Under the Boardwalk


The sun slipped through the heavy curtains bathing the small room in a warm light, Alessandra lay in a blissful silence, staring at the ceiling she gently ran her fingers forwards and back over Charlie's arm which was draped lazily over her waist, he was still asleep breathing softly occasionally shifting slightly, he looked peaceful and a lot younger, his hair fell over his face, she swept it away with the tips of her fingers causing his nose to twitch, his eyes opened slowly, almost glowing in the early morning light he glanced up at her, a small lazy smile spread across his face,

“Good morning”

He uttered, rubbing his eyes and yawning, he pulled her in to him pulling the blanket over them more, they lay killing time speaking of the endless possibilities that wait for them in the future as if they had a clue.

Al paced frantically his brothers stood in an uneasy silence all three of them chain smoking, Willie sat in the chair looking up at him, he had long since pulled his boutonnière from his lapel, with a hand on his temple he sighed heavily,

“Who the fuck does she think she is?” Al demanded “just swanning off in the middle of the night!!”

Frank chewed the inside of his cheek thoughtfully.

She rolled on to her front, both of them smiling and laughing together, she placed her hand on his jaw freezing in the moment, looking in to his hazel eyes she couldn't deny the static between them, she leant forward slowly gently placing her lips against his, he returned the favour running a hand down her shoulder and feeling a familiar heat spread across his pelvis, with an arm around her waist and a small amount of gentle encouragement she was straddling him, the heat between them growing and the kisses becoming more intense. He knew she was still innocent so had decided to go easy, she was different not like the usual girl he had some one who was rough and ready, she was delicate, despite her rigorous training, she could probably snap him like a twig but he didn't see her that way, he swept her hair from her face as she broke the kiss, in one skilful move he flipped himself over, with her now below him he found himself nestled between her legs, she could feel him already aroused, her heart racing as he ran his work roughened hands upwards along her torso causing her nightwear to ruffle up just covering her breasts, he slipped it over her head, he leant towards her slowly locking his lips against her neck placing firm kisses and gentle bites tracing down to her collarbones, her breaths were quick and shallow as he ran a hand along her thigh, his hand settled between her legs, he moved slowly running his fingers along the satin of her underwear, she gasped, her hands fixed on his shoulders, he smiled before her lips crashed back in to his, she was getting desperate she could feel a heat building in her stomach, she kept catching him smiling and she couldn't help but notice how handsome he was when he was undone his hair a tumble of tight dark curls a small amount of stubble gracing his jaw line and cheek bones a sparkle in his eyes that reminded her of an excited child, lost in the moment she began to pull absent mindedly at his boxes desperate to expose more of his flesh, he moved with her almost teasing, he looked her in the eyes breaking skin to skin contact for a few moments,

“not yet” he whispered breathlessly moving her hands away and putting his back to where they were, only this time moving her underwear to the side, he quickly slicked his finger through her juices pulling a sharp gasp from her, it music to him, he continued to swipe his finger gently over the sensitive nub watching as her eyes rolled back and her back arched against him, multiple soft moans escaped from her lips, Charlie was driving himself insane, desperate to take his time but also wanting to drive her to the edge. She hungrily pulled at his boxers, he let her this time helping her move them down revealing his solid flesh, he parted her legs just a little more, positioning himself just right, she felt him strain against her and her pulse raise slightly, her muscles contracted all over her body,

“Just relax” he whispered reassuringly, he pushed himself in slowly, her hands tightening on his shoulders a very brief pain shot through her causing her to gasp it was soon forgotten becoming a distant memory as his gentle thrusts picked up pace, she clamped her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her, he hissed enjoying every moment of her being around him, she edged out of her shell slightly one hand digging her nails in to his bare back the other running through the mass of curls on his head, she pulled him closer to him crashing her lips in to his forcing them apart with her tongue, unable to control himself Charlie picked up the pace once more, mindful of hurting her but also too wrapped in ecstasy to care, she purred his name in to his ear, he lost control forcing them both in to a frenzy, he flipped her on to her front forcing himself in from behind one hand wrapped in her hair the other on her hip, she cried out in pure bliss as sparks danced through her veins the orgasm was intense her whole body trembled below him she moaned his name with her hand on his thigh she squeezed a sharp pain from her nails making him hiss, he felt himself tense up falling from the edge he came, a groan falling from his mouth, he collapsed in to her, remaining still for a few seconds before moving in to a more comfortable position.

