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The Universe Inside of Us

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I S A A C  D O N O V A N
You were fourteen when you kissed your first boy and you were sixteen when you told your parents. Neil happened when you were seventeen, but his love came in bursts when he knew yours was unwavering. It was first love, and that alone was unconditional and held too much power. He broke even the softest parts of your heart, but your mother held you tight and told you that hearts never stay broken. Still, you feel as if a piece of you had broken and left when Neil did. You know you’ll move on. Eventually.

A L E X A N D E R  M E L N Y K
You were twenty when you kissed a boy for the first time, and it felt an awful lot like crashing into the sun. You felt lost, as if you hadn’t known who you were before this moment in time, but now you’re starting to wonder just how much of you is left. There are too many pieces of you shattered in places you can’t reach because you love too hard and too much and too easily, and not at all. You want to stop. You need to breathe. You want to be normal. You can’t keep asking to break and be broken.

Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Delaney | Jeremy Richards | Miles Robinson