Say You'll Stay

Chapter Five.

We entered the Lynch household after being at the beach. I took my hair out of its braid before tying it into a messy bun at the top of my head until I could wash it. I sat down on the couch as everyone else went upstairs to change, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see I had a notification. I instantly clicked on the link to see Rydel had posted the picture of me and Ross on her instagram. I quickly looked at the photo before clicking off my phone and placing it back in my tote bag. I left my bag on the floor next to the couch before making my way into Rydel's room. She smiled at me softly before continuing to brush her wet hair. I opened a drawer in which all my staying over clothes were located and grabbed a comfy pair of [/url=]shorts[/url], a tank top and some underwear before making my way over to her ensuite bathroom. I never had to ask to use the shower, and if I did everyone in the house would take the piss out of me. I locked the door before stripping down to nothing. I let the water run for a second before hopping in the spray, the hot water cascaded down my body and I felt myself relax. I quickly scrubbed the sea from my skin before shampoo and conditioning my hair. As soon as I was done I wrapped a fluffy towel around my breasts and dried myself off before placing on my underwear and clothes. I ran Rydel's brush through my hair and quickly dried it before shoving it back up into a messy bun. I threw the dirty towel into Rydel's hamper and walked out of the bathroom to see her no longer there. I shrugged my shoulders softly before walking out of her room and down the stairs, everyone was sat in a seat or on the floor. The only comfortable place left was a small gap in between Ross and Riker so I walked quickly and jumped in-between them, making them groan as my thighs hit theirs hard. I grinned widely before moving my hips side to side, making the boys move up. I smiled triumphantly before stealing a hand full of popcorn out of the bowl Riker was holding.

"You know, you could have just asked us to move over." Riker said with a small grimace and a chuckle escaping his lips.

"Is that really me? Would I ask that sort of thing?" I asked, an eyebrow raised.

"No, no you wouldn't." He said before turning his attention back to the TV.

"What we watching guys?" I asked just as Rydel walked over to the cabinet under the wall mounted TV. She plucked something out and turned to us all.

"How about Saw?" She asked and everyone nodded as Ross groaned.

"Del, you know I hate horror movies." He stated and she just shrugged as she popped the DVD into the player. Ross grabbed a pillow from behind his back and placed it in front of his face, getting ready for the hell he was about to endure.

"Awh, don't worry Rossy-Poo, Charlotte is here to protect you." I said in a baby voice and he shot me a death glare. I chuckled at him as he softly hit my arm. "ABUSE!" I exclaimed and everyone laughed, apart from Ross who was sat sulking like a child. I rolled my eyes before turning my attention to the opening credits on the screen.

Around half an hour later we'd already had enough of the movie so the boys went into the kitchen to get alcoholic drinks for us all, it was a Saturday and his Mom and Dad weren't home, so we didn't have to worry about going to school tomorrow or getting lectured by his parents. Ross came back into the room with a shot of whiskey and a bottle of Budweiser for me. I sent him a smile as a thank you before downing the shot in a big gulp and popping the top off my bottle with my teeth. Ross passed me his bottle and I did the same to his. He took a gulp of the liquid before smiling brightly at me.

"It's great having my own personal bottle opener." He stated jokingly and I laughed lightly as I sat back against the couch. I took a big gulp of the drink in my hand as I partially watched the film, everyone was talking around us but all I could feel was Ross' arm that was wrapped around the top of the couch, his fingers gently playing with the ends of my hair that had fell out of my bun. I sighed happily and rested my head back as he continued stroking my hair. I took another gulp of my drink and before I knew it the whole thing was gone. I climbed up and grabbed my empty bottle, Ross passed me his and I walked into the kitchen to grab another round. When I walked back in everyone was sat around the coffee table, I passed Ross his drink and sat down beside him, Rydel on my other side.

"Kay, since this film is boring as hell I say we play truth or dare." Rocky stated and everyone nodded in agreement. I placed my drink on the table and got ready for the hell these guys were going to unleash on me. Rocky pointed at Ellington and he groaned, running a hand down his face. "Ellington, truth or dare?" He asked and his eyes shifted around everyone as he thought.


"I dare you.. To strip down into your underwear and jump in the pool." Rocky stated with a smirk and Ellington groaned as he stood up. He pulled his shirt over his head, as soon as he started on the buttons of his jeans I had to shield my eyes. Ross laughed from beside me and the next time I opened my eyes Ellington was making his way towards the backyard. We all ran after him, he sighed softly before running and jumping. There was a big splash and everyone laughed as he resurfaced, blowing water out of his mouth. He quickly climbed out and wrapped a towel Rydel had gotten for him around his chest. We all walked back to the table as Ellington ran upstairs to get some new clothes. Riker looked at me next and I groaned.

"Charlotte, truth or dare?"

"Truth." I stated and Riker rolled his eyes, he paused for a while.

"If you had to go on a date with anyone in this room, who would it be?" He asked as he wiggled his eyebrows. I giggled lightly and took a long swig of my drink. I'd just thought of a loop hole when Riker spoke again. "Out of the boys only." I groaned and rubbed my hand over my face.

"If I had to pick someone.. Probably Ross. I know him the most, it might not be as awkward." I stated with a nod as I took one more sip of my drink and the bottle was gone again. I stood up from my place after explaining where I was going and everyone wanted more drinks. I walked into the kitchen and heard cheers from the boys, obviously picking on Ross for my answer. I chuckled lightly and grabbed everyone a bottle before walking back into the living area. Ellington was back in his seat by this point so I smiled at him softly before handing out everyone's drink of choice. Around an hour later everyone was starting to get slightly tipsy so the game got more enjoyable. It was now Ellington who got to ask someone, and he looked at Ross instantly.

"Ross, truth or dare?" He asked and Ross took a long swig of his drink before answering.


"I dare you.. To kiss Charlotte." He said with a smirk, I'd just taken a drink when I heard what he said, which resulted in the coffee table getting sprayed with the whiskey and coke that was in my mouth. Everyone laughed loudly at my actions and I joined in after a few moments.

"Dude, we're just friends!" I exclaimed and Ellington laughed.

"Well, If you're just friends it won't get awkward." He stated with a smirk and I rolled my eyes as I looked over at Ross. He shrugged his shoulders softly, his eyes slightly glazed from the alcohol. I sighed softly before placing my drink on the table and turning towards him, my blue eyes staring into his deep hazel ones. I wrapped my arms around his neck before quickly crashing my lips onto his. I expected to hate it, I really did. What I didn't expect was his lips to be as soft, and as gentle as they were. Our lips moved together perfectly, my hands lifted up to tug on the ends of his long hair. Soon after we pulled apart to see everyone staring at us. I blushed lightly before groaning in annoyance.

"Come on guys, take a picture!" I stated angrily before downing the rest of my drink.