Prydwen Welcome Party

The vertibird shakes violently as it locks into place on the blimp. I feel out of place here, a vault dweller just waking up and catching a flight to...whatever this place is. The Brotherhood of Steel, they seem so official, so welcoming. Paladin Olly helps me off the Vertibird and onto a platform. Over the edge, I can see the airport and red lasers shooting back and forth, don’t know what’s going on down there but they sure are putting up a fight. I am out of place here, most of the people are in power armor or some sort of Brotherhood uniform and I’m just in a dull blue outfit that’s still mildly soaked from my awakening. Olly signals me to follow him, I’m lagging behind. I just can’t take my eyes off the beauty this ship holds. He slides open a door and smiles, waving me along. His armor clanks behind me, my throat feels dry. I’m not too sure where he’s taking me, I’m not even sure if I should trust them but they did save my life. We pass by multiple people, some working on their armor and some trading things with others. Finally, we walk down a set of stairs and it opens up to a sort of lounge area. A man is standing there, looking out the windows that surround the area on all sides, his arms are crossed behind him and his head turns a little, just enough to get a glimpse of me.

“Paladin Olly. Report.” He says in a stern tone.
“Multiple hostiles taken care of. Ground team still securing the area.”
“Good. And who is our blue friend here?”
I gulp hard, I could lie to him and tell him I’m a scavenger or something, but I tell the truth. “I’m...Samantha. From vault 0.1. I’ve been asleep all this time.” My palms sweat.
He finally turns around and looks at me completely. “A vault dweller. You’re a pre-war relic...amazing.” He slightly smiles. “Anyway, Samantha. Welcome to the Prydwen. What we do here is simple. We secure pre-war technology and in doing that, we save the people of the commonwealth. We also have a certain enemy we’re all trying to find.”
“And who’s that?” I ask.
“The Institute.” His voice deepens, like the word makes an anger rise from the depths. “They’re responsible for those damn synths. They kill people and replace them with robots.”
“Sounds awful.” I’m not sure what else to say, or even believe.
“The Institute is our main enemy but they aren’t our only one. Ghouls, Raiders, and Super Mutants plague the Commonwealth. We’re here to cleanse.”
“Rid the Commonwealth from the grips of the wasteland.”
“And I’m assuming this is where I come in?” Only a little over 45 minutes out of the vault and I’m already hired for some sort of assassination.
“You and Paladin Olly are to team up and rid the evil...Also, while you’re out there, look for any signs of the institute. They’re like a ghost.”
“I’m Elder Maxson.”

“Paladin Olly.” I say as we head for the vertibird. “Do you really think the Institute is doing such awful things?”
“Are you questioning Elder Maxson?”
“No. I just don’t know much about the new world.” I am questioning him, It seems crazy.
“True, you don’t. That’s why we’re heading out to show you what it’s like now. Grab a gun and change those wet clothes.”

I grab an orange brotherhood jumpsuit and a laser pistol. I feel strange, I was recruited so fast. I don’t even know anything about the outside world and I’m already being thrown to the sharks. After I change, I meet with Paladin Olly and head to a vertibird. The Prydwen is beautiful, I just can’t get over it. I jump into the aircraft and take a seat. He smiles at me and grips the holding rail attached to the ceiling tight. The vertibird drops out of the lock and falls through the open air. My body floats for a few seconds and then is smashed back down on the floor when the propellers start moving. He laughs a bit, this must happen with all new recruits. I adjust myself back in my seat and look out the open door. We fly over the stadium I once went to as a child, it’s now home to a place called Diamond City. The plane lands just outside of a few satellites.

“Alright. We’ll have to cross this bridge to reach the super mutants.” Paladin Olly says as he jumps out onto the charred earth.
“Why are we killing super mutants?” I know, dumb question.
“They believe they’re superior to humans and they’ll stop at nothing to wipe us all out.”
“Sounds dangerous.”
“Yeah, well danger is what the Brotherhood is all about.”
“Oh good.” I say sarcastically. I catch him roll his eyes.
“Let’s just cross the bridge.”

It’s a small bridge crossing the water, it’s eerie and filled with empty cars. Olly goes first and I follow close behind. The sounds of my boots crunching bones and twigs send sharp pains up my spine. I feel bad for walking all over the dead, but they’re in my way. He stops quickly and I run right into his power armor. I rub the pain in my forehead away. He points beside him...on the ground is a mine. I look behind me and there’s another mine. No going back, but we need to move forward. He takes off running, leaving be behind for a few seconds. I start running as well. Sweat beads down my face as I head for the other side. The first mine explodes, making another mine explodes, that makes a car explode, then a gas tank explode. The whole bridge falls into the water and crumbles beneath my feet. I’m running for my life. A mine explodes close behind me and sends me flying towards the end of the bridge. I smack against the cracked pavement and slide a few feet. My chest feels like it about to cave in. Just out of the vault and here I am, lying on the ground after almost losing all my limbs.

“You okay soldier?” Olly hovers over me.
“I feel like all my limbs are broken. No big deal.”
“Check that pipboy of yours, doesn’t that let you know if something is broke?”
I twist my left arm and bring it to my face. Broken leg. Great. I toss my arm on the ground and lay there for a few seconds.

“Take this.” He hands me a needle. “It’s a stimpak. It heals you fully. I don’t know how, just does.”
“Okay.” I take it and shove it into my arm and I suddenly feel my leg starting to feel a lot less shitty. Paladin Olly helps me to my feet, my leg isn’t broken anymore according to my pipboy but it’s a little sore.
“Work?” He asks.
“I guess so. The stuff they have nowadays...it’s weird.”
“Nowadays? You just woke up an hour ago…” He laughs. He points to a big green monster in the distance. “That’s a super mutant and we just set off it’s alarm.”