Say You'll Stay

Chapter Six.

I woke up on Monday morning and did my usual morning routine. When I had showered and dressed I walked down the stairs to see my Mom stood at the stove frying some bacon and eggs. I smiled at her as I sat down at the kitchen table, my stomach rumbling loudly as she placed a full plate of food down in front of me. I instantly dug in as I thought about the events two nights. Things had been rather awkward between me and Ross since that night, I hadn't been to their house much and when I had we'd only said hello to each other before running off. Class today was going to be interesting.

Well, it was third period and so far the day had been okay, me and Ross talked slightly until lesson started but It wasn't as comfortable as it usually was. It was dance now, the last lesson before lunch and I couldn't wait to get the whole thing over with. I could dance and I liked dance, but lately we had been learning the crappy dances and I was ready to nip that shit in the bud. I walked into the room and instantly placed my belongings down in a corner as I took off my shorts and flannel shirt, leaving me in just my long sleeved leotard. I placed a pair of pumps on my feet before walking across the room to a few of the girls and boys I usually chat with. I stayed and talked for a while until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around abruptly to be met by a head of blonde shaggy hair and hazel eyes. I smiled softly at him before wrapping my arms around his waist in a small hug. He hugged me back just as awkwardly before letting go. As soon as we pulled apart, our dance teacher walked through the door and instructed us to gather around.

"Okay everyone. Now, I know we've been learning a few different traditional dances," She mentioned and everyone groaned. "And I know you've hated every second of it, that's why I'm changing it up a little. I want you to take some of the things we've been learning, and turn it into a contemporary dance. I will pick the partners, but everything else is up to you." She smiled and the whole group erupted into cheers. That was until I got called up with my partner.

"Charlotte Miller and Ross Lynch." She shouted with a smile and I sighed softly as I walked over to my blonde haired friend. I stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before plucking up the courage to actually talk to him.

"Look, can we just try and forget what happened? It's been so awkward between us and I really don't like it." I said with a soft sigh as I wrapped my arms around my chest. "I really miss my best friend." I stated quietly. I looked down at my pumps until I felt warm fingers under my chin, lifting my head up to meet his eyes. He smiled softly at me, tucking a piece of my loose hair behind my ear.

"I'd love that Char, I've missed you too." He said before pulling my shoulders and bringing me into a hard hug. I sighed as I nestled my head into the crook of his neck, taking in the scent I'd missed so much in the few days we hadn't spoken. We pulled apart moments later and I smiled brightly up at him.

"Okay Shor, what the hell are we going to do for this?" I asked as I sat down on the floor and he followed soon after. "I hate what we've been doing, I want to make it as different as it can possibly get without losing the thought of it. You know what I mean?" I asked and he nodded his head, he stared off, obviously in deep thought. He quickly stood up and extended his hand out to me, I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion before taking his hand and letting him pull me onto my feet.

"We have to make it dramatic, romantic. That's what the dance is all about, right?" He asked and I nodded softly, instantly getting nervous. If we hadn't kissed, maybe this wouldn't be as awkward. But I was sure as hell feeling the awkwardness at the moment. "So, how about we start like this." He stated before standing behind me, his palm flat on my chest as my heart started beating faster, I could feel my cheeks heating up and I was glad that Ross was behind me so he couldn't see. I placed my hand over his as his other ran through my hair. He took hold of my hand and brought it out beside us before bending me over and dipping me forward. When I was bent he grabbed me by the waist and lifted me easily into his arms. I turned around and smiled slightly while clapping my hands.

"Okay, okay that's good!" I exclaimed and he smiled softly, running his hand through his hair. "So, let's try it again, this time I will actually try since I know what we're doing." I giggled and he nodded as we started again. Half an hour later after a lot of sweating, it was finally time for dinner. I walked out of the dance studio with Ross, laughing after watching him fall down for the fifth time whilst trying to do a certain move and falling over his own feet.

"It's not funny, I think I might have pulled something." He complained with a pout and I rolled my eyes as I linked my arm with one of his.

"You big baby! It's your own fault, your feet are too big!" I exclaimed with a loud laugh and he scowled before walking us sideways so I nearly smacked into the lockers. I gasped before smacking his arm lightly with the hand that wasn't attached to him. We walked into the cafeteria still arm in arm, and sat down at the table we usually did that was filled with Ross' siblings and our friends. I smiled at Rydel who was sat beside me, her mouth tugging up into a small smirk as she saw our linked arms. I quickly let go and rolled my eyes at the blonde girl sat beside me. We sat talking for a while before Rocky spoke up, grabbing my attention.

"So.. I see you guys are talking again." He stated with a smirk and I sighed before nodding.

"Yeah, we sorted everything out." I said with a smile as I turned to the youngest Lynch, who smiled back at me, his eyes shining with happiness. "I hate us arguing, and I was depressed without the son of a bitch." I joked with a small chuckle and he laughed before wrapping an arm around me and bringing me into his chest.

"And the whole two days without you.. Actually, it was quite nice, I didn't get insulted." Ross said and I gasped as I pulled myself away from him and hit him across the head. "Ow, you're stronger than you look!" He exclaimed and I shrugged as I pulled a salad out of my bag and popped off the top of the plastic lunch box.

