The Royal Marriage

Chapter Fifty-Four: The Queen Regnant

“Her Majesty, The Queen,” a herald announced making the council men around the room quickly bow to the woman that they would be answering to in the absence of her husband, their King.

She would be the one that they answered to while Iker was away leading their armies in battle; something that quite a few of them had a problem with and weren’t looking forward to.

Many of them had hoped that perhaps Iker would have left his brother in-charge since the prince was still but a child; he would have been a perfect candidate for regnant instead of the Queen.

Charlotte had never held such a position before, the pressures of running Spain in the absence of her husband weren’t something to be taken lightly.

“Father?” Charlotte greeted a little surprised to see him here, she had not thought that she was going to have to deal with him while her husband had gone.

The last thing that she needed was for anyone to be causing issues while Iker was away; she had to quickly find her feet and make sure that no one thought that they could undermine her.

“I was not expecting to see you here,” Charlotte said politely, she approached the chair that she would occupy which her father was stood next to.

She rested a hand on her bump as she stared at him, she could only imagine what he had been doing before she had arrived; the looks on other council members faces left little doubt what he thought was happening here.

“Where else would I be? The King had entrusted you with running the country while he is away and I am here to help,” Tomas replied simply, he doubted that his daughter was prepared to run the country and she had the life of her unborn child to consider.

It was in the best interests of everyone if he stepped up and directed things from here; there was no place for a woman to rule even if Iker had appointed her Regnant in his absence.

“I am sure that should I need your help then I shall ask for it,” Charlotte stated firmly, she wasn’t going to allow him to walk all over her and she knew that she had to put her foot down if she was to stand a chance.

Tomas stared at Charlotte, never had she spoke to him as such and he did not like the idea that she thought that she could do this without him.

Charlotte was in no way prepared to run the country and Tomas could only imagine what would happen should she be allowed to do so; she would surely run the country into the ground before Iker returned.

“Now gentlemen. What is it we have to discuss today?” Charlotte asked taking her seat, she ignored her father who frowned for a moment before he to sat down.

She knew many of the men that were seated upon the council and she could only hope that none would side with her father; she needed to make sue that every decision she made was the right one.

“The first issue on the table would be who should become regnant if anything were to happen to you, Your Majesty,” one of the council men said looking up from his papers.

The King had stated his plans for such an occasion but they still needed to make sure that such an arrangement was agreeable with the Queen.

“His Majesty has stated that his brother… Prince Unai would become Regnant when you entered your confinement if he is not returned,” the man continued looking down at the King’s last directions before he had left for war.

Charlotte nodded in agreement, there was no one else that she would trust with such a position; there was no doubt in her mind that should anyone else be appointed then they would abuse such a position.

“I see no reason to make a change to that decision, I trust Prince Unai just as much as His Majesty does,” Charlotte said, she could see her father’s face and she knew that he had hoped that she would want him as Regnant.

While she knew that her father would certainly ensure that there was no threat from anyone that might steal Felipe’s throne from him; she could not ignore the fact that he was greedy for power.

The last thing that Charlotte wanted was for her son to become the puppet king, men ruling through him and using him for their own ends.

The councilman seemed pleased with her answer and wrote something down, before they started to discuss other decisions that needed Charlotte’s attention for the day.

Tomas pursed her lips as he sat back in his chair, he was not pleased with how this had turned out; he had thought that she would push her own family into positions of power while Iker was away.

They would maintain things and become the most powerful family in the country, it was something that he was sure that Isabella would have done if she’d become Queen.

Instead his eldest daughter was nothing more than a duchess while his youngest had somehow managed to become Queen; something that he had never thought would happen.

He had always expected the best from Isabella, ensured that she would be the best education that she could have; he had wanted her to be a woman of importance and a high-ranking one at that.

She might have snagged a husband that was a Duke and ensure that she had done her job with providing an heir but it hadn’t been enough.

Tomas knew without a doubt that Isabella would have been the better choice for Queen, she would have done anything that he would have asked and promoted her family above anything else.


Stepping into her chambers, Charlotte was relieved that she was done with the council for the day and she could relax without being the centre of attention for a little while and focus on other things.

She knew that her father was displeased with her about her decision not to allow him to run the council through her but she was determined to show Iker that he had made the right decision by appointing her.

Despite the fact that they were expecting their third child in just a few short months, she was the one that he had entrusted their country to.

“Is everything alright, Your Majesty?” Kenna asked approaching her, she was sure that the council meeting had kept her busy and there would be a lot that she had to do now.

Even if people would still expect her to produce a healthy second son, they needed the throne secure even if Felipe was a healthy boy; there was no telling if he would survive until adulthood.

Should anything happen to him then the throne would pass to his eldest sister, Mary, and her husband; something that no one wanted to see since her husband was a foreigner.

“I wish for my sister to be summoned to court,” Charlotte announced knowing that she would need all the help that she could get in controlling their father.

Tomas wasn’t likely to back down and he would no doubt cause more harm than good if he wasn’t monitored; it would require all three of them to deal with him.

James was already here at court and Charlotte was thankful for that, she didn’t know what she would do without him but Isabella was back home with her husband and their children.

As much as she hated the idea of separating a family, there were more pressing matters for her to worry about when it came to her father.

She hoped to use the fact that Isabella was his favourite against him, she had to find a way to deal with his ambitiousness before it was too late.
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So Charlotte is regnant while Iker is away and her father wants to control her... what will happen next?

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