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Pack Is Family


Sitting in the jeep that night on the way to the pack meeting, Madison couldn't help feeling nervous and took a deep breath as they pulled up outside a newly renovated Hale house. Climbing out, she stared up at the building in front of her and slowly followed Stiles inside.

As soon as they entered, the room fell silent and Derek immediately moved to stand at her side. Hearing the door open behind her, Madison turned around and smiled when she spotted Jackson.

"Hey Jax," Madison said, wrapping her arms around his neck as he hugged her, "I'm sorry I didn't call."

"That doesn't matter, I'm just glad that you're home and safe," Jackson replied, kissing her head and hugging her a little tighter.

After a quick reunion with Lydia, Madison turned her attention back to the rest of the pack and waited for someone to speak.

"Who is she?" A curly blonde haired girl asked, pointing to Madison and flashing her amber eyes.

"This is Madison," Derek announced, flashing his red eyes back at Erica in warning and continuing as she relaxed, "Madison, these are my newest betas Erica, Boyd, and Isaac."

"What's she doing here?" Erica added.

"Without giving too much away, Madison has known about the supernatural world all her life and has been a member of the Hale pack for a long time," Derek explained, "Madison, do you want to fill them in on your family?"

"Sure," Madison mumbled, unsure of where to start, "My dad was a werewolf from a long line of werewolves, he was killed by hunters when I was six and my mum is a hunter."

"Wait, you're the kid of a werewolf and a hunter?" Boyd inquired, earning a nod in response, "So, are you a werewolf or a hunter?"

"Neither, I didn't receive the wolf gene from my dad," Madison told them, "I'm not a hunter either... I've always stood with the Hale pack and my loyalty is still with this pack."

She was scared, but Madison knew the damage that secrets could cause and she didn't want to do that to her family. If she wanted Erica, Boyd, and Isaac to trust her, then she needed to earn it by being honest.

"Okay, so Argent has reported some new hunters in town and we're not sure what their intentions are," Derek stated, glancing over at Madison and continuing, "The hunters work for Madison's mum and there's a good chance that they're reporting back to her, but we don't know for sure."

It was an hour, before the pack settled down to watch a movie and Derek took Madison to pick up Logan. Pulling up outside the motel, they both climbed out and Madison led him to room number six. Knocking on the door, she looked at Derek and shifted her gaze back as the door was opened to reveal Peter.

"Hey," Madison greeted as Peter hugged her, "Is he okay?"

"He's just gone to sleep," Peter replied, stepping aside and letting them in, "Derek."


"We've decided to tell the new betas about Logan tonight," Madison informed him, "They need to know, but would you be willing to come over to the house with us in case things don't go as planned and I need someone to get him out of there?"

"Of course," Peter agreed, handing over Logan's changing bag and turning to Derek, "Only if it's okay with you?"

"If it'll make Maddie feel more comfortable, then I'm fine with it and technically you're still pack."

"I've changed Derek, I'm not the person I was after the fire and I hope that you'll give me a chance to prove it to you."

"We'll see how that goes."

Putting Logan's car seat in the back of the Camaro, Madison strapped him in and they made their way back to the house. Staring up at the house as Derek turned off the engine, Madison took a deep breath and spoke.

"Are you sure that this is a good idea?"

"They need to know," Derek said.

Knowing that he was right, Madison nodded and climbed out. Unfastening Logan's straps, she lifted him into her arms and with a deep breath she followed Derek inside. Sticking close to Peter, Madison remained silent as they stood before the pack and allowed Derek to explain everything to the people that didn't know.

"Let me get this right," Erica added once he had finished speaking, "You had a kid with Madison and her mum wants to train him as a hunter, that's why her men are here."

"We don't know for sure, but there's a possibility that they are here for Logan or both of them."

"Can I... can I hold him?" Jackson asked, moving to stand in front of Madison who nodded and handed him over with a smile.

Watching as Jackson's eyes glowed blue, Madison tensed and glanced over at Peter as he shifted position slightly beside her. Noticing that both Derek and Peter seemed calm, Madison observed her friend with curiosity.

"Why are his eyes glowing?" Stiles stated, "Scott's eyes didn't do that."

"His wolf can sense a family bond between them," Peter explained, stepping forward and earning a threatening growl from Scott, "Usually it's a blood bond, but you're not related to Madison in any way, right?"

"No," Jackson answered, handing Logan back to Madison and returning to where he had been sitting with Lydia.
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