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Pack Is Family


After checking in with Peter the following morning, Madison made her way over to Derek’s and headed around the back to find him training with Cameron. Despite obviously still being in pain, Cameron was holding his own against the alpha and grunted as he ended up on his back.

“Good job,” Derek praised, offering his hand and helping Cameron up off the floor, “Have you thought about what you want to do?”

“I was actually thinking about taking you up on your offer to join your pack,” Cameron replied.

“We’ll discuss that tonight at the pack meeting,” Derek told him, slapping him on the back and kissing Madison on the cheek, “Did you speak to Peter?”

“Yeah, everything is fine.”

Wrapping his arm around Madison’s shoulders, Derek led her inside and chuckled as she pushed him away with a grimace. Making some coffee while Derek showered, she handed a cup over to Cameron and took a seat at the counter.

She missed Logan, missed the purpose that he brought to her life and it hurt not having him around. Sometimes she was sure that she could feel him, pick up flashes of what he was feeling and she was certain that he had the wolf gene.

There were times when she swore that she caught a glimpse of amber in his eyes, especially when she was upset or angry. She didn’t care either way, whether he had the gene or not, he would always be special in her eyes.

“Earth to Madison,” came Derek’s voice, making her jump and snapping her from her thoughts.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“I asked if you were hungry.”

“A little,” she answered with a small smile.

Noticing the concerned looks that Derek was sending her way, Madison felt relief rush through her when he didn’t say anything and watched as he prepared lunch. She ate in silence, a weird sense of danger lingering in her chest and setting her on edge.

“Are you okay?” Derek asked once the rest of the pack had arrived and been sent on a run.

“I don’t know,” Madison admitted, “I just have this foreboding feeling and I can’t shake it...”

“Could it be because your mom’s hanging around?”

“I don’t think so,” Madison added with a frown, “Yeah, my mom being here scares the hell out of me, but this is something different and I can’t figure it out.”

She had just put dinner in the oven, when a pain filled howl sounded from outside and she ran out onto the porch with Derek. Jackson she thought, feeling her heart clench and watching as the pack emerged from the woods.

“What happened?” Derek demanded as he moved forward to help support Jackson.

“We were running and Jackson activated a trip wire that had been set up along the trail,” Boyd explained, “It was connected to a crossbow and the arrow hit him in the side.”

“We took it out, but there was wolfsbane on it,” Scott stated.

Rushing up to Derek’s room, Madison grabbed the bag that she kept hidden in the bottom of his wardrobe and rejoined the others in the living room. Jackson writhed in pain as he lay on the sofa, his eyes glowing and she hated seeing him in so much pain.

“Is it regular wolfsbane?” Madison inquired, earning a nod from Derek and retrieving a jar that was labeled with a green band.

Placing her hand on Jackson’s arm, she noticed the way his body immediately relaxed under her touch and carefully lifted his top to examine the wound. Tipping a small amount of the jar's contents onto the table, she lit it on fire with a lighter and mumbled a quick apology as she pushed the burnt remains into the puncture hole.

The scream of agony that came from Jackson’s mouth was expected, but the fist that connected with her jaw was a complete surprise and knocked her backward onto her butt with a grunt.

“Maddie?” Stiles shouted in concern, moving to her side and helping her to her feet, “Are you okay?”

“Ow,” Maddie whined as she massaged her now aching jaw, “Should have seen that coming.”

Sat on the porch with an ice pack pressed against her jaw, Madison stared out at the trees and glanced back over her shoulder as someone emerged from the house. Spotting Jackson, she offered him a smile and patted the empty space next to her.

“How’s your jaw?”

“It’s a little sore, but it’ll be okay...”

“I’m so sorry, Mads,” Jackson mumbled as he sat down.

“Shut up, idiot,” Madison told him, nudging his shoulder and falling silent.

Her mom had made her first move, she had attacked one of the pack and that changed everything. Madison knew that Chris would suggest the ultimate price for violating the code that he lived by and at this point, she couldn’t think of any other way to deal with the problem.
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