Status: In Progress


A chance encounter, followed by an unforgettable night of adventure, leaves Gerard and Frank struck with love at first sight. Except now they have no idea how to find each other again. New York is a big city, though, and finding one person in a city of millions is trickier than it sounds.
  1. Hello Cold World
    Bad pick up lines and halitosis.
  2. Crushcrushcrush
    World domination and potential ***.
  3. Let The Flames Begin
    Board games, innuendos, and board game innuendos.
  4. Still Into You
    Kinks and flowers.
  5. Whoa
    Jumanji and first kisses.
  6. Turn It Off
    Dorks who can’t undo buttons.
  7. I Caught Myself
    Magic and ice cream.
  8. Here We Go Again
    Nails and Walmart.
  9. When It Rains
    Miley Cyrus and Ketchup.
  10. Never Let This Go
    The last hurrah.
  11. In the Mourning
    It all goes to shit.
  12. Misery Business
    Pain and suffering.
  13. Feeling Sorry
    Painful coincidences.
  14. Where The Lines Overlap
    Gerard is a symphony.
  15. Escape Route
    *** being sad.