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Pack Is Family


Sitting in her room, Madison watched as Logan stirred in his sleep and pulled out the phone that the sheriff had bought her. Scrolling through the numbers that Stiles had put in it, Madison stopped at Derek’s name and brought up the message screen.

‘I know you probably hate me right now, but you could never hate me as much as I hate myself for not telling you sooner… I’m so sorry, Der.’

Taking a deep breath, Madison pressed send and put the phone on the side. It wasn’t long before Madison fell asleep, waking up the following morning to Logan crying and taking him downstairs to sort out his bottle. She was still feeding him, when Stiles emerged and sat down opposite her.

“Have you heard from Derek?” he asked, grabbing some pop tarts out of the cupboard and pouring himself some coffee.

“No, and if I’m honest… I don’t really expect to,” Madison mumbled, causing Stiles to frown.

“Why not?”

“I kept the fact that I was pregnant from him, Stiles,” Madison stated, “That’s not something that can be easily forgiven.”

“You were scared, Mads…” Stiles argued, but that didn’t make Madison feel any better about it and she doubted that anything would, “He’ll come around.”

“I really don’t know this time.”

“Well, I do,” Stiles added as he collected his school bag from near the front door, “He may be an emotionally constipated sourwolf, but the one thing that has always been obvious is how much he cares about you, Maddie… just give him some time.”

Giving him a sad smile as he left for school, Madison thought about what Stiles had said and realized that he may be right. Time seemed to fly by and before she knew it, Stiles was walking back through the door with Scott in tow.

“Maddie,” Scott said as soon as he saw her, rushing forward and hugging her tight.

“Hey Scotty,” Madison whispered, closing her eyes against the tears that threatened to fall and tightening her grip slightly around his waist.

“It’s good to have you back,” Scott told her with a smile as he let her go, “I brought a present for Logan.”

Opening his bag, Scott pulled out a teddy and handed it over to Madison who smiled. In her hands was a fluffy black wolf, with a silver triskele hanging around its neck and Logan’s name embroidered into its left front paw.

Hearing Logan whinging over the baby monitor, Madison went up to get him and placed the stuffed wolf in his cot. Changing his nappy, she got him sorted and then took him down to meet Scott.

“Uncle Scott meet Logan,” Madison introduced, causing Scott to grin, “Do you want to hold him?”

“Of course, but what do I do?” Scott inquired.

“Just make sure you support his head,” Madison instructed, handing Logan over to him and smiling.

“Hey,” Scott whispered, looking down at Logan and lightly kissing his head, “Jackson told me to say hi.”

“I’ll give him a call later,” Madison replied, “I should have done it already, but things are just awkward at the moment.”

It was an hour, before they all decided to watch a film and settled in for the night. They were half way through The Avengers, when there was a knock at the door and Stiles paused the film to answer it.

“Hey Stiles,” came the familiar voice of Chris Argent, “Is there any chance I can speak to Madison?”

“Sure, come in.”

Seeing Scott tense as Chris entered the room, Madison placed her hand on his arm and nodded to signal that it was okay.

“Chris, what brings you here?” Madison asked, getting up and hugging him.

“I thought I’d come see how you’re settling in and to let you know that some of your mom's men are in town,” Chris warned.

“Did they give a reason for being here?” Scott stated, moving to stand beside Madison and putting his hand comfortingly on her lower back.

“Passing through, but I’m keeping an eye on them anyway and I’ve alerted the sheriff to their presence as well… I just thought that you should know.”


Chris hugged her again and kissed her head, before leaving. Although Madison knew that the sheriff, Chris, Scott, and Stiles wouldn’t let anything happen to her again, the knowledge that her mom's men were in Beacon Hills still scared her.

Hearing her phone chime, Madison pulled it from her pocket and opened the new message she had from the sheriff.

’I know that Chris has just been to see you, but I just wanted to make sure that everything is okay.’

Sending back a message telling him that everything was fine, Madison settled back down on the sofa and rested her head on Scott’s shoulder. Logan woke up just as the movie ended and Madison was about to go get him, when Stiles stopped her.

“I’ll go,” Stiles told her with a smile, “You look like you could do with a good nights sleep… me and Scott are on uncle duty tonight.”

“Are you sure?”

With a nod, Stiles pointed to the sofa with a demanding look and Madison chuckled as she sat back down without arguing. Lying back, Madison listened to Scott talking softly to Logan and slowly drifted off to sleep.

’Waking up, the first thing Madison noticed was that Logan was nowhere to be seen and panic began to build in her chest. Looking around, she quickly realized that she was back in her room at the compound with her mom, or her prison.

Hearing the sound of approaching footsteps, she moved away from the door until her back hit the wall and waited in silence for what was to come. Slowly, the door to her room swung open and her mum entered.

“Have you changed your mind yet?” her mum inquired.

“No, I already told you… Logan is my son and I will decide what is best for him,” Madison replied, “Derek is his dad and I will not keep that from him or Logan… my son isn’t going to be like you.”

“Then I see no other choice… I’m sorry,” her mum mumbled, closing the door and locking it.

“No,” Madison screamed.’

“Easy,” someone whispered in her ear, wrapping their arms around her and stopping her from thrashing around as Madison became more aware of her surroundings, “It’s okay.”

“She’s going to take Logan away from me,” Madison cried quietly.

“No one's taking our son… I won’t let that happen.”

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Oh oh... trouble is brewing!