Say You'll Stay

Chapter Four.

Charlottes POV.

"Okay so, sleepover tonight? The guys are having one and I will not be surrounded by a bunch of stupid boys on my own!" Rydel exclaimed, we currently walked through the mall, our arms full of shopping bags and we had yet to actually finish and go home. I rummaged through some clothes on the rack in Forever 21, when I found nothing I took a step back and waited for Rydel to finish.

"Yeah sure, why don't we go to the beach after the mall? We can meet up with the guys at your house, make a day of this amazing weather then go to yours again from there?" I asked and she nodded her head in agreement. She pulled away from the clothes finally, and we made our way out of the store to go and find our car. When we found it, we placed all our bags in the trunk and I made my way to the passenger side door. I hopped in quickly and placed on my seatbelt. Rydel followed shortly after and placed the keys in the ignition, the car roared to life and we were soon on our way to the Lynch household.

"Okay, I'll see you in half an hour." I said with a smile before walking across the street to my house. I quickly unlocked the door and ran up the stairs, my parents weren't home so luckily I wouldn't get shouted at for making noise. I walked into my room and instantly opened my wardrobe to search for a swimsuit. I picked out a little black number with slits in the sides and instantly stripped down, exchanging my old clothing for it and putting on a striped flowing tank and some old shorts. As soon as I was done I ran back down stairs and placed my favourite sandals on my feet. I placed my phone, purse, towel and sunscreen in my tote bag before walking out of the house and heading towards the Lynch residence. Since Rydel wasn't outside waiting for me I walked up to the front door and knocked, Ross answered moments later wearing a pair of pink shorts and nothing else. Without saying anything, he quickly pulled me into a strong hug.

"Nice to see you too, Ross." I chuckled whilst still in his arms and I felt him smile against my head. He pulled away moments later and smiled at me properly. He opened the door to let me through and I happily followed him, plopping down beside him when he sat on the couch.

"We're still waiting for Rydel, you know how she can be." He stated and I nodded my head, a small smile gracing my lips.

"This is why I will always be the man of my relationships. I take like two minutes." I chuckled and Ross laughed along with me, he looked at me, a small smile on his face.

"Well, I think you look beautiful. As always." He smiled and I blushed slightly, hiding my face in my palms. Rydel walked down the stairs moments later, Rocky, Riker and Ellington following in her wake. We all stood up then and made our way into the car. Rocky and Riker sat in the front, Ross, Ellington and Jase in the middle and Rydel and me at the very back. I placed my head against the headrest as soon as we got into the vehicle, my whole body amazingly exhausted from the busy day I'd had. I soon felt my eyelids drifting shut, but it was only a short car ride. As soon as we'd got to the beach we all climbed out. I had pulled my t-shirt from over my head and taken my sandals off before we'd even got onto the sand. We soon found a beautiful spot and laid down on our sun loungers that rocky had brought. I slipped out of my shorts and flopped down on the comfortable surface, my back aching from the mall trip. I soon felt someone poking my side and groaned softly as I turned my head to address the nuisance to my right. It was Ross of all people.

"What?" I asked in annoyance and he simply smirked at me.

"You might want to put on some sunscreen before you pass out, you'll end up looking like a lobster." He stated and I rolled my eyes at him. But, he was right so I sat up and rummaged through my never ending tote bag to find the sunscreen I'd put in there earlier. Once I'd found the bottle I squirted some of the white liquid into my hands and started rubbing it into my skin. As soon as my face, legs, neck, chest and arms were done, I pressed the bottle into Ross' face and he looked at me confused. I rolled my eyes and pressed the bottle into his hands as he sat up from his reclining chair.

"Do my back please, doll face." I stated as I turned on my stomach and pulled down the straps of my whole in one to he could get the parts of my back the cut out swimsuit didn't protect. He laughed awkwardly before I felt my chair shift slightly with his weight, his hands started rubbing circles on my back with the liquid and I couldn't help letting out a content sigh. I closed my eyes as his hands worked at the muscles in my shoulders, his hands ran down my waist and I could help a shiver escape me. Five minutes later he was finished and he jumped off my seat, I looked up at him, a small pout on my face. He ran a hand through his hair as he sat down, a small smirk gracing his handsome face.

"Not fair, Shor. That felt wonderful." I stated as I pulled the straps of my swimsuit back up so my breasts were no longer rubbing against the fluffy towel underneath me. As soon as I was decent, I sat myself back up and rested against the chair normally. Ross stood up and pulled his shirt over his head, leaving him in just his pink shorts. He, Rocky, Riker, Ellington and Jase all made their way over to the volleyball net a few feet away and started playing with all the other jock looking guys that had been there before. I stared after them for a moment before I shook my head and looked over to Rydel who was smirking at me slightly. I raised and eyebrow at her questioningly and her smirk grew.

"Checking out my brother, huh?" She asked and I rolled my eyes as I placed my sunglasses over my eyes and placed my head back so I was more comfortable.

"No, Rydel. I was just watching, definitely not checking anyone out." I stated and she scoffed lightly as she looked over at me, her eyes squinting from the harsh sun that was shining in her face.

"Okay, whatever. I am glad you guys are friends now though, you work well together." She said and I smiled slightly as I chuckled.

"Geez Rydel, It seems like you want me to feel something for your brother!" I exclaimed with a chuckled and she laughed along with me.

"Well, you wouldn't be the worst person for him. Plus, you make him happy so I wouldn't be complaining if you did end up together. You're my best friend, I know you'd never break his heart like the others." She explained and I sighed as I shook my head and grabbed my phone, I checked the time before answering.

"Never gonna happen, dude." I wanted to end this conversation, and quickly. She shrugged her shoulders before picking up a magazine that was placed near her legs and opening it to a random page and flicking through. I closed my eyes for a moment, until the bright light that was once in my face suddenly disappeared. I furrowed my brows and slowly opened my eyes, seeing a very sandy and smiley Ross standing at my feet. I instantly grew scared.

"What the hell are you thinking about doing, Lynch?" I asked nervously and he simply smiled as he pulled on my legs so I reached the end of my chair, he quickly picked me up and placed me over his shoulder. I squealed loudly and began hitting his back and thrashing in his arms.

"Ross Shor Lynch! If you don't put me down right now, you will feel my wrath!" I exclaimed loudly, I tried to remain serious but I could help a small giggle escaping my lips. He chuckled along with me as he slowly started walking into the water, as soon as he was waist deep he dropped me into the freezing waves. I squealed lightly and jumped into Ross' arms from the shock of the cold water on my heated skin. He quickly picked me back up and wrapped my legs around his waist as he waddled further into the open water. As soon as he stopped I released my grip from him and started treading the water. I glared at him slightly before grabbing his shoulders and dunking his head under. As soon as he resurfaced, I had a pleasant smile on my face. He ran his hands through his wet hair and pawed at his eyes to get the water out. He opened his eyes and I was instantly met with his hazel orbs. I had to quickly look away, otherwise I would get lost in them. I swam around to his back and placed myself there, my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs around his waist. I rested my head on his shoulder as he started swimming to keep us afloat. I saw a flash from the corner of my eye and turned my head to see Rydel in the water, her phone in her hand and a small smirk on her face.