Under the Boardwalk


He sat back slowly still sizing her up, Capone, he wasn't sure if she was a threat or a challenge, she seemed sweet, a bit fresh but he likes his odds, he was about to speak when Benny came over, grabbing Charlie by the arm,

“Excuse me miss, I need a word with my buddy here”

She smiled up at him a sparkle in her eye, switching the charm on high,

“Take him, I won't miss him!”

Charlie stood looking at her eyebrows knitted together in confusion, Benny marched him away seconds after, he glanced over his shoulder to catch her winking at him, a smug smile across her pretty red lips,

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Benny started as Meyer swooped in to keep a handle on things,

“Charlie you know who she is don't you?”

“A rough idea”

He shrugged,

“Alessandra Capone Charlie! A fucking Capone! Queen of chicago that one! Do you know how protected she is for fucks sake!”

Charlie smiled at the hint of panic in Bennys voice,

“You aint scared are ya Benny?”

“No I aint scared Charlie cause it aint gonna be me they want when you fuck up and break that broads heart!”

The younger man spat, staring his friend up and down hoping for a glimmer of remorse even a little bit of sense! He couldn't believe how brazen Charlie was being, he had gone from the quiet background guy to the biggest sleaze going and Benny wasn't about to stir the pot by letting him jump in to bed with Capones baby sister!

Things hadn't gone well between the two cities, Rothstein was gone and Charlie had made comments about Al being to blame, Torrio had been wounded and Al had had it out for the three New York boys since it had happened,

“What if that was my sister!” he raged to anyone who would listen “I'm gonna see those fucks and I'm gonna kill em!”

She remembered talking him down well, explaining he should keep his head down and leave them to it to save any embarrassment if it went wrong, Al swore from that day all deals with New York were off and they would do well to stay out of his way.

“Don't worry bout it Ben”

Charlie replied nonchalantly before turning on his heels and looking for her again, he stood over by the booth where she was sitting minutes ago, he glanced across the room, the rose gold on her long dress catching his eye, she laughed at the tall lean man stood in front of her, he clamped a hand on her shoulder and lead her over to Al and a taller broader man, unmistakably the Capone brothers, he sniggered to himself unable to see what Benny and Meyer were worried about, they could have any woman they wanted, Benny even went as far as sleeping with Charlie's ex girlfriend, why couldn't Charlie have a free pick, he remained watching her, as all three of her brothers gave her a quick squeeze and a peck on the cheek he gathered she was leaving, he cleared his throat and swigged the last of his whiskey giving her a few seconds to leave before following her in to the night,

She stepped outside taking a deep breath in before lighting a cigarette and walking towards the hotel, she listened to the sounds of the city around her, it was a lot quieter than Chicago, only the waves hitting the sand and the funfair in the distance could be heard, as much as she loved Atlantic City it just wasn't home, she needed the rushing and the noise, made her feel safe, she could just blend in to the crowd if she wanted to.

Her ears pricked up as the sound of shoes began to follow her, she subtly pulled the small hand pistol out from one of the folds on the bodice of her dress, she swerved slightly and hid in the shadows of a shop door way, hoping for the footsteps to pass, with the gun down by her side in one hand and her small pouch bag in the other she could easily make it seem as though she was looking for something should it be a coincidence.

Her heart skipped a beat as a hand slapped on to the wall next to her, with pure adrenaline pulsing through her veins she pointed the gun,

“Woah sweetcheeks! Careful with that!”

She looked at the man who had followed her and sighed,

“You again!”

“I wasn't just gonna let you walk away, it's nice to see you with your guard down! You can tell me, it it just an act for your brothers?”

“No actually I was hoping it would put you off”

He shrugged

“I've dealt with worse, nothing scares me any more”

She raised her eyebrows and walked around him tucking her gun away again, she continued to walk down the boardwalk doing her best to ignore him, as he struggled to keep pace with her, he persisted, he stopped her and held her wrists, he looked at her with a smile on his face,

“Were you staying?”

“Away from you”

She replied, he smiled at her his eyes holding a sparkle that made her skin tingle, she was taken aback by his confidence,

“C'mon doll one night and whats the odds we'll see each other again?”

She smiled and pulled him in to the shadows at the side of a store, he couldn't take the smile from his lips, she leant against the cold wall, smiling up at him she pulled him closer by his collar,

“What makes you think you're that lucky Charlie?”

She whispered, her warm breath dancing down his bare neck giving him chills,

“It's all in the name”

“Ya think?”

“I know!”

His lips grazed hers barley touching but just enough to send a spark through his body, his hair stood on end and goosebumps errupted all over his flesh, she kept him close for a few seconds enjoying the warmth that he radiated, he closed his eyes and breathed in her scent,

“I don't think so” She whispered before pushing him away “Not tonight any way” she stated bluntly before walking away leaving the gangster stood in shock, he could do nothing but watch as she walked away.