Punk band GREGORIAMA, the brainchild of four young musicians from the deserts of Arizona, outgrew the underground and amassed a cult-following that began in the late eighties and thrived for almost twenty years. The band's success provided its members with fame and notoriety, pulling them from the lives they lived before. After years of touring and performing, guitarist Brynner Gaschler lives full-time in LA, CEO of his independent record label, Adejiay Records.

ATTICUS GASCHLER grew up submersed in the world of countless iconic musicians. In fact, she's spent almost her whole life avoiding Brynner’s spotlight. At twenty-three years old, her main concern is helping raise her siblings and looking after her eccentric father. Then she meets Riley; a musician and infamous trouble-maker who falls hard. For her. But whose motivations leave her wondering what brought him into her life. And what’s keeping him there.

RILEY ARCKADI is the gregarious lead singer of Kill Set, a folksy, alt-rock dream project of five increasingly-world-weary friends. Running from his vices, Riley’s talent and obsession with Gregoriama led him to Los Angeles, where he hopes his childhood idol will give Kill Set the opportunity to sign to Adejiay Records.

Now Brynner, Riley, and Atticus must consider what they want out of life, and what they’ll do to each other to get it.