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Pack Is Family


Gathered with the pack that night, Madison listened as Chris explained everything he knew about the omega and divided the preserve into sections to make it easier to search. They were just about to head out with their groups, when Madison’s mom’s car pulled up and she climbed out.

“I thought I made it clear that you weren’t to step foot in the preserve,” Derek said with a glare.

“I just wanted to offer my services is all,” Kelly replied with a shrug, “Surely it wouldn’t hurt to have another pair of hands.”

“She can come with my group,” Chris offered, although he too was glaring at Kelly, “I can keep an eye on her movements then.”

“Maddie?” Derek asked as he glanced back at her.

“The quicker we get this done, the quicker she can leave,” Madison replied, checking her gun and placing it in her jeans as she headed down the trail towards her group's search area.

They had been walking for nearly an hour, when Derek stopped and sniffed the air with a frown. The sound of running footsteps soon caught their attention and Madison pulled her gun as a man appeared from among the trees, followed closely by Chris’ group.

“Shoot him,” Kelly demanded as the man dropped to his knees in pain.

“Wait,” Madison shouted in response, frowning when she realized who it was on the ground and slowly making her way forward, “Cameron?”


“You know him, Mads?” Chris inquired, keeping his gun raised and watching Madison closely.

“He used to work for my mom, until she found out that he had been helping me and got rid of him,” Madison explained, crouching down beside Cameron and glancing over at her mom, “What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything,” Kelly argued as she drew her gun, causing Madison to move and place herself in front of Cameron protectively, “Move out of the way.”

“No, I’m not going to let you put him down like some rabid animal... it’s not happening.”

“Your loyalty to the mutts is touching, but he is dangerous,” Kelly spat in response, loading the gun and putting her finger on the trigger, “I’m going to give you one last chance, Madison... move.”

Before anyone could react, Jackson sprang from where he had been hiding and tackled Kelly to the floor with a snarl. Handing her gun to Chris, he let her up and moved to stand beside Madison still in his beta form.

“That’s enough,” Chris warned Kelly, “Derek, what do you want to do?”

“Cameron will come with us,” Derek stated as Jackson helped Madison get the injured wolf to his feet, “It’s obvious that he’s not a threat and I’d like to find out what happened to him.”

Watching as Chris nodded, Madison let Isaac take her place at Cameron's side and followed behind them. It didn’t take them long to get back to the Hale house and Madison headed straight into the kitchen to make drinks, needing time to calm herself down.

It wasn’t only her mom that she was angry with, she was angry at herself as well for giving her mom credit and believing that she’d let Cameron go with no consequences for his actions. He had done a lot for her and he had suffered because of it, but Madison could make up for her part.

“Was it Vincent?” Madison asked as she walked back into the living room with a tray of drinks, earning a nod from Cameron and dropping her gaze to the ground, “I’m so sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” Cameron assured her with a sad smile.

“Who’s Vincent?” Scott added.

“Vincent is the alpha of a pack that works for my mom,” Madison said, remembering her encounters with the alpha and involuntarily shivering, “The entire pack is vicious, but there’s something way more intense about Vincent and he enjoys what he does.”

“Should we be worried?” Boyd inquired.

“Yes,” Cameron and Madison answered in unison.

It was late by the time Madison returned to the Stilinski house with Stiles, but she wasn’t tired and decided to watch a film instead. Unsure of when she finally fell asleep, she was awoken the following morning by someone banging on the front door and opened it to find her mom on the other side.

“Madison,” Kelly greeted as she barged passed her, “We need to talk.”

“I have nothing to say to you, so you can leave...”

“That’s not how this works.”

“It’s exactly how this works,” the sheriff stated from the kitchen, “Now, Madison has made it clear that you’re not welcome here and I suggest you listen to her.”

“Madison is my daughter and Logan is my grandson, I have every right to see them,” Kelly argued.

“They are here under my guardianship and you will find that this is my house, so I will tell you one more time before I place you under arrest... leave.”

Kelly smirked as she stared at the sheriff, shaking her head and pausing as she reached the front door.

“They won’t be able to protect you forever,” she warned, before approaching the front door and leaving.

Madison knew that her mom was right, she knew that time was against them and that they needed to act quickly if they had any chance of winning.
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