Bleeding Faces


“Shit!” Mason yells as I arrive in the middle of a battle.
“Watch the fuck out!” John shoots at the Ghouls charging after Mason.
“Yeah, Ghoul down!” Nathan cheers.
Lara patches up Mason’s arm, it’s sliced and bleeding badly. Kaden and James secure the perimeter, making sure no other Ghouls attack.
“How’s everything going?” I ask, kinda giggling. I know how the situation is right now, humor would be good.
“How do you think it looks?” Lara asks sarcastically.
“Just trying to lighten the mood. Do you want kicked out, Lara?”
“Sorry Director Clayton.”
I laugh. “Just fuckin with ya. Nathan, how’s the Agitator?”
“Intact Director!” He jumps up quickly. “Ready for transportation.”
“Great. Time to go.” I say.

A deathclaw jumps from out of nowhere and takes a swipe at Kaden, he rolls out of the way and starts firing. I nod at Nathan, and he instantly knows what that means, or should know what that means. He takes his backpack off and tosses it on the ground, it makes a metal dome around him and flashes bright blue as he teleports. One less person to fight the deathclaw but I’m sure we can take care of it. We’re a pretty badass team. I take aim and fire away, it leaps at me and I barely have time to jump out of the way. I smack against the broken pavement, the armor on my left arm goes flying off as the deathclaw sinks it spike like fingers into my flesh. I scream in pain, grabbing my shotgun with my free hand, I blow it’s arms to pieces. Blood splashes down onto my face. It jumps back and roars, stomping it’s mighty feet on the ground. I drop my gun and grab the claw still stuck in my arm and begin to pull, but it won't come out. I close my eyes and take a deep breath then pull again.

I’m being rushed through halls, they aren’t dirty so I’m pretty sure I’m back in the Institute but my vision is so blurry, I can’t really even tell. I think I hear Olly’s voice tell me that everything’s gonna be okay. It should be, right? My arm just got poked...that’s all. I black out, and when I awake again, I’m in a hospital bed. I try to move my arm but I can’t, I can’t even feel it. The door slides open and Mother walks in. She gives me a reassuring smile and takes a seat beside me.

“I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going on.”
“Well...Kinda. Why can’t I feel my arm?”
“You lost a lot of blood, and the bones were beyond repair. The good Doctors here went in and replaced everything with synth technology. In a few days, you’ll get feeling and movement back. That arm should work good as new.” She leans back in the chair and smiles brightly.
“Thanks.” I say. “So, a stronger arm?”
“Exactly. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you before hand, but you’ve been out for a few days. They had to do it quickly or the arm would’ve been a complete loss.”
“I understand.” I gulp hard, now I have to adjust to an arm with wires and metal scraps for bones.