Under the Boardwalk


Alessandra woke slowly a pain tearing through her skull, her mouth dry and eyes blurry, she looked around trying to figure out where she was, Willie sat at her side, she looked over at him, his face twisted in to a scowl, she sighed as her surroundings became familiar, she was back in their home, the master suite, the room she shared with Willie, she attempted to sit up a dull ache spreading up her arm, she glanced upwards to see a rope fastened around her wrist attaching her to the bed frame,

“Why'd you do it Ally?” He asked a venomous tone in his voice, “Is it the power? The money? Huh? Whats Luciano got that I don't?”

“Willie please”

He cut her off

“No you're gonna fucking listen! I loved you! You were going to be my wife the one to have and to hold forever and you fucked off with that dago fuck!”

“You never loved me” she stated her voice coming out husky due to dehydration “It was arranged to stop me being with Charlie!”

“Don't tell me how I felt!”

He snapped standing up and walking away,

“Willie? Where are you going? Untie me!”

She shouted after him as the door slammed! She screamed out in frustration, feeling vulnerable she thrashed trying to sit up, pulling at the rope causing friction burns, she pulled and tugged as tears slipped down her cheeks, she soon gave up, letting her tired body rest, the door clicked forcing her up right, Al walked in, he stood over looking at her as though she was an abandoned puppy he shook his head and sighed,

“Mi bella, what am I gonna do with you huh? Runnin' off sleepin' around? I thought I raised you better than that”

“Just untie me”

“I can't do that Bella for your own good I can't”

He ran his fingers over her jaw sighing again, she pulled her face away,

“Why can't you Al? Huh? Pray tell what risk is Charlie to me?”

“He's just not a nice guy”

“Neither are you! What difference does it make to you who I sleep with?”

He stood upright suddenly

“You slept with him?” She shrugged arrogantly, his temper flared quickly “Did he lay a hand on you?”

He demanded, she smirked at him watching his face flush and the vein in his head pulsate,

“And the rest”

She laughed loudly, Al could hear his heart beat in his ears, his fists clenched and within seconds his hand collided with his baby sisters face, she reeled back stunned in to silence she moved her free hand to her jaw the taste of iron flooding her dry mouth,his stomach flipped and with shaking hands he untied her wrist pulling her in to him, she remained silent, plotting her next move carefully, she slipped the gun out of his belt, moving slowly she lifted her arm and struck her elder brother in the back of the head, his body weight suddenly pressing down on her, she grunted as she shoved him to the side, standing on tender legs she moved forward slowly stretching aching limbs, gun still in hand she slipped it in to her garter belt, she crept around fixing her hair in to a pony tail and slipping in to her shoes she pulled Al's coat over her shoulders and lifted the window, as her feet settled on the extension roof below her Al stirred, locking eyes with her she bolted, scrambling down the gutter pipe and on to solid ground, she could hear Al shouting profanities in the distance and the back door clicking, she heard Ralph shout as she made a run for it, scaling the wooden fence at the end of the garden and continuing to run until she came to a more public place, she couldn't relax frisking herself for any sort of money she found a 100 in the inside pocket and made her way to the train station.

Charlie couldn't rest it had been seventeen hours and fourteen minutes since Alessandra had been snatched, he knew the Capone's were renowned for their violent volatile tempers, he tortured himself with images of her broken body being left on a basement floor, what if she was cold? What if she was hurt? He felt powerless, Meyer rested a hand on his shoulder,

“maybe it's better it happened now Charlie, it would have hurt a lot more later on down the line”

He brushed his friends hand off, he wasn't used to feeling so low, he certainly wasn't used to pining over a broad he never had done in the past so what was it about this one? He reached in to his pocket and pulled out the small white packet he had stashed, sprinkling a little bit of the white powder on to his hand he inhaled deeply taking the substance in a comforting rush of light headedness and warmth washed over him, he felt his tried muscles relax as he melted in to the wing back chair, he felt his eyes become heavy, it was hardly surprising, he hadn't slept spending the night tossing and turning driving himself insane with worry.

She broke the hundred in a bank turning it in to more manageable bills, she rushed through the train station and boarded the first train to New York, not relaxing until she was safely in the carriage and the train had pulled away.

The Capone's were hunting the streets high and low asking if any one had seen her, trying to describer her to passing strangers, to Al, Frank and Ralph she was the most beautiful human on the planet but to others she sounded generic, a petite willowy frame long dark brown curly hair usually worn in a ponytail, a royal blue dress with silver detailing and a black mens tailored coat, most shook their heads, Frank sighed heavily, his eyes darting through the crowds desperately hoping to catch a glimpse of his sister.

Willie followed the brothers around, he was hurting and angry unable to believe he was so close to marrying Ally, he knew it was arranged but had grown fond of her, he couldn't help but feel a pang of self loathing and jealousy when he thought of Luciano's hands all over her, he comforted himself with the thought of Charlie finding someone better and Ally just being a casual fling,

“New York!”

The young boy suddenly blurted out, the brothers looked at each other Al's face screwed up, Frank rubbed the bridge of his nose and Ralph sighed out loud, wondering how they had missed it.

She knocked on the door sheepishly, shuffling back slightly she could hear movement from the other side the heavy red door clanked and swung open, Meyer peered out,


He gasped, dragging her in and slamming the door, he threw his arms around her,

“I'm so pleased you're safe! How did you get here? Do you want something to drink?”

She laughed slightly taken a back by the small gangsters outward display of affection, she didn't even know him all that well,

“I got the train, I couldn't stay there anymore”

She glanced down as he gently squeezed her arm and lead her through to the lounge,

“Where's Charlie?”

She questioned looking around,

“He's in bed sleeping off whatever the shit was that he snorted”

Benny responded without looking up from his newspaper, she nodded and sat opposite Meyer, the two sat and spoke about how she came to be back in New York, she showed him the rope burns and the bruises, his eyes widened slightly, although his morals were slightly more relaxed than that of a normal man even he thought it disgusting for a man to raise a hand to a woman especially not a younger sister who you had sworn to protect, sworn to a dying father.

She slipped silently in to the room, looking over him as he slept, she smiled to herself watching as he twitched slightly, embracing the calm for a moment before she climbed in to the bed next to him pulling his body closer to hers, she ran her thumb over his bare abdomen in a stroking motion waiting for him to awake, he stirred, blinking a few times waiting for the room to come in to focus vaguely aware of the body next to him, he glanced over, a smile spreading across his lips when he realised who she was, pulling her in to him he left multiple small kisses on her head, she smiled her heart settling as his raced.