Say You'll Stay

Chapter Seven.

I woke up the next morning and turned over to nuzzle into my pillow. My eyes widened drastically as I felt an arm wrapped tightly around my waist. I turned over to see Ross on top of the covers in the same clothes as last night. I smiled softly before pushing his shoulder. He mumbled slightly, his eyes opening. He looked at me with half closed eyelids and I rolled my eyes before hitting him harder. He sat up in bed abruptly before his eyes reached mine. He groaned before plopping back down on the covers.

"Ross, we have school in half an hour, you need to wake your lazy as up!" I exclaimed quietly and he groaned as he sat up in the bed.

"You're a buzz kill, you know that?" He asked and I grinned before nodding my head. Luckily, my parents had already gone to work so I didn't have to worry about him being seen walking out of my room. I walked into my bathroom and stripped down, I put on the shower before walking into the hot spray. I stayed there for a few moments before starting to do my usual routine. I stepped out and placed a towel around my chest before walking back into my room to figure out what I was wearing for school. Ross was sat on my bed looking at his phone so I quickly picked out my outfit before running back into the bathroom to change. Once I was finished I did my hair and make up before walking back into my room and grabbing my school bag. I put in all my homework before placing it over my head. Ross stood up and followed me out of my room. We still had ten minutes before we had to set off, so we made our way across to his house so he could shower and change. I sat down on the couch and brought out my phone as Ross ran upstairs to get himself ready. Rydel walked in moments later, a small smirk on her face. She sat down next to me and I sighed as I placed my phone away.

"So.. do you know where my brother went last night?" She asked and I rolled my eyes, running a hand down my face.

"We fell asleep after watching a film." I stated and she nodded her head, a smug smile on her face.

"And.. that's all that happened?" She asked and I groaned.

"Yes Rydel, that's all that happened." I stated in annoyance and she chuckled at me.

"Chill girl, I'm only messing with you." She said as she threw her arm around me. I couldn't stay angry at her, so I smiled softly before nudging her.

"Well, you're an ass." I chuckled. Ross came down the stairs a few seconds after, his hair still wet from the shower. Me and Rydel stood up and followed Stormie and Ross to the car.


I sat down in my seat for first period, Ross sat down beside me. He rubbed his eyes with clenched fists, showing how tired he actually was. We had around ten minutes before our teacher would come in, so I turned in my seat to face him.

"What's the matter sunshine?" I asked with a grin and he groaned as he placed his head on the desk.

"How are you so happy in the morning?" He mumbled and I smiled softly as I shrugged.

"I'm always happy, have you not noticed?" I asked and he pulled his head up to glare at me.

"Well, maybe I'd be happier if someone hadn't so rudely woke me up!" He exclaimed, his eyes were still half closed in a glare but the slight smile on his lips told me he was only kidding. I rolled my eyes before smacking his still damp head softly.

"Well, maybe if someone wasn't such a lazy ass I wouldn't have had to wake you up!" I countered.

"You really like hitting me, don't you?" He asked, instantly changing the topic.

"The best moments of my young life involve me hitting you." I smirked and he rolled his eyes at me before our teacher entered the classroom.


It was now lunch and I was stuffed in between Ross and Rydel. I was so closed in I couldn't even move my arms without knocking my elbows with someone else. I groaned slightly before wiggling my hips so my two annoying best friends would budge up. They groaned before slipping away slightly. I smiled in triumph as I grabbed my slice of pizza and started munching down.

"You know guys, I may class you as my best friends but that doesn't mean I want you practically sitting on my knee." I stated with my mouth full of the unhealthy goodness.

"We just love you so much!" Rydel exclaimed as she pulled me to her, smacking my face against hers. I groaned softly before swallowing the lump of food in my mouth.

"You guys are so weird." I stated before passing the crust of my pizza to Rocky who quickly munched it down.

After lunch I made my way to the performance hall with Ross, today was the day we had to perform our pieces and I was nervous as hell. The closer we got, the closer I came to having a panic attack. My breathing started to speed up and I had to stop just outside the door to catch my breath. Ross looked at me in a panic and I attempted to send him a small smile of reassurance, although I'm sure it didn't work because he started walking around, not knowing what to do with himself. He stopped himself short and placed his palms on my shoulders, his face close to mine.

"Calm down, Char. Everything will be okay. Just take deep breaths, copy me." He said and started deeply inhaling through his nose before blowing it out through his mouth. I copied his actions and soon enough I started to calm down. I sighed softly when I could finally breath and Ross groaned as he placed his forehead against mine. "Never do that again." He said with a chuckle as he softly kissed my forehead and I nodded softly before straightening myself away from the wall.

"I'm sorry, let's get this over with." I said as I grabbed onto his hand and pulled us through the set of double doors in front of us. Instant chatter met our ears as we walked in to see all our classmates sat with their partners. Ross looked at me in concern and I simply smiled at him before pulling him towards two seats towards the back of the room. We sat down and I took a deep breath, readying myself for our performance. A few people were up before us, which made the anxiety worse. Some were good, while others were absolutely terrible. Around four acts in and it was finally our turn. I grabbed onto Ross' hand for dear life as we made our way onto the stage. I reached my keyboard but stood still as I realised I would have to let go of Ross' hand. I gulped visibly and Ross smiled lightly, giving my hand a light squeeze. He let go quickly and walked towards his guitar. I took a deep breath before nodding at Ross, letting him know I was ready. I started singing and as soon as I did, all the nerves left my body, I felt so stupid for even getting nervous in the first place.

As soon as we had finished, the hall erupted into cheers and I smiled softly as I looked down to hide my rosy cheeks.

"Guys, that was amazing!" Our music teacher said as I ran to the front of the stage to link hands with Ross once more. We said our thank you before walking from the stage and sitting in our seats.

"Okay, to say that was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life, it was pretty awesome." I stated with a smile and Ross grinned before grabbing hold of my hand once more.

"You were amazing! I wouldn't have believed you had a panic attack half an hour before." He chuckled before pulling my hand so I was pressed to his chest. I giggled lightly as I nuzzled my head into his t-shirt. I pulled my head up so I could look into his hazel eyes.

"What would I do without you?" I asked, smiling sheepishly. He smirked softly, kissing my forehead.

"Your life would be very boring." He chuckled and I rolled my eyes softly as I squeezed myself into him. I knew he was right, but that would boost his ego more so I said nothing.