Under the Boardwalk


She looked up at him with big brown eyes, he was her guardian angel and without any doubt he relished looking after her, she was his baby sister even at the age of twenty two he was fiercely defensive over her, ever since their father had passed when they were young, Alessandra too young to remember, he had taken over raising her to be a well spoken intelligent young lady, she even worked for him dealing with the financial side of things, maths being her forte, there wasn't a penny in or out of that operation that she didn't know about, she was the outfits pride and joy, Frank and Ralph adored her but not as much as Al did.

“la mia bella”

He smiled as he cupped her chin beaming with pride, she swatted his hand away,

“Al I'm not a kid anymore”

She laughed, and walked away, Al watched as she neatened her hair and straightened her clothes, he couldn't help but worry about her, given that there where characters like Gyp Rosetti and Benny Seigel the prowl, sure she could defend herself they all made sure of that, she knew how to handle a gun too, they would have done anything to protect their pride and joy.

The house was heaving and Charlie was under strict orders to keep his head down his mouth shut and keep patrons happy, Meyer was stressed and taking it out on him Charlie knew it but still could shake the irritation it had caused him all day, Benny would be back soon and then maybe Meyer might lay off, it didn't seem likely at the moment but it was a small comfort to the Italian, He stood absent mindedly counting the chips out and putting them back in their place in the small wooden box when a voice snapped him out of his routine,

“Charlie! A word please!”

He turned around and saw Meyer hanging out of his office beckoning him over with one finger, Charlie sighed and slammed the chips down locking the box after him, he walked in to the small office

“Take a seat Charlie”

“No thanks”

“Suit yourself, As you know Mr Thompsons New Years Gathering is tonight”


“It's a big night Charlie”

“I know”

He was starting to get irritated by the mundane conversation,

“I need you to attend”

“What? Why?”

“We need the numbers Charlie, can we count on you?”

The shorter man blinked at him a few times awaiting an answer, Charlie's shoulders sagged and he sighed exasperated,

“Sue fine why not!”

“Thank you Charlie. You may leave early to prepare yourself”

He smiled at Meyer and left, walking the three blocks to his small studio appartment, it wasn't much but it was home, he had what he needed and didn't spend a lot of time there anyway so the size didn't matter too much to him, he stood over the sink carefully shaving and washing his face, he pulled his suit on, it wasn't much, one that Rothstein had gifted him last year, navy blue, with a matching tie and waist coat, he looked in the mirror once more before leaving and making his way back to Meyer.

Babette's was busy! Crammed with the upper class, most of them in the same business as Al, meaning they were all criminals, she sat quietly, knowing she'd rather be at home in bed with a good book, partying wasn't her scene but she had become almost expert at keeping up appearances with her brothers, turning the charm on high and wooing his clients so Al could get his own way. Her head dress was making her itch and her dress was heavy, she moved the gold fabric trying to make it more comfortable on her legs, the stitching was even felt through her stockings, it had only been a few hours and she had had enough! She pulled a cigarette from the packet next to her and lit it using the candle on the table.

The hours slipped by and she remained unmoved sitting day dreaming, she looked around the room watching beautiful women trip over themselves trying to get a chance with a gangster, it was almost laughable, most of these women didn't have a clue what they were getting in to, constantly looking over your shoulder, having strange men in and out of your home at all hours of the day not only that the constant fear that gnaws at your insides everytime he stepped out of the door, she knew all of this too well from having three brothers in the business, a voice snapped her out of her train of thoughts,

“Can I sit here?”

She looked up to see where the voice had come from, stood over her was a tall dark haired young man, whiskey in hand and hair slicked back his brown eyes bore in to her awaiting a response,

“Yeah sure”

She shrugged, taking another cigarette out of the packet,

“Bad for you!”

The voice chirped in, she looked over at him, he was smirking at her,

“Seriously kid if you're just here to annoy me I'd walk away now”

“You're kinda ballsy? Sure you're a broad?”

He questioned there was something in his quick wit that grated on her, she was used to arguing with irritating men why was he a match,

“Yeah I'm sure”

she snapped not sparing him a glance, her eyes fixed on the dancers who were enjoying their evening a damn sight more than she was,

“Whats ya name?”

he asked, she looked over at him, he was still smirking, he forced eye contact with her,


She replied bluntly


He laughed as he stole a cigarette, turned and slouched in his seat,


He stated leaning forward,

“Not sure why that matters to me”

She smiled sweetly, noticing her brothers were looking she waved at them,

“Friends with the Capones huh?”

she laughed loudly placing her hand over his and giving it a gentle squeeze,

“Sweety, I am a Capone!”