Terrible Timing



“Hey did you want me to grab you a drink on my way back?”

Kristina turned around to answer her best friend. “Sure! Hurry back, okay? I think he’s playing Demon Speeding next!”

Smiling, she turned back to the stage to get lost in the music once more. Kristina head-banged to the music as Demon Speeding began playing. She was just getting into it when someone bumped into her from behind. Gasping, she felt cold liquid run down her back. She whipped around and came face to face with a tall man with dark, messy hair.

“Shit I’m so sorry, I totally didn’t mean to-“

“Fuck! My favourite shirt now reeks of beer. Thank you for that,” Kristina scoffed at the man, trying to wipe off as much as she could with her hands. The man frowned and reached out to help.

“Let me help you, I’ll go grab a towel and be right back,” the man yelled out as he ran off to one of the tents. Kristina stood there wet and disgusted-beer was never her drink of choice, especially wearing it. The tall man came back not a minute later and draped a towel over her back.

“I am really sorry, I completely didn’t see you there. My name’s Jackson,” he extended his hand toward her.

Shaking her head, Kristina left her hand by her side. “No thanks, your hand is covered in beer.” She shivered a bit and pulled the towel closer to her. “I’m Kristina.”

“Let me buy you a drink, at least. I’d feel like a total dick if I didn’t make it up to you somehow,” Jackson said.

Kristina laughed to herself and shook her head. Turning back to the stage, she replied, “No, my friend’s already getting me one. Thanks, though.” As if right on cue, her friend, Allie, walked back with two drinks in her hands. Kristina turned around and met a questioning glance from her friend. “This is Jackson, who so rudely spilled his beer all over me. Jackson, this is Allie.”

Jackson smiled at Allie. “It was a complete accident of course.”

Allie laughed and nodded her head, “I understand. Sorry about Kris, she can be a bit of a bitch sometimes.” With a smack in the arm from Kristina, she continued, “Want to join us? We’re heading over to see Korn on the other stage soon.”

“Sure, let me go grab my friend though!” Jackson exclaimed. He waved his hand slightly at them and jogged back to where he was.

Kristina frowned and stared at her friend, as if to ask why she would do this to her. Allie smiled, “Excuse me miss grouchy pants. He probably has a hot friend for me and you can’t deny you’re into his fine ass. Spilled beer or not.” Allie handed the drink over and Kristina sipped it quickly. She agreed with Allie, although he did pretty much ruin her favourite shirt and humiliate her.

“Alright fine, but only today. This isn’t going to be one of those double dates forever things. We’ll hang with them today but that’s it,” Kristina stated.

Allie laughed and nodded her head. “Fine.”
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