Sequel: I'm Ready, I Am
Status: This story's contents have moved to "I'm Ready, I Am," listed as the sequel. Rewrites and all further updates will be posted there.

Always Want to Feel This Way

maybe it's just too late
(I've gotta get away)

"I'm Sam, by the way."
"I'm Liza."

when everything feels the same
(I've gotta get away)

"You live out here year-round?"
"Oh. Um, yeah."

oh, tell me it's not too late.

"What's that like?"

Title credit: "I'm Ready, I Am" by The Format.
Description quote credit: "Let's Make This Moment A Crime" by The Format.
Copyright (c) 2017 by Sadie (sore thumb;).

  1. the thing about beach towns in the summertime.
    then again, I never really believed in that romance-novel bullshit.