Sequel: NightCurse

Welcome to the Black Parade


Autumn came with a spine-tingling chill and the whip of the iced wind. Flowers began to wilt, and the leaves of the trees created a warming kaleidoscope of color. Leaves crackled underneath Cheyenne's feet as she walked to school in September.

It had been a week since she saw the band, and she was stuck with the Way bros' mother. She barely even knew her, and Gerard and Mikey rarely ever said a thing about her. She had a wonderful feeling about her, however, even though she didn't know her a minuscule bit.

As Cheyenne trudged solemnly to the bus stop, some kid pushed her into some watery, freezing, gushy mud. Her hands were now mud-covered and ice-cold. "Move out of the way, kid!" he shouted at her as she began to regain foothold. He looked about sixteen at least, maybe even seventeen or eighteen. His beard was blood-red and cut short. The kid then pushed her down once more, and now her uniform top had been saturated in freezing mud. The kid then robbed her of her lunch money and scurried off. "Ugh!" she shouted as she regained her foothold once more.

When she finally arrived at her bus stop, she sat on the icy sidewalk with her book bag and purse and waited ever-so patiently for the bus's grim arrival. She was the only one at the bus stop, so she wondered hopefully if she were the only one who'd attend the bus stop in the mornings. She kept staring across the street at her house where her new guardian still slept soundly. That's when the guy with the blood-red beard arrived at the stop.

"Hey! It's the new kid!" he shouted.

Then, another guy appeared from beneath the bushes and shouted, "I think it's that Black Parade emo-freak! Let's see how much she'd like an emo hair-cut!" The boy then reached into his coat pocket and retrieved a pair of aqua-blue scissors. He then began to torment Cheyenne by chasing her around with them and cutting up a notebook that lied innocently in her book bag. The bus then arrived, and the three of them then boarded it to a torturous prison everyone called school.
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I hope you've enjoyed this story. Unfortunately, this is the last chapter. However, I will soon get a sequel up.

Also, I'm about to put up my sequel for my other story that was called In a Perfect World, This Could Never Happen. Please check them out if you'd like.