The Royal Marriage

King Iker Casillas of Spain couldn’t have been happier with the state of his life, he is married to a supportive adoring wife, two loving daughters and his country is at peace.

However, things take a sharp turn when the royal doctors reveal that Queen Katherine is terminally ill and doesn’t have long to live.

Thus leaving Iker with a large problem… not only does Spain need a Queen but Iker needs a male heir to pass on his throne to when he dies.

The last thing that Iker expected was for Katherine to have an idea on how to find him a new wife that is suitable for her thrones.

How will Iker deal with the fact that Katherine is helping him find her replacement?

How will their daughters react to the replacement when they meet her?

Alternative Universe.

OC/Iker Casillas/OC
  1. Chapter One: Queen Katherine’s Accident
  2. Chapter Two: The Queen’s Idea
  3. Chapter Three: Preparations
  4. Chapter Four: The Other Castro Girl
  5. Chapter Five: Katherine’s Surprise Offer
  6. Chapter Six: Breaking Fast
  7. Chapter Seven: The Queen’s Companion
  8. Chapter Eight: Dinner with Tomas
  9. Chapter Nine: The Invitation
  10. Chapter Ten: Dining with the King
  11. Chapter Eleven: Protective Sister
  12. Chapter Twelve: Mary’s Disapproval
  13. Chapter Thirteen: The Big Reveal
  14. Chapter Fourteen: The Sweating Sickness
  15. Chapter Fifteen: Traveling to Toledo
  16. Chapter Sixteen: Time to Grow Up
  17. Chapter Seventeen: Surprise Visit
  18. Chapter Eighteen: Queen Katherine's Decline
  19. Chapter Nineteen: Not Much Time Left
  20. Chapter Twenty: Precious Moments
  21. Chapter Twenty-One: Queen Katherine’s Funeral
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: Philip of Bavaria
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: Mary, Duchess of Bavaria
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four: Ladies in Waiting
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five: Queen Dowager
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six: The Royal Wedding
  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Morning After
  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Goodbye Mary
  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Little Advice.
  30. Chapter Thirty: Being Queen
  31. Chapter Thirty-One: In Need of an Heir
  32. Chapter Thirty-Two: Good News
  33. Chapter Thirty-Three: Protection
  34. Chapter Thirty-Four: Pressure for a Son
  35. Chapter Thirty-Five: News from Bavaria
  36. Chapter Thirty-Six: Entering Confinement
  37. Chapter Thirty-Seven: 12th of October 1540
  38. Chapter Thirty-Eight: Things to Think About
  39. Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Date is Set
  40. Chapter Forty: Queen Charlotte of Spain
  41. Chapter Forty-One: Leaving the Castle
  42. Chapter Forty-Two: King Henry VIII
  43. Chapter Forty-Three: A Special Fondness
  44. Chapter Forty-Four: The French Arrive
  45. Chapter Forty-Five: Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Orléans
  46. Chapter Forty-Six: Carefree in the Gardens
  47. Chapter Forty-Seven: Carmen, the Queen Mother
  48. Chapter Forty-Eight: A Court in Mourning
  49. Chapter Forty-Nine: 24th of December 1541
  50. Chapter Fifty: Seeking an Alliance
  51. Chapter Fifty-One: The Summer of 1544
  52. Chapter Fifty-Two: Mary, Queen of Scots
  53. Chapter Fifty-Three: Declaration of War
  54. Chapter Fifty-Four: The Queen Regnant