Sequel: I'm Ready, I Am
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Always Want to Feel This Way

the thing about beach towns in the summertime.

The thing about beach towns in the summertime is that the standard rules of conduct no longer apply. For three months, the lines that separate us from each other blur, and as the temperature rises and the tourists come and go like the tide, anything can happen. All bets are off.

(Then again, I never really believed in that romance-novel bullshit. I never had the luxury. To me, the little barrier island where I’d lived all my life was not some kind of mystical beach haven, but a town, filled with people with bills and mortgages and children and lives they tried to lead. The constant romanticizing, I never understood.)

You were almost twenty-two, and I freshly eighteen, that summer we spent together.

There was your existence— where your family could easily afford to rent that four-story monstrosity of a beachfront mansion from May to August, and you yourself were on track to graduate summa cum laude from some prestigious university I could only ever dream of. And then there was mine— when being able to pay the electricity bill on time was a cause for celebration, and part-time community college in the fall was the only option I could afford.

We were a mistake. We were a cliché. By summer’s end, after your family had returned to your high-class lives and after you had gone back to a life with a successful future all-but-guaranteed and after you had grabbed me by the hands and promised me we’d see each other again, the only evidence I had of us was this life of mine that you had crashed into and thrown off-course.

Our lives should have been parallel lines, never meant to cross.

But remember what I said about beach towns in the summertime?
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Ok, I know I started this while I was still in high school, abandoned it right around graduation, and now I'm a sophomore in college. I'm amazed that any of you are still subscribed to this, honestly, after I took everything down almost a year ago now. All of that said, I never quite let go of the ballad of Liza and Sam, and now I've decided to re-write and repost Always Want to Feel This Way. This is just so you guys that are still subscribed know that I'm reviving it, and all future chapters will be posted under the new title, I'm Ready, I Am[/url]-->I'm Ready, I Am, listed as the sequel.

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