Under the Boardwalk


She was woken with a nudge, her eyes flittered open to be greeted by Ralph, he looked far more intimidating in the dim light from the window,

“Hey Ally, how you dong?”

She looked at him confused,

“I'm good I guess? What time is it?”

“ three thirty, Al sent me in to see if you were okay”

She had been asleep two hours and dreaded to think of the drunken stupor her brothers had returned in,

“Tell him I'm fine Ralphy thank you”

She sat up and kissed him on the cheek before crumbling back in to the softness of the bed, pulling the duvet up around her chin she began to drift off again, faint images danced around in her mind slowly piecing together a scene, it was him, he lay next to her, running his hand down her bare abdomen, she trembled wrapping her arms around his neck taking in every inch of his face every line curve and angle she savoured before pressing her lips against his hungrily.

Her eyes snapped open and her body jolted, her breathing was rapid, she looked around the small darkened room for signs of another human being, nothing, she sighed relieved, throwing herself back down she spent the night over thinking tossing and turning, gaining a few hours sleep just as the dawn turned the room a dusty orange.

His mouth was dry his eyes sore and his back ached, he swung his legs out of the bed and placed his feet on the wooden floor, he pushed his hair off of his face picking a cigarette up from the small bedside table, he made his way over to the window placing himself on the window ledge watching Atlantic City go by, he watched as the Capone brothers walked down the boardwalk talking amongst themselves, they weren't that intimidating, it took a lot to scare Charlie now though and those three weren't enough to even send a chill, he sat and thought absent mindedly, if they were out then Alessandra was alone, he quickly got dressed and washed and left the room making his way to her hotel.

Meyer and Benny sat at the breakfast table, only empty plates and half cups of coffee between them Benny still agitated about Charlie,

“Who the fuck does he think his is Meyer? Just strolling over like that he coulda been killed!”

“He's got all of this power, He's not used to it he's going to take advantage of it for a while”

The smaller man replied finishing his cup,

“He can do that I aint sayin' he can't but with a Capone seriously?”

“You and I both know it would have been a one night thing!”

“Yeah and then another 20 in hospital when he makes princess Capone cry”

Benny spat, Meyer raised his eyebrows taking a long pull off of his cigarette,

“She's just as tough Benny I don't think she would have been too bothered”

Benny shook his head.

Charlie walked in to the foyer of the hotel, the décor was extravagant, almost seeming too much for a place in Jersey, he walked over to the desk,

“Im looking for Alessandra Capone, got a delivery for her”

The woman gave him directions to her room leaving him to find his own way, he stood outside of her door for a few moments, taking his jacket off and draping it over his arm, he knocked and waited a few seconds, hearing shuffling from inside the room he took a step back, the door swung open and she looked him up and down,

“For fucks sake Charlie!”

She sighed grabbing his hand and yanking him in to the room slamming the door behind him, he smirked, she looked different, in just a short deep red satin robe and her hair tumbling in loose dark curls down her back he bit the inside of his cheek,

“Couldn't stay away”

“Why? What do you want?”

She asked exasperated

“I think thats fairly obvious!”

He stated bluntly watching her as she flit around tidying up and making the bed,

“If my brothers find out youre here they'll...”

“They'll what?” He demanded cutting her off mid sentence “They can't stop you Al and you shouldn't let them!”

“It's not that Charlie! I have a reputation, I can't just be sleeping around!”

“No one has to know”

He sniggered, she was sitting on the bed playing with the ends of her hair absent mindedly,

“I'm sure you're a great guy but with everything so strained , is it worth the trouble?”

He shrugged,

“Probably, I don't have a lot to go on here apart from your display last night!”

“What are you talking about?”

She folded her arms across her chest waiting for his response,

“Grabbing hold of me the whispering, you're a cock tease!”

She stood back on her feet quickly, taking him by surprise she squared up to him,

“Excuse me!”

“Don't deny it sweetheart, you knew what you were doing!”

“And what of it?”

she inched closer to him, he was taller than her but probably not too much stronger, she had a feeling he would be pretty easy to take, with the right words he would be putty in her hands, he smirked, placing his hands on her waist and bracing himself for a smack, it never came, she stood firmly in front of him, her features had softened considerably, he locked eyes with her noticing how young she looked without a face full of make up,

“So whats the deal here Charlie?”

