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Bookstore Love


It was a cold wintery morning in the city of Adelaide, Ebony had just unlocked the doors to Tidbits Book Store when Beryl rushed passed her apologising about her lateness quickly she shredded her jacket and scarf, messing up her white hair. Ebony laughed at the older woman and her flurry of movements.

“Beryl, it’s okay… I got everything done don’t stress, plus I don’t think anyone will be in early today. I mean look at the weather, anyone with a brain would be still tucked up in bed.” Ebony began as she helped the elder woman with her things.

“Or on the train to work,” the red haired woman nodded her head. “Oh Ebony you are too good to me. I’ll go and make us a cuppa to warm us up,” with that the woman straightened her glasses and headed toward the back of the store. Ebony shook her head smiling widely as she took her position behind the desk. Reaching down into her bag she pulled out a book she had recently purchased and began to read.

“Here you go love,” looking up the red head took her cup and placed it on the counter near the computer screen. “Have we had any customers?” Ebony shook her head.

“Not yet but it won’t be long I am sure,” as soon as the words left her lips the bell above the door tinkled alerting the woman to a guest, both women’s attention zeroed in on the person who was entering, instantly Ebony’s stomach began to flutter and her a smile fought at the corner of her lips.

“Ooh, look who is back… are you going to go talk to him this time?”

“Mornin’ ladies,” he greeted a warm smile etched across his face. Beryl wished him a good morning while all Ebony could do was nod her head in recognition as she felt her cheeks heat up. The male who had walked through the door had become somewhat of a regular, every morning he would enter with greeting them good morning and even sometimes bringing them in a warm Styrofoam cup of hot chocolate declaring it is the least he can do. Ebony had yet to find out his name but she knew one thing, he was from the UK, he dressed nicely and had the most beautiful eyes that changed from green to blue depending on the weather.

Ebony buried her nose in her book hoping that Beryl wouldn’t bring it up. The elder knew that she had a crush on him, it was blatantly obvious by her actions whenever he entered the bookstore.

“I gotta say Ebony, he is a good looking man, foreign, and seems to be very educated and has a love for books and let’s not forget the days he brings us hot chocolates… go on… go talk to him.” Ebony looked up at the woman and shook her head, Beryl was about to protest when the male walked passed again.

“Alright ladies, see you tomorrow,” with that he left the store the bell tinkling behind him.

“And you missed your chance again, good golly woman!” Beryl shook her head as she turned the computer on.

“He was only in her for like five seconds.” Ebony protested.

“Five seconds that you could have been talking to him and getting to know him.” the red head knew it was useless, her boss would find any excuse for her to go and talk to him. “Right tomorrow morning you will talk to him. That is an order as your boss.” the elder woman’s dark eyes twinkled with mischief, even though she was nearing sixty she still had a childlike cheekiness about her. The young woman rolled her eyes before getting to her feet and beginning the job of stacking all the new books onto the shelves.

As she worked her mind began to wander, she thought about the male, how she so desperately wanted to know his name. She wanted to be able to put a name to the face. Ebony wanted to be able to talk to him about books, none of her friends shared a love for reading, get lost in different fantastical worlds and exchange pros and cons of contemporary novels. However, how was she supposed to do that when she turned to a voiceless mess whenever he walked into the store. Beryl was right, he came across as a very educated man, a kind man, and he and her shared a love for books.

Ebony decided that she would do what Beryl had ordered her to do. It was time she stepped out of her comfort zone and tried to make conversation with the man she had a severe crush on.

Tomorrow would be the day.
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