The Moscow Files

Nastasya Konstantinova knows little other than that sharp sting of war. A few months after her sixteenth birthday, the Allied Russian Coalition — a totalitarian state formed from the dregs of the former Soviet Bloc — declared war on central Europe by dropping concentrated atomic bombs on the cities of Paris, Amsterdam, London and Berlin. Retaliating by throwing their armies throughout the continent, Moscow succeeded in their main aim of turning Europe into a bloodied battlefield.

However, as the war rages on around their ears smaller conflict is brewing within the Moscow city limits. Bodies are turning up in droves — bodies from the Ukraine, from Lithuania and Latvia, from Bulgaria. Non-Russian citizens living in the city are in untold danger, with targets attacked at random and without mercy. Many suspect an underground syndicate of former Soviet thugs, but the police seem to turn a blind eye to protests — instead, they focus on pushing the locals back into submissive silence.

So, with bombs dropping around her head and the onslaught of war reducing everything she knows into nothing more than a military theatre, Nastasya Konstantinova decides to take matters into her own hands.