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Pack Is Family


Things were quiet over the next few days, allowing Madison to adjust to not having Logan around and try to figure out how they should deal with her mom. Chris had been keeping an eye on the men that her mom had sent, but so far, they hadn't made a move and that worried her.

"What are you thinking about?" Jackson asked as he dropped down on the sofa beside her.

"Just thinking about Logan," Madison mumbled, "After getting away from my mum, I thought that I'd be able to start again and give him the life he deserves. I guess I was wrong..."

"Hey, getting him away from that whole situation was a big step for both of you and Logan will thank you for it when he's older," Jackson said, shifting closer and putting his arm around her.

"What if my mom's right?" Madison added, "What if I am too young to know what's best for him?"

"You're forgetting that you're not alone in this, you have Derek, me and an entire pack behind you if you need us," Jackson reminded her, "Stop putting yourself down because right now Logan needs you to focus, so that he can come home to you and his family."

"Yes, mom."

"I'd probably make a better mom than some out there," Jackson joked with a grin, causing Madison to chuckle and shake her head, "Derek dismissed me from training early to hang out with you, so why don't we make some lunch for the dweebs?"

"Who are you and what have you done with the real Jackson?"

"Perhaps you just bring out the good in people."

"Maybe..." Madison stated as she headed out into the kitchen, "Thanks, Jax."


Making lunch for the pack with Jackson's help, Madison set it on the table and went out to see how training was going. Watching as Isaac sparred with Scott, she smiled at the triumphant look that appeared on Isaac's face as he bought Scott to the ground and felt a wave of pride wash over her.

"Lunch is on the table," Madison announced, noticing how all the wolves looked up at the mention of food and turning to Stiles as she continued, "I see what you mean by dogs now."

"Don't you start," Derek warned, dismissing his betas for lunch and slowly following them inside.

Chuckling, Madison got up and helped Stiles to his feet. Hearing her phone chime in her pocket, she retrieved it and opened the new message she had received from Chris.

'I need you to come over to the house with Derek.'

"Everything okay?" Stiles inquired as she walked into the kitchen.

"I don't know," Madison replied, looking over at Derek who was watching her with his eyebrows raised in question, "Chris has just messaged, asking for me and you to go up to the house."

"Any idea why?" Derek added, causing both Allison and Madison to shake their heads in answer, "Let's go then."

Sitting in the passenger seat of the Camaro, Madison could hear the voice in the back of her mind telling her that everything was not okay and that things were about to get worse. Spotting the Argent house come into view, she immediately recognized one of the cars parked up outside and began to panic.

"That's my mom's car," she mumbled, climbing out and joining Derek at the front of the Camaro.

Taking her trembling hand in his, he entwined their fingers without a word and led her up to the front door. Knocking, they waited for someone to answer and followed Chris inside to where her mom was sat.

"I was hoping that you'd bring Logan," her mom commented, standing up and smirking as Madison instinctively stepped closer to Derek, "It's been too long since I've seen my grandson."

"Why are we here?" Derek asked, ignoring her mom completely and giving Chris his full attention.

"Kelly is here on the trail of an omega that she thinks may have crossed into Beacon Hills, " Chris explained, although Madison knew that he didn't believe her, "Since we are now working together, I thought that you should be here to assess the threat level and lay down any additional conditions that you feel are necessary to put in place."

"We've picked up nothing on patrol, but that obviously doesn't mean it's not out there and no doubt Chris has already given you the usual twenty-four hours to conduct your search," Derek said, "All I ask is that you stay away from my pack and out of the preserve, which you will find is my property."

"That doesn't give us much space to conduct a thorough search," Kelly argued.

"The preserve will be searched by Chris and my pack," Derek reassured her, "I'm warning you now, if you or your men so much as step one toe into the preserve I will kill you."

Nodding at Chris in thanks for the invitation, Derek left the room with Madison close behind and drove them straight back to the Hale house. Filling in the rest of the pack, Madison sat quietly next to Isaac and listened as the others spoke.

"Mads... Maddie," someone called a while later, snapping Madison back to reality and out of the darkness she had been slipping into.


"I said, are you staying here tonight or coming home with me?"

"I promised your dad that we'd both have dinner with him tonight, plus I need to fill him in on my mom," Madison told him.

Getting up, she waited for Stiles to grab his keys and quickly kissed Derek goodbye as she made her way out to the jeep. Dinner with the sheriff was nice and he promised to keep an eye on her mom as much as he could, but, for the first time since being back, his words didn't do anything to comfort her. Her mom was in town and there was no telling what she had in store for them.
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