldn’t be gone for too long” she noted gently.

“Have fun” Lionel smiled as she stepped past him.

Alba offered him a slightly uncertain look before she ducked back, stealing a quick kiss before she stepped out of the room, leaving Lionel alone with Isabella.

Watching Alba out of the room, Lionel shook his head a little before he flicked his attention to the little girl who sat in his arms, grinning up at him softly. “We’re going to be fine” he mused softly “Your mama, she’s a worrier, but me and you, we can handle one night, can’t we?” he fussed as he shifted her a little.

Isabella looked up at him before she spared another soft smile, something which made him smile at her, confident that they would cope without Alba for a night.

“Here’s to Alba and Leo” Jess grinned as she placed a glass of champagne into Alba’s hand “Congratulations on the engagement, Alba” she added, sipping at her own drink enthusiastically. It had been a good night, even despite Alba’s reservations, she had enjoyed spending time with Jess and a couple of her other friends from work, and whilst she was sure that it wouldn’t become a regular thing, she was pleased that she had agreed to it.

“I can’t quite believe that quiet little Alba has a boyfriend, let alone that she is going to get married” Catalina giggled tipsily.

“You should see them together” Jess grinned “It’s the cutest thing” she gushed.

Alba rolled her eyes a little, her cheeks tinted slightly pink. “Do we not have anything else we can talk about?” she posed softly “Haven’t you got a new boyfriend, Lina?” she pressed.

“I do” Catalina smiled “But I’d much rather talk weddings with you, Alba” she grinned.

Alba rolled her eyes a little before Jess stood up, taking the empty glass out of Alba’s hand. “Another drink?” she posed.

Alba nodded her head. “I’d love one” she enthused softly.

Jess offered her a warm grin before she darted over towards the bar, leaving Alba alone with Catalina and the other women who’d moved to fuss about their own dream weddings.

Quietly stepping into the house, Alba shrugged off her coat, trying her hardest not to disturb the quiet. It was late, after she and the other women had ended up a bar, they’d found themselves getting a little drunker than they’d intended too, and the last thing Alba wanted was to wake up Lionel and Isabella who were likely to have fallen asleep a while previous.

Shuffling towards the stairs, she toed off her shoes before she padded up them, accidently knocking into the dresser as she stepped into her bedroom. “Mierda” she hissed, holding the spot on her hip that she had hit.


Alba’s head whipped up, her blue eyes staring at Lionel who’d flicked on the bedside lamp, his dark eyes blinking sleepily. “Are you OK?” he posed gently.

Alba nodded. “I tripped” she noted gently.

Lionel nodded his head. “You know it’s nearly one in the morning, don’t you?” he posed as he watched her pad around the room, gathering what she would need for bed.

“I do” Alba confirmed, a tipsy giggle falling out of her mouth “But my friends wouldn’t let me leave early. They were having far too much fun talking about weddings and fussing over this” she enthused, motioning to the engagement ring which sat on her finger.

Lionel smiled. “Did you happen to have something to drink?” he posed as he padded towards her, helping her to change into her pyjamas.

“I had a few” Alba mused with her most innocent smile “But I am not as drunk as Jess and Catalina were. They almost had to be carried out of the bar” she quipped.

“But you had fun though, didn’t you?” he posed softly.

“I did” Alba grinned “I mean, I could have done without them fussing about us so much, but it was fun” she grinned.

Lionel smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, nena” he mused.

Alba offered him a grin before she ducked into him, stealing a quick kiss. “I love you, you know” she babbled happily.

“I know” Lionel enthused as he carefully steered her towards the bed “And I love you too” he quipped, pressing a kiss to her head.

Alba grinned up at him. “I cannot wait to marry you” she enthused, a tipsy grin on her face.

Lionel nodded along with her, helping her to settle down on her side of the bed.

Alba cuddled up against her pillow before she peeked up at him, offering him a gentle smile. “Thank you for encouraging me into going tonight” she babbled softly “I know I’m probably going to regret it in the morning, but I needed it. Gracias” she enthused before she cuddled up to her pillow a little more, happily dropping off to sleep.

Lionel watched her for a moment and smiled to himself, glad that she had enjoyed herself.
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