The Awakening of New Horrors

Welcome to the future. 2287. It isn’t too bright for our young wanderer of the wasteland. Emerging from a secret vault after being asleep for a little over 200 years, she realizes that the world she once knew has completely changed. The vault was created to test sleeping chambers for missions to different planets, but there wasn’t any time. It was only populated with 10 people and all of them died, except for 23 year old Samantha. This is the world of Fallout…

The sounds of a swish and air decompressing awakes me from my slumber. How long have I been asleep? It feels like minutes but it can’t have been. I lean up, my body removing itself from the cold water that must’ve arrived when I eventually dozed off. I’m dressed in one of Vault Tech’s dull blue jumpsuits with big yellow numbers on them. Vault 0.1.
I touch the sides of my head only to feel them shaved, there’s hair on the top of my head that’s pulled back into a tight ponytail. Not sure what it looks like, but whatever. I’m not sure what the conditions are outside of the vault, but I expect it to be not so great. I throw my legs out the side and try to stand up but I can’t, my legs are so weak. I will myself up and fall to the floor instantly. My clothing soaked, my body weak, this is not a good start to my day. I finally stand and lean against the wall, my head is so dizzy and fuzzy. The question pops into my head again, how long have I been asleep? There’s no one around and the walls are dotted with rust. I hobble up the stairs and round the corner. A skeleton lies on the floor, sprawled out, dead for what seems like hundreds of years. I’m hoping it hasn’t been hundreds of years, that’s impossible...I’d be dead. But the sleeping chamber, the water preserving my body. It makes sense but I don’t want it to. I stop by a mirror and take a long look at myself, I look the same but my hair is a lighter brown, almost a blonde. The chamber must’ve did something to it, looks good though, haircut is even better. Kinda look pretty badass. My legs are finally staring to feel stronger and I’m able to climb the long stairs to the directors room. He’s dead too, lying half slid down in an old wooden chair. His pipboy on the table in front of him blinks on when it senses my presence. I slide it on my left wrist and adjust it to my body. Time to get the hell out of here. I open up a locker and grab the pistol along with the holster. I follow the exit signs and eventually make it to the vault door. I lift a clear plastic lid and smash my hand into the red button. The sound is almost deafening. The door rolls open. I’m not prepared for this...I don’t know what’s gonna be outside of this door. The sunlight peers in and shines in my eyes.

My arm retreats to my side after blocking out the sunlight. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust but once they do, I see that there’s nothing but a wasteland. In the distance, I can see the remnants of Boston, tall beautiful buildings reduced to rust. I step foot out onto the soil and breathe the fresh radiated air. I walk for a few minutes and stop at the sound of gunfire and a loud manly yell. I lean against a large rock and look around it. Two people shoot at a large green man dressed in leather armor. The bullets don’t seem to phase it. The other person grabs a large weapon with a bomb on it. It launches at the green giant and explodes. I hush my breathing in hopes I'd just walk off without a fight but that's not the case. I'm yelled at to come out from behind cover, my heart pounds and my throat dries. Not even a minute into the new world and I'm gonna die. They point their weapons at me and order me to the ground. I close my eyes and prepare for death. But it doesn't come, I'm spared. A large blimp flies overhead and drops a few vertibirds. I haven´t seen those since I was escorted from my house and into the vault. I'm still not even sure what happened in there. The vertibird shoots red lasers at the two men pinning me to the ground. I raise to my feet and hold my arm over my face as the propellers whip through the air. I suddenly feel safe, feel secure. The vertibird lands and a man jumps out in full power armor. After all this time, they still have them.

"You okay?" He asks.
"Yeah...I think so." I'm still a bit shaken up, everything is happening so fast. I'm not even sure what's going on.
"Vault dweller?"
"Yeah. I've been asleep since the bomb dropped."
"Well damn. 210 year nap, you should feel rested. Come with me."
"Power armor?" I ask. "Where'd you get it?"
"It's been passed down. I'm assuming you haven't heard of the Brotherhood of steel..."
'No, I haven't." I say as I climb into the vertibird.

The plane takes off suddenly and I lose my balance but the man catches me. A brief moment of passion, his eyes lock into mine and despite all the violence outside, it melts away.
"Paladin Olly." He says.
"My name. Paladin Olly."
We hang there for a few seconds until he finally lets go and I take a seat. We fly over what used to be Boston. I close my eyes and hope when I open them, the world will be normal again. But it doesn't happen...it's still a wasteland and I'm still here on the vertibird.