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Bookstore Love


It was another dreary winter day in Adelaide and Ebony had just stepped off the bus, people pushed passed her as they raced to work. Many of them were on their mobile phones yelling at the person on the other line. The red head wasn’t sure whether it was because of the noise of the city or if they were angry or just didn’t have a quieter volume. Rolling her eyes she allowed people to rush passed her she was in no hurry. Beryl would have the shop open and ready when she arrived for her shift.

As she walked along the back streets of Rundle Mall rain began to trickle from the sky, Ebony was fine with that she didn’t have far to go so she knew she wouldn’t get too wet. That was before the thunder rolled over the sky and the ran began to fall heavier. Cursing she began to run toward her destination, she was a few meters from the bookstore, she could see it.

“Ebony!” A male voice caused her to stop, turning she saw Iggy hurrying toward her Umbrella opened. Within seconds he was holding it over the two of them. Her breathing was heavy, clouds of mist forming with every exhale. The red head really needed to work out more often.

“Hey Iggy,” she tried to contain her heavy breathing but wasn’t able to. “How are you?” the male smiled at her exposing his pearly whites. Several wet strands of fiery hair fell in front of her face reaching up she pushed them aside tucking them behind her ear.

“Better than you apparently,” he smiled as he looked over her wet clothing.

The red head laughed as she looked down at her outfit, it was true she was soaked to the bone. The red head had been told never to run in the rain it causes you to become wetter quicker. “Yeah, thanks for lending me your umbrella.”

“It’s the least I can do, considerin’ how much of a help you have been for me.”

“Oh yes, how did the book go? Have you given it to her?”

“Yes, I gave it to her last night at her birthday party. She loved it. started readin’ it straight away.”

“Aw that is great!” Ebony smiled widely as the two continued to walk toward the bookstore.

“So what time are you working till today?”

“The normal, five.” Ebony smiled as the two came to the entrance of Tidbits Bookstore. “Well thank you for helping me. If it wasn’t for you and your wonderful umbrella I would be wetter than what I am now.” Ebony could feel Beryl’s eyes on her, burning into the back of her head.

“It’s not a problem Ebony.” He shot her a smile, “Well I will see you tomorrow more than likely.”

“Alrighty than see you tomorrow.” with that the male turned and walked away, Ebony stood on the spot for a few moments more watching as he walked off. Once again he was dressed nicely and his dark blonde hair was slicked back in a style that was popular at the moment.

Beryl cleared her throat from behind the counter causing the red head to snap out of her daze, spinning around she saw the woman who had a smirk spread across her ageing face. Ebony rolled her eyes before heading over to the counter where the elder woman

“Good morning Beryl.”

“Morning,” there was laughter in her tone and Ebony simply stuck out her tongue before speaking again to the woman.

“He was helping me, I didn’t have an umbrella and he did. Plus he wanted to thank me for the book I helped him decide on for his niece.” the elder woman was about to reply when a wide grin spread across her face and she nodded her head at the door. Ebony turned her head to the door and saw that Iggy was walking through the door again his umbrella done up by his side.


“Hey… did you want to grab a drink after work today?” Ebony was startled at the question, it took her a few moments to get her thoughts together. Nodding her head she smiled.

“Sure I would love to.”

“Alright, I will pick you up at seven?”

“Alright, I live at sixteen Galway Avenue.”

“Alright, see you