They lay still and calm wrapped in each other, nothing more than a tangle of limbs, Charlie moved slightly to pull the blankets back over them,

“Told you sweetheart all in the name”

She said smugly referring to their near miss in the past she giggled and curled in to him trying to regain her breath and feebly attempting to stop the shakes that still shook her from head to toe.

“Nope still no sign”

Ralph sighed putting the phone back on to its receiver, Al huffed and lit another cigar, inhaling deeply and staring thoughtfully a thought hit him like a train,


He shouted jumping up and grabbing his coat, his brothers jumped at his sudden realization, before following him out to the car, he drove wildly anger spurring him on, he was going to kill that fuck! The journey was tense, with the abandoned groom in the back with one Capone and the other two in the front.

Benny sat glaring at Charlie wrapped up in this broad, he had changed already gone from strong and powerful to mush all because of her, and she may just be the death of all of them he knew she was protected and he knew this spelt nothing but trouble, relations were strained as it was and Charlie had just added more strain to them,

“Thinking with his dick!”

He announced to no one in particular, Meyer looked at him,

“Leave them be Benny”

A crashing thud from the hallway made them all rise to their feet, Benny with his hand positioned ready on his gun, Meyer stood staring at the door way pensively, Charlie ushered Alessandra in to a near by side room gently pecking her forehead before silently closing the door, footsteps echoed down the polished hallway as Al Frank and Ralph made their way to the open lounge, silence swept across the room and the men squared off to each other,

“Where is she?”

Al growled,


Benny questioned,

“You know damn well who! Don't fuck with me, where's my fucking sister?”

No one responded, Al moved his hand gesturing for Frank and Ralph to start searching, Meyer looked over at Charlie then over to the door that was concealing her, Ralph smiled marching over shoving the two smaller men out of the way, she stepped back away from the door bracing herself to throw a swing should she need to, she heard scuffling outside, her breath catching in her throat she took her stance and waited, the door swung open her brother reaching straight in and pulling her out by both of her arms,

“Fuck you Ralph!! Get the fuck off of me!”

She thrashed around all in vain trying to get the bigger mans hands off of her, Al laughed as Ralph handed her over Al keeping a tight grip on her arm Charlie shuffled forward, Meyer put his arm out stopping him from going any further, she swung violently at her brother, splitting his lip,

“Little bitch!”

He laughed wiping it away with his free hand and landing a blow to the back of her head sending her to the floor like a lead weight,


Charlie screamed out staring at her crumpled frame that lay pathetically by her older brothers feet. The three Capone brothers moved forward in an attempt to intimidate the men, towering over them menacingly.

Meyer stood his ground, although Ralph was much bigger than him, he had never been one to take things laying down and with Charlie and Benny to back him he wasn't too worried, Benny was crazy and wouldn't hesitate to kill if he needed and Charlie was a brilliant shot who could pack an astounding punch, Meyer often never saw the point in violence preferring to make his dominance known through words but even he was starting to think that this would be a difficult one to talk away,

“What your sister chooses to do whether it be with one of my colleagues or not is ultimately down to her and you three turning up here and throwing your weight around isn't going to change that, she's a grown woman with her own mind gentlemen, maybe you'd do well to embrace that rather than try to stop it!”

Meyer spat, Al sniggered,

“We aint asking for much Lansky, just keep away from our sister all of you”

the smaller brother made his way to the front eyeing each of them menacingly, Charlie moved his weight from one foot to the other,

“Or what?”

He asked, Al squared up to him

“Or I'll cut her pretty face”

All at once tempers flared Charlie shoved his way over to Al,

“You fuck! Who the fuck do you think you are!?!”

Meyer threw himself in front of the brothers,

“Charlie! Don't!”

He froze to the spot his arm pulled back and fist clenched, his fast shallow breaths echoing in his ears, her eyes burned in to his, her chest rising and falling just as quickly as his, a heavy silence crashed through the room, Ralph Lifted his sister from the floor carrying her out of the room, Benny moved Charlie away from the shorter man suddenly having concerns for his temper and what the outcome may be,

“Call it a warning shot”

Frank stated in a calm monotone voice before leading his brother out of the room.