Say You'll Stay

Chapter Three.

Two weeks later.

"You want to come to our band practice later?" I asked Charlotte as we were sat on the couch in my living room, I had my guitar in my hands going over a few chords for our songs we needed to practice. She looked up from her phone that she was typing on manically two seconds earlier.

"Already there, Shor. Delly asked me last night." She stated with a raised eyebrow and I shook my head softly.

"She always beats me too it! I thought I was your new best friend now?" I asked, my hand placed against my chest as I pretended to be hurt. She shrugged her shoulders.

"You're meant to be, Shor. But you're not doing a very good job. You need to step up a little." She stated sticking her tongue out childishly. I rolled my eyes, I placed the guitar that I had in my hands on the floor by my side. She was now immersed in her phone, I smirked lightly and looked at her. She was sat in an armchair, her head on one armrest and her legs dangling over the other near my knees. I placed my hand near her bare foot and before I could even touch her, her wide eyes shot up from her screen.

"Ross Lynch, don't you dare." She stated. She pulled her feet closer to her but with her being in an awkward position, she couldn't move them far. I grinned before pouncing on her, her feet in my grasp as I tickled them mercilessly. She squealed, a noise I'm pretty sure only dogs and children could hear. I moved up her body until I had her ribs underneath my hands.

"I DO NOT NEED TO STEP UP! NOW, WHO IS YOUR BEST FRIEND?" I exclaimed with a chuckle as she shook underneath my grip with laughter.

"RYDEL!" She said with a chuckle and I smirked evilly as I moved underneath her arms. Her eyes widened as she started thrashing more. "OKAY, OKAY! YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND!" She exclaimed and I grinned as I pulled myself up, sitting back in my seat. She sat up, her hair was stuck up in every direction, her face set in a scowl.

"I hate you." She stated as she crossed her arms and I grinned happily.

"I love you too, sunshine."


Charlotte sat with my younger brother Ryland on a small couch that was set up in our basement. She was smiling at all of us as we tuned our instruments and set our equipment up. Once everything was set, I gave her a small smile before counting us down.

"Remember that trip we took in Mexico?
Yeah, hanging with the boys and all your seƱoritas.
I never spoke up, yeah, I never said, "Hello,"
But I keep on trying to find a way to meet ya,Yeah," I sang and stepped back from the microphone as Rocky stood up straight to his.

"I was chillin', you were with him,
Hooked up by the fire.
Now he's long gone,
I'm like, "So long."
Now I got my chance,
Now I, now I got my chance," I got in my place again before looking down at Charlotte who was smiling and swaying her head to the music.

"Like damn,
You could be the one that could mess me up,
You could be the one that'll break me down.
All them other girls said they had enough,
You could be the one that'll take me.
I was solo,
Living YOLO,
'Til you blew my mind." I got down from our make shift stage, I placed my guitar down and left my siblings to sing the rest of the chorus. I put my hand out to Charlotte, asking her to get up and she shook her head vigorously, a giggle escaping her mouth. I raised an eyebrow, I wasn't giving up. She sighed and took my hand. I spun her a few times, making us both laugh.

"Like damn,
You could be the one that could mess me up,
I can't let you, can't let you pass me by.
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh,
I can't let you pass me by.
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh,
I can't let you pass me by." Everyone sang as I continued dancing with Charlotte, She sure knew how to dance. Then again, that wasn't a shock since we had been in the same dance class for years. I grabbed my microphone off the stand and continued with my part of the song while holding Charlotte tightly to my chest as I rocked us back and forth comically. I pushed her lightly away from me again as I started singing.

"I was tryna play too cool to get caught up.
Like, too fun, too young to fall to pieces.
I know a girl like you can't ever get enough.
So I'm addicted, trippin', tryna get you to see this." I sang, finally letting Charlotte go, she landed on the sofa with a loud thud as she laughed, tears forming in her eyes.

Once the song finished Charlotte stood up and clapped loudly, instantly making me smile. We all stood away from our places and gave a large bow to our very small audience. I walked from the stage and sat down on the couch next to Charlotte, she turned her body towards me, her eyes shining brightly with happiness.

