Fire and Ice, Love for Life

A Fiery Resolve

I watche Caldwell for a few weeks. Before finally approaching him, " hello, Caldwell. " I say walking up to him as he eata alone at lunch, "I noticed you always eat alone." I decide not to mention that he's always alone. "So I thought I'd eat with you if you don't mind?"

He looks at me in a way a can see he's trying to figure me out and finally he says "you have plenty of friends why would you want to sit with me?"

"I just want to that's all." I smile my warmest smile at him and he finally nods. "So... What do you like to do?" I ask trying to make small talk.

"Not talk." He says simply. So I just sat by him hoping my warmth would penetrate the cold depths I could sense deep within him.

After that I ate with Caldwell every day... Sometimes he spoke some but mostly I let him see I cared, he was lonely and we both knew it but neither of us spoke of it. Never did he give any details of his past, or what had made him so cold, so I resolved with fiery determination to do what I could to help him and I knew one day he'd let me in...
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