Under the Boardwalk


Months slipped by, The Capones relocated to Jersey to support their sisters new relationship, Alessandra was often seen moping around the boardwalk carrying out wifely duties, she was still desperately unhappy, she wasn't sure whether it was because she had genuine feelings for Charlie or because she had been told she couldn't have him, either way he was gone now, they had left for New York a month or so ago and Ally felt lost she often caught herself thinking about him he never did stray too far from her thoughts, she let herself in to her home pushing the key in to the front door and using her back to push it open, she kicked it closed, the noise echoing through the hallways, Al had bought it, deciding the couple needed somewhere to call their own, she was appreciative but everything still felt false to her, she didn't love Willie sure he was a nice kid but she didn't love him, but it kept her brothers quiet.

“I'm home!”

She called out, Willie shyly walked out from the front room hands in his pockets,

“Hey” he smiled “How'd it go?”

“What? Grocery shoppin'? Yeah great! Laugh a minute!”

He laughed,

“You nervous?”

He asked quietly,

“About tomorrow?”

She roared with laughter,

“Sweety I've had a gun pressed in to my temple before now a wedding isn't going to scare me even if it is my own”

Her stomach was churning, she didn't want to marry, she just wanted to run.

Charlie sat skimming through invoices not really taking much in, Meyer was organising paper work at his desk a comfortable silence was in the room, Charlie sighed,

“Mey? How long does it take to get to Jersey from here?”

“About two hours why?”

“Just wondered”

He could run to her, he could take a car and go and get her, he noticed Meyer staring at him,

“What are you planning?”


Meyer sat back in his chair

“Why do you want to go to atlantic city Charlie?”

“Why'd ya think?”

Meyer nodded, his mind running at overdrive coming up with a plan, before too long they were on the road,

“We keep this from Benny! I know she goes and meets her brothers at four normally leaves the Carlton at five thirty, if we can intercept her before she gets back to her house we can bring her back with us!”

Charlie nodded his stomach turning over on itself, a sense of urgency pulsing through him, he knew there was a wedding tomorrow he couldn't watch her go through with it not against her will it wasn't fair, Charlie could be cold he knew that, he had killed people without a second thought but this was different he felt a need to protect her.

She sat daydreaming with her chin resting on her hand her brothers bubbled with excitement at the thought of the following days nuptials, she joined in with the conversation keeping an eye on the time, she sat smoking and laughing with her brothers and husband to be before gathering his belongings kissing each of them on the cheek and leaving.

They stood leaning on a fence looking out over the dark ocean, Meyer checked the time,

“She should be here any minute now”

Charlie turned his heart thumping, what if she had brought her brothers with her? They wouldn't stand a chance, as if on cue she came in to view it was almost as though she was walking on air, he remained rooted to the spot transfixed on her, Meyer nudged him forward, they walked towards her holding a fast pace.

She pulled her coat around her the cool sea air brushing against her skin and sending a chill through her body, she kept her head down a hundred and one thoughts going through her mind, anxiety rattling her insides, she glanced up at the two men walking towards her she stopped for a brief moment attempting to work out why they would be marching towards her, brushing it off as a coincidence she continued to move forward only now with her head held high, something Al had taught her, never show fear, within seconds the men had her by an arm each, she panicked her breath hitching and catching in her chest, their grip on her was tight as they marched her down a dark side street,

“Please I'm getting married in the morning, my brothers will come looking soon!”

She babbled hoping they would take pity,

“Ally relax! It's me”

She turned to see Charlie smiling at her, she stopped tearing her arm from Meyers grip and collapsing in to Charlie's chest