The school day went pretty quickly after lunch and soon enough it was home time, so I sat on the bench with Ross and Rydel, waiting to be picked up by his mother. We waited for around 5 minutes before Stormie pulled up and we all piled in. I was once again sat in the back with Ross as Rydel sat in the passenger seat. I looked over at Ross who was looking out of the window at the passing scenery. I was really happy we had made up. Ross was one of my best friends, I have no idea how I managed the two days without him.We parked outside of the Lynch's and I waved at Ross and Rydel quickly before running into my house to dispose of my school bag and clothes. I quickly placed on a comfy pair of leggings and a long flowing top before placing my birds nest of a hair up into a messy bun. I threw my school bag onto my bed before pulling out the stack of homework that had to be completed by Friday. I started with my English work and made my way through, I had just started on my maths homework when I heard tapping on my closed window. I furrowed my brow in confusion, I pulled back the drapes and peered through the crack. I rolled my eyes as I saw Ross stood underneath my window, a wide smile on his face, a handful of pebbles in his palm. I opened my window as wide as it would go, leaning my elbows on the ledge so I could lean out further.

"You do know we have a front door right?" I asked with a chuckle and he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, I decide to be a bit spontaneous." He shrugged with a smirk and I rolled my eyes.

"My parents wouldn't let you in, would they?" I questioned and he sighed as he ran a hand through his messy hair, it was slightly damp, showing he'd been in the shower not long before.

"Nope, they said you had finally decide to do your homework so no one was allowed to see you during this beautiful time." He stated and I chuckled loudly, yep, sounds like something my parents would say. I was too busy laughing to notice, and Ross started climbing the tree next to my window. My eyes widened as soon as I saw his blonde mop of hair not far away from mine.

"Ross! You're going to kill yourself!" I exclaimed as I backed away to let him swing through the small gap. As soon as he was on solid ground he started panting, a hand pressed to his chest.

"Fuck, that sucked." He stated as he pulled fallen leaves off his clothing. I ran and pulled him into a bone crushing hug.

"Please never do that again." I exclaimed as I felt his arms slipping around my waist. I let go of the deep breath I didn't know I was holding in. He chucked softly, his soft breath tickling my ear.

"Sorry, Char. I just wanted to see you." He said as he pulled away and I sighed softly whilst closing my eyes. They soon flew open though as I slapped his chest.

"I could have just told my Mom I'd finished my homework and she would have let you in through the door!" I exclaimed angrily and his eyes looked down to the floor as he smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah.. I didn't think about that." He stated and I rolled my eyes as I hit his chest once more.

"Fucking people wanting to give me a heart attack." I muttered as I moved away from him to sit down on my bed. I grabbed my remote and clicked the on button instantly making my TV come to life. I saw a re-run of doctor who and put that on before making my way back to my homework. Around half an hour later I had finally finished and I laid my head back on the plush pillows. Ross was laid next to me and he turned his head to meet my gaze.

"Are you still mad at me?" He asked and I sighed as I ran a hand over my face.

"No.. you just scared me that's all. I don't know how to handle it." I explained and he nodded his head softly before sighing. He moved his hand to my face to push away a piece of troublesome hair that had fallen out of my bun.

"I'm not going anywhere, you know that right?" He asked as I nuzzled my face into his palm.

"You can't promise that, Ross. No one can make that promise." I stated and he groaned as he captured my face with both of his palms now, pulling my head up until I was looking into his eyes.

"Well then, smartass. No matter where I am, I will always be there for you. Okay?" He asked as I gazed into his eyes, they showed so much passion that I couldn't help but nod my head slightly. He soon let go of me and pulled me over so I was resting my head against his chest. I took in his signature scent and smiled softly to myself has his fingers played with the hair at the nape of my neck.

"How about, because I'm such a good friend that is, I go get us some treats and put on Romeo and Juliet?" I asked with a smirk and his eyes widened as a beaming grin over took his face.

"Oh my God, really!?" He exclaimed and I chuckled softly as I nodded my head and stood up. I straightened my shirt quickly before opening my bedroom door and walking down the stairs to go to the kitchen. My parents were in the living room as I walked past. They shot me warm smiles before going back to the documentary they were watching. I grabbed two cans of cola before making my way over to our cupboard to take out some microwavable popcorn. I placed the packet in the microwave and grabbed a bowl. Once I heard the ding I ripped open the packet and placed the hot popcorn in the bowl before walking back upstairs to see Ross laid on the bed, the opening credits of the film were on the screen paused. Ross looked at me briefly as I sat down and placed the popcorn in between us and passed him the cola I'd gotten for him. He smiled at me softly before pressing the play button so the film started. It had gotten to the part where the two hopeless lovers were looking through the fish tank when Ross spoke up.

"I'd love life to be like this film.. but things don't work that way, do they?" He asked and I shrugged softly, taking a handful of popcorn.

"Maybe, I mean, we don't know what goes on do we? Maybe some women do go out onto their balcony to see prince charming waiting below to speak the words of love to his soul mate." I shrugged and he chuckled softly.

"All I think of now is some jock guy asking a girl to be his girlfriend over the phone. How romantic." He chuckled and I laughed lightly at him as I glued my eyes to the screen, pouring some popcorn into my mouth.

"Well, technically you did the Romeo to me earlier, and we're only friends. So we can't say much." I chuckled and he smiled as he looked over at me from his laid down position.

"As long as you're my Juliet, I don't care." He grinned and I rolled my eyes softly, turning my head to make sure he didn't see the blush forming on my cheeks.