I Knew I Loved You

Chapter Twenty-Five: Police Investigation

Arriving home, Manuel couldn’t help but feel numb as he stared at the police cars that were parked outside of his home; his mind still reeling from what he had been told and he couldn’t believe that this had happened to them.

Finally, things had been going so well, they had a daughter that they loved and a baby on the way; this was something that he would have never imagined.

None of it made any sense to him and he barely remembered to pay the taxi driver before he climbed out of the taxi in a daze; he didn’t even notice the look of concern that he was offered.

Wandering towards the front gate, Manuel could see only see even more police cars stationed outside his home; officers were searching for evidence in the gardens and lingering around the front door.

“Excuse me sir… this area is off limits, there’s a police investigation underway,” an officer said stopping Manuel from stepping onto the property, he offered an apologetic look but they couldn’t have anyone contaminating the crime scene.

The entire house was being searched for clues about what had happened here and the officer had noticed several paparazzi had appeared to try and find out what was going on here.

“I live here… my wife…” Manuel spluttered, his mind trying to stop picturing how his wife might have been found after what had happened.

Images of her dead body flickered through his mind before he could stop them, his stomach turning and he felt like he was going to be sick again.

The officer seemed to understand and nodded his head before saying something into his radio that Manuel didn’t catch; he was sure he looked terrible and traveling home had been a bit of a blare for him.

Manuel didn’t have to wait long before the chief investigator arrived with a grime look on his face, he nodded to the officer before he waved Manuel forward; he wasn’t surprised that the man wasn’t at his match right now.

No one would have been able to focus on what they were doing once they heard what had happened here; he was sure that one of his parents must have called the footballer.

Manuel slowly followed after the investigator, his eyes sweeping his front garden as he thought about what might lay inside and he felt even worse than when he had gotten out of the taxi.

Stepping into his home, Manuel was surprised how normal everything looked as his eyes swept over the foyer; not much seemed out of place and he watched as the police continued to do their work.

“We should be out of your way as soon as possible Mr Neuer… we would like to ask you some questions,” the investigator told him, he could see that the man wasn’t dealing with this very well and he didn’t blame him.

He would be the same if anything like this happened to his wife and his home while he had been away working; he was sure that this was something that would haunt them for a while.

“Do you or your wife have any enemies? Anyone that would want to hurt either of you?” the investigator asked, he just wanted to cover all the bases and he knew that things weren’t going to be any better if they left it a few days.

Manuel shook his head, his mind trying to think of anyone that they knew that could have done this; he was sure that their home had been targeted for other reasons.

“No one I can think of… no one that would do this,” Manuel replied softly, he had so many questions right now but he didn’t think any of them would help him sleep tonight.

The investigator nodded his head before showing Manuel into the living room knowing what the man needed right now.

Manuel easily spotted the person sitting on the couch and he walked away from the investigator and over to his wife who was being interviewed about what had happened that evening.

She was facing away from him and her hands were shaking as she recounted the ordeal that she had suffered when she came home from work; it was only when Manuel rounded that couch that she seemed to notice him.

Charlene’s brown eyes filled with tears, she couldn’t believe that he was home and she burst into tears as she realised that he had come home for her.

Quickly wrapping his arms around her, Manuel closed his eyes as he held her close and allowed her to cry; he couldn’t imagine how scared she had been.

The officers that had been interviewing her allowed them so space, they nodded to Manuel as he held on tightly to Charlene frightened that if he let her go that she would disappear.

Neither of them said a word as they thought about how this could have ended, they both knew how lucky they had been to escape something that could have ended in tragedy.

Charlene clutched at his shirt, her face buried in his neck as she tried to calm herself down; she wanted to finish speaking with the officers so that they could get out of her.

She didn’t want to stay here a moment longer that she needed to, this place no longer felt like her home; she doubted that she would ever be able to see it that way again.

“I’m so sorry… I should have been here,” Manuel whispered holding her close, he didn’t know what he could do to fix this and he wanted nothing more than to protect her from what had happened.

There was no doubt in his mind that whoever had done this had targeted them for a reason and he was just relieved that she had made it out of this alive.

The home invasion could have gone wrong and Manuel didn’t care about the things that had been stolen; they were only items and the one thing that he would have never been able to replace was Charlene and their baby.

Squeezing his eyes tightly closed, Manuel held her for a moment longer before they were interrupted by the investigator; he didn’t completely let go of Charlene as she turned to look at the other man.

“I think that’s everything for now Mrs Neuer… if you think of anything else then please give us a call,” the investigator insisted giving her his card, he nodded to Manuel before leaving knowing that there was little that they could do now.

Their home would remain a crime scene for a little longer and he was sure that they would easily be able to find somewhere else to stay in the meantime; they would be able to come back to their home soon enough.

Charlene nodded her head, she was just relieved that they didn’t have to stay here for a moment longer; she peeked up at Manuel knowing that he would have his own questions about what had happened.

The fact that she didn’t need to go to the hospital, she just wanted to get out of her and see Abigail; she was sure that seeing her daughter would distract her from what had happened.

Manuel eyed her worried, he didn’t know much about what had happened and he was just happy that his worst fears were unfounded; there was so much that could have happened while she was alone with those men.

“Let’s get you out of here,” Manuel mumbled wrapping an arm around her shoulder and leading her away, he doubted that she wanted to be overcrowded right now.

His parents would bring Abigail to them once they were sorted and Manuel was thankful that he had some good friends to help them out with this.

Staying at a hotel wasn’t ideal and it made Manuel relieved that a friend had offered them, his place since he was out of town; he was certain they would be fine there until they could get back into the house.
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So Manuel has returned home to Charlene and their house is a crime scene... what will happen next?

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