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The next morning Ebony was early to work, she had everything set up by the time Beryl walked in. The red head had turned her attention to stacking books on the shelves as she waited for the tinkling of the bells to signify the male had returned. She tried to busy herself but she couldn’t help the way her eyes lingered over to the door.

It was an hour before the male arrived and the only reason Ebony knew was because he was being ushered over to her by Beryl.

“Oh, Ebony could help you with that, unfortunately I am rather forgetful these days and can’t work a computer to save my life… Ah Ebony,” the red head looked up from where she was reading the blurb of a novel that had caught her attention, quickly she stowed it back onto the shelf and walked toward the pair. Her cheeks were flaming with embarrassment at the fact her boss had caught her reading the back of a book she was meant to be putting away.

“Yes Beryl.”

“Ebony would you be able to help… I’m sorry… I didn’t catch your name.” the elder lady apologised as she turned to look at the male.

“Iggy.” he introduced himself. A look of confusion crossed the woman’s face, even Ebony was startled at the name.

“Iggy, such an uncommon name.”

“It’s short for Ignatius mum. A very uncommon name but that’s what my father wanted,” Beryl nodded her head.

“But a beautiful name none the less, anyway Ebony. Iggy here is after something for his niece, think you could help him out?”

“Of course,” she smiled widely looking at the male who stood tall and strong his hands buried in the pockets of his coat. Beryl nodded her head before turning and walking away not before shooting the red head a look over her shoulder. Ebony shook it off and turned her attention to the male in front of her. “Okay… do you know what she likes?”

“Not really.”

“Okay how old is she? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“She’s nine.”

“Ahhh a wonderful age, I take it she is an avid reader then?”

“Yeah, she loves books, the trouble is she has so many that I don’t know what she does and doesn’t have.” Ebony hummed as she walked through the shelves looking for something to jump out at her, as soon as she entered the children’s fiction she began pulling books off the shelves like a machine. Remember books from her childhood as well as newer released books. “Wow, you’re a machine.”

“Sorry, I get really excited when hunting for books,” Ebony felt her cheek redden again. The male chuckled causing her heart to flutter in her chest. “Anyways here a few. If you want we have a set of lounges toward the back. You can sit and have a bit of a look at them.”

“Thank you Ebony,” the way her name rolled off his tongue caused her breath to stutter, nodding her head she watched as he walked toward the back of the store arms filled with two piles of books. Taking a deep breath she ran her fingers through her hair and walked back to the counter where Beryl sat sipping a cup of tea and reading something on the computer screen.

“So, how did it go?” the question was drawn out in a sing song kind of way which caused Ebony to shake her head at the older lady. “Oh come on I am an old married woman I never get this much excitement. Plus I’ll have you know I was a great matchmaker back in my day.”

“Of course you were. It went fine, he is looking at some of the books I picked out for him.”

“And you are not over there because?”

“Because I have helped him and now it is his turn to make a decision on what he wants.” the white haired woman huffed before exiting out of her screen.

“Listen here young Ebony. I may be an old woman but I know that life is short and if you don’t take a chance you’re never going to get anywhere in life. So get over there now and talk to him, help him come to a decision, you never know… or you could just ask him to grab a drink somewhere.”

“I don’t drink.” Ebony deadpanned as she sat on the spare seat.

“Lord give me strength!” she muttered as she looked at the woman. “Ah… Iggy, how did it go? Did you come to a conclusion?”

“I did, thank you so much Ebony you were a great help. I tired to put the books back as best I could,” he smiled as he placed the book on the counter. A wide grin spread across Ebony’s face when she saw the book he had decided on.

“Good choice there,” she nodded her head at the book. Matilda by Roald Dahl. “One of my favourites when I was nine.”

“I will be sure to tell Jessie when I give it to her,” Iggy smiled as he handed the money over to Beryl. “Well thank you for the help Ebony. You two ladies have a great day.” grabbing his book he flashed a charming smile at the ladies before walking out the bells tinkling behind him.
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