"I love the song." She stated happily and I smiled as I placed my arm over her shoulder, roughly bringing her towards my chest for a big hug. "Who wrote it?" She asked and I nodded towards my brothers who were stood talking to Ryland a few paces away.

"Rocky and Riker mostly, but I added some bits." I stated and she smiled with a nod.

"You should play them your song from Music class, I'm sure they'll love it!" She exclaimed happily and I rolled my eyes with a chuckle.

"It's not just my song Char, it's yours too." I said and she shook her head, eyes wide with excitement.

"But I don't mind! It's another one you can add to your set list for when you become this giant band that gets to tour around the world! Come on! Please? I'd feel so amazing if you sang it for them!" She exclaimed all in one breath and I chuckled as I thought about her proposal.

"Sure, but on one condition."

"Anything." She said happily and I smirked.

"You have to perform it with me for them." My smirk got wider, my eyebrows raising as I waited for her answer. Her eyes widened, but she thought about it. She looked down at her hands before looking back up, a small smile on her face.

"Well, I did say anything." She rolled her eyes playfully and I grinned as I stood up, making my way over to everyone.

"Okay guys, I wasn't going to do this but I have been forced." I said as I looked over to Charlotte to see her smiling shyly at me. "But me and Charlotte have been working on a song together, and she wants us to perform it." I said and everyone smiled widely before sitting down on the beat up couch. Charlotte was already stood up and was now making her way over to Rydel's keyboard. She pointed down at it awkwardly and Rydel nodded at her best friend, silently telling her it was okay to use it. I picked up my acoustic and sat down on a stool that was placed near Charlotte. I tuned my guitar and pulled a pick out of my pocket. I looked at Charlotte and she nodded her head softly, telling me she was ready. I started strumming and soon after Charlotte's voice drifted through our speakers.

"It's summertime, and you are all that's on my mind, Everyday.
It seems like we, Could stay up and talk through the night.
Oh what do you say?" My siblings were nodding their heads to the beat by this point, their faces all smiles as they watched us perform our song. Charlotte started playing for the chorus.

"Say you'll stay ([Charlotte:] hey-ey)
Heyy ([Charlotte:] Sta-ay)
I just keep on wishing everyday. ([Charlotte] hey-ey)
Hey ([Charlotte:] Sta-ay)

No More running around, running around
([Charlotte:] No more running around, no no no, no more running around, no no no)
Running around,
When I'm Around,
Just say you'll stay."

"Ramona's hair, ([Ross:] Ramona's Hair)
She looks so cute in the clothes she wears. ([Ross:] Yep, So Cute Man)
Her lips so sweet ([Ross:] Her lips so sweet)
And when I walk her to the door, I'm thinking,
Gee, Just give me one more kiss I'm begging please." Charlotte got down on her knees, pretending to be begging, making everyone in the room erupt into giggles, I couldn't help but laugh along.

"Say you'll stay ([Ross] hey-ey)
Heyy ([Ross:] Sta-ay)
I just keep on wishing everyday. (hey-ey)
Hey ([Ross:] Sta-ay)
No More running around, running around
([Ross:] No more running around, no no no, no more running around, no no no)
Running around,
When I'm Around,
Just say you'll stay.

([Charlotte:] And who-oo)
knows, when we are together,
We never wanna go, oh-oh.
([Charlotte:] And you're not)
For Any kind of weather.
I just need to know, to know,
That You,
You'll be, there,
Everytime I need you." We sang through the chorus again a few times before finishing the song off. Myself and Charlotte looked at my siblings shyly, eagerly awaiting their input. Their faces were blank at first, before slowly, their lips turned up into grins as they jumped up and clapped. They walked over to us, giving me a hug first before moving onto Charlotte.

"Guys that was amazing! You're so going to pass this music assignment. Charlotte, where the hell did that voice come from?" Riker exclaimed and I looked over to see her blushing profusely into her hands that cupped her cheeks.

"Erm.. Karaoke? The shower?" She stated shyly and Rydel smiled softly before hugging her once more.

"Well, that voice is made for performing, not the shower." She said and Charlotte blushed again, lowering her head.