She whispered, placing her hands on the sides of his neck, the same chills as the night before running down his spine, he closed his eyes and tilted his head back slightly for a few seconds, only listening to her soft breaths, without hesitation he pushed her back on to the unmade bed, straddling her hips and locking his lips with hers, his tongue brushing her bottom lip begging for access to which she gave, they kissed desperately neither stopping for breath, she pulled at his waistcoat and shirt like a starved animal offered food, he dusted kisses along her jaw line before sinking his teeth in to her neck coaxing a quiet breathy moan from the pretty brunette, drunk on lust she pulled him closer to her, they were a frenzy of limbs, kisses bites and scratches driving the two of them to despair, she tugged at his clothes driven by passion the shirt gave way revealing his toned torso, he sat up for a second brushing his hair off of his hot face and shaking the rest of his shirt off, she traced her hands over the lines of his stomach, feather light touches making him tremble, he lay beside her pushing her hair off of her shoulders, he swept his hand along her collar bone brushing her robe to the side and exposing olive flesh, he moved back over her working himself between her legs, he laced more kisses across her neck and on to her collarbones,with one hand he undone the chord of her robe, moving excess fabric to expose more bare skin, he allowed his eyes to wander, gazing up and down her body multiple times basking in her perfection, he cupped the back of her neck pulling her up to his level, now being more forceful with the kiss, the heat between them becoming almost unbearable.

“Ally you in there?”

They froze, Charlie jolted upwards, as she pulled her robe back around her throbbing frame,

“It's Al”

She whispered unable to move, frozen to the spot with panic,

“Ally? I'm coming in”

“No! Don't I'm fine!”

“Are you hidin somethin'? You gotta boy in there?”


Three loud thuds rumbled through the room, they looked at each other, she shooed Charlie away with her hands, he ran in to the bathroom closing the door silently, just in time to hear a crash as Al burst in to the room, with shaking hands and adrenaline pumping he grabbed Alessandra by her wrist,

“So whats this then huh?” He demanded, pointing out the visible red hand print she had on each wrist, she attempted to stutter through an explanation, he still hadn't let go of her wrist “Is it that fuck from New York? Lucky?”

“Al there's no one here!”

“Don't fuckin' lie to me!”

“I'm not!” he dragged her across the room pulling out closets and checking behind doors “Al you're hurting me!” she shouted “Let me go!”

she begged pushing him, he turned on the spot, without warning he turned and lashed at her with one hand, sending her reeling,

“Don't fuckin' touch me Alessandra!! he pointed at her cowering below him “I'm doin' this to protect you!”

“Protect her from what?”

A male voice came from behind him, he turned to see Charlie stood, his face contoured in to a cocky anger, Al glared at him,

“You” he stuttered “What the fuck did you do to my sister!” He exploded in to a rage grabbing Charlie by his collar

Charlie remained smirking, looking the older man dead in the eye,

“I showed her a good time”

He stated, before the room became filled with a rabid anger, with Charlie on the floor Al used everything he had to keep him there raining blows to every part of his body that he could, he could hear Ally screaming behind him, he launched her self at him trying to drag him away, screaming desperately for her other brothers, Frank and Ralph came running in visibly alarmed by their baby sisters crys, the two boys sprung in to action after realising what had happened Ralph grabbed hold of Al restraining him and taking him out of the room, Frank held Ally holding her trembling body close to him, they could still hear Al spitting venom down the corridoor,
She looked over at Charlie,

“Oh god! No!”

She looked at him, laying on the floor bloodied and broken, she knelt next to him holding his hand,

“Say something? Do something?”

his eyes opened a little, he looked over at her smiling,

“Worth it”

He muttered, Frank dragged him on to his feet and stared directly in to his eyes,

“You got off lightly, stay the fuck away from my sister, he threw the younger boy in to the hallway slamming the door, Charlie stood up and brushed himself down his whole body ached, his head pulsated with pain as he began to walk out of the hotel and in to the hot Jersey sun.