The Royal Marriage

Chapter Fifty-Two: Mary, Queen of Scots

“Welcome to Spain, Queen Mary,” Iker greeted staring down at the young Queen before him, it was hard to believe that she had arrived so quickly after he had sent a letter to her parliament stating that she could come to Spain for safety from the English.

It had only been a matter of weeks and there was no denying that things with the English weren’t going to get better anytime soon.

Soldiers had been sent to Scotland to help them defend the country from the invading English forces who hoped that by doing so they would force a match between Queen Mary and the Prince of Wales.

“We are pleased to welcome you to our court,” Iker continued moving to his feet, he couldn’t imagine being the monarch of a country at such a young age.

The fact that Mary would never know her father unsettled him, and Iker knew that while he didn’t see much of his children; he would do anything for his children and he just wanted to protect them.

“I am most pleased to be here,” Mary replied quietly, she peeked at them a little unsure of herself and wished that her mother had come with her.

However, that hadn’t been possible and no matter how much Mary had begged her mother to come with her to this strange land; here she was all alone without her mother beside her.

Marie de Guise had entrusted the care of her daughter to that of the Spanish Queen, she was sure that only the best care would be taken with her daughter.

“Allow me to introduce my Queen,” Iker stated signalling to his right, he knew that Charlotte had done everything in her power to make the young Queen comfortable as soon as she arrived at court.

There was no escaping the thought that one day, young Queen Mary would be married to Felipe and would find herself Queen of Spain one day.

According to letters from Scotland, the young Queen had been educated in Spanish from the moment that she had learnt to talk and her tutors were impressed with how she mastered the language.

“I would like to introduce you to your betrothed, Prince Felipe, Prince of Asturias and my daughter the Princess Margaery,” Iker continued with a proud smile, he hoped that the three children would get along well.

They would after all be sharing the royal nursery and Iker did hope that the young Queen would be comfortable there; she would have her own apartments and Scottish attendants during her stay.

Felipe and Margaery offered Queen Mary small bows, they had been told that they needed to be on their best behaviour to meet their guest; they very rarely had the chance to meet such important guests like this.

Staring at the two children, Mary felt a little less uneasy about the fact that she was the only child at court; she peeked at the boy who her mother had told her would one day be her husband.

Marie de Guise wanted her daughter to understand how important it was to have such a match; the King of Spain could have picked any bride for his son and heir.

However, he had chosen her and Marie de Guise would give him no reason to seek an alliance elsewhere; her daughter would be the perfect bride for the Prince of Asturias when the time was right.

Offering her own little bow, Mary lowered her eyes to the ground wondering how her life would be in this foreign court.

Already she could see the differences from the court that she had been brought up in and Mary knew that her mother trusted her to be on her best behaviour; she had her loyal ladies and servants with her to keep her company in this strange land.


Listening to the sounds of the children playing in the gardens, Charlotte smiled to herself as she focused on the sewing that she was doing; she missed such sounds when they were back at the royal nursery.

It was hard not being able to raise her own child but she knew it just wasn’t done, she had responsibilities that she had to take care of as the Queen of Spain that she could not ignore.

Charlotte could not help but think of what her life would have been like if she had never become Queen of Spain; she doubted that she would have found a man like Iker.

There was no denying that she had found herself in a very lucky position when Katherine herself had selected her as her replacement; it would have ended differently for her if she hadn’t.

Her thoughts moved away from her own life to the young Queen that had arrived that day; she was sure that Mary had been frightened to leave everything that she had known behind.

Scotland was a very different place from Spain and Charlotte was sure that it would take a lot for her to adjust to the differences between the two countries.

And one day Mary would be Queen of Spain, even if it wasn’t for what Charlotte hoped for many years; she couldn’t imagine losing Iker anytime soon.

In the five and a half years that they had been married, Charlotte had found herself falling for her husband and she was more certain of her feelings with each passing day.

Charlotte hadn’t told Iker how she felt, she doubted that it would make any difference especially since she knew that he would always hold a special place in his heart for Katherine.

There was no problem with that in her mind, he had been married to the late Queen for twenty years and Charlotte knew that they had been through so much together before she had passed.

Katherine had been an amazing Queen and Charlotte hoped that she had lived up to everything that her predecessor had; she didn’t want to let anyone down.

Despite the fact that Charlotte had done something that Katherine had never managed, she still worried that she was being judged with everything move that she made and she was sure that she had people that disliked her.

The fact that she had given Spain the one thing that they had always needed, a male heir to the throne had not been forgotten but she had failed to give the throne a spare so far.

Margaery was a beautiful little girl and Charlotte adored her daughter, she loved her and she was sure that she would be beautiful when she was older.

Charlotte couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when she had her next child, she knew that it was expected that she have another son especially since Iker was entering his Forties now.

People were talking about their King like he was old and Charlotte knew that this could be one of the last chances that they might have to have a child.

Charlotte knew that if Spain was drawn into a war with the Holy Roman Empire then Iker would be forced to leave to fight; she would be left as regnant to run the country.

The fact that she might have to hold the position for years or even in the event that Iker didn’t make it back worried Charlotte; she would have to hold the throne for the sake of her children.

Felipe would be far too young to take the throne should anything happen to Iker and Charlotte couldn’t help but think that the Emperor would happily overthrow them to rule Spain.

It was hard to think about what would happen if she lost Iker and Charlotte knew that she was going to have to be strong; she had to think about her children and she wasn’t sure what she would do if anything happened to Iker.
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So Mary has arrived in Spain to keep her safe from the English... what will happen next?

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