Matter of Trust

Chapter Fifteen: Goodbye for Now

Marco sighed as he watched Gianna climb out of his car, it had been awkward between them since he had told her that he was sending her to London; he wished that it didn’t have to be this way but he didn’t have any other choice.

He slowly followed her out of the car and moved to get her suitcase for her, Gianna hadn’t really said a word to him and Marco didn’t want them to part on bad terms.

Marco had arranged everything as quickly as he could and he was grateful to his friend for taking her in; he would be able to offer her better protection from what was about to happen.

Gianna peeked at Marco as they entered the airport, it was late at night and she was a little tired; it had barely been twenty-four hours since he had told her she was leaving Germany.

“I’m not mad at you anymore,” Gianna murmured not wanting to leave while she was angry with him, she had thought about what he had said to her and she understood.

His friend had been shot and Marco had no way in telling just how bad this thing was going to get; he had promised to keep her safe and that was all that he was thinking about now.

Marco blinked surprised that she was speaking to him now, he set down her suitcase and peeked towards the check-in desk that they had been walking towards.

They had a little time before she had to go and he was glad that she wasn’t going to ignore him; Marco wanted to say some things in case this was the last time they saw one another.

“You are doing this to protect me and I can’t fault you for that… even if the timing is wrong,” Gianna continued trying to get through everything that she had to say, she had no idea when she would see Marco again.

This war of his could go on for years and Gianna didn’t want to have any regrets before she got onto the plane and disappeared for the rest of the fighting.

Marco felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, he took a step towards Gianna wishing that they had more time.

“I love you Gia… I don’t know what I would do if something where to happen to you,” Marco told her, he shook his head sure that he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if anything happened to her because of him.

It was his fault that she had been caught in this mess and Marco wanted nothing more than to make sure that she was going to make it out of this alive.

Gianna blinked surprised at how sure he seemed of those first three words, she hadn’t expected to see him say them when they had barely gotten together until the day before.

“I have known for a while how I feel Gianna and I know it might be too soon for you to say it back,” Marco murmured wanting nothing more than to enjoy what little time that they had together; he stepped forward wanting to do this right.

There was just no telling what was going to happen and Marco feared that he would never get to see Gianna again or she would meet someone in London that could give her what he couldn’t.

Gianna swallowed feeling bad that she couldn’t tell him that she loved him, she just wasn’t sure how she felt right now and she didn’t want to say something that she didn’t mean.

Marco leant forward and kissed Gianna, his arms pulling her close and he cursed the world that he was involved in; he was never going to be free of it and he feared what would come from it.

Gianna slowly wrapped her arms around his neck, she brushed her fingers through the hair that rested at the top of his neck; she smiled into the kiss and she couldn’t imagine when the time would come that she would see him again.

Marco pulled away from Gianna, he knew that if they didn’t stop now that she would miss her flight and he feared just what might happen if she didn’t leave now; he searched her face hoping that he would see her again soon.

His fingers brushed through her hair and Marco had to remind himself that he was doing this for her safety; he carefully took a step back knowing he was doing the right thing.

Gianna took a deep breath as she watched Marco, she could see the struggle that he was having and she didn’t want to make the situation any harder than it needed to be.

“We should get you checked in,” Marco mumbled trying to focus on anything but saying goodbye, that moment was fast approaching and he didn’t think he was ready for that.

Gianna nodded her head and the two of them walked over to the queue that was at the check-in desk; she tried not to think too much about what came next.

It didn’t take too long before Gianna was checked in for her flight and she found herself preparing to say goodbye to Marco before she walked through security.

“I guess this is it,” Marco murmured staring at her, he had never imagined that this would be so hard and he wished that they didn’t have to say goodbye.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets and hoped that Gianna would be safe in London, she would be safe far away from the war that was brewing; he couldn’t offer her anything more than that.

“This isn’t goodbye,” Gianna insisted with a shake of her head, she stepped forward and pressed a small kiss to Marco’s lips before she stepped away again.

She was determined to make sure that this wasn’t going to be last time that they saw one another; Gianna wanted nothing more than to think that this was only a temporary thing.


Collecting her suitcase, Gianna couldn’t help but feel strange about being in another country; she had never thought that this was going to happen and she knew that she was going to have to get used to it.

The flight had felt long and Gianna hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the kiss that she had shared with Marco; she couldn’t believe it had taken them so long to get their acts together.

Not that it mattered now that she had been sent to London and there was no telling when she would return to Germany; she would just have to deal with whatever happened next.

Walking out of baggage claim, Gianna’s eyes swept the people that were around collecting other people; she was a little unsure who was meant to be collecting her.

She walked through the airport trying to find the person that she was going to be staying with and she hoped that they were here somewhere waiting for her.

“Gianna?” a man called walking towards her, she stopped and looked at him not sure what to make of the man that was approaching her; she felt lost and she wished she knew more about who was coming to collect her.

Marco hadn’t told her much about the man that she was staying with, only that he lived alone and he couldn’t think of anyone better that could keep her safe right now.

“I am Mesut,” the man said introducing himself, he had been surprised when his old friend had called and begged him to give Gianna somewhere to say.

Mesut had long since predicted that something like this would happen in Germany, it was the main reason that he had left when he had; he had lived in Spain for a while before coming to London wanting to be far away from what might happen there.

Gianna nodded her head, she hadn’t been expecting him but she was relieved that he spoke German; she had been worried that there might be a language barrier or something.
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So Gianna has gone to London and Marco said I love you... what will happen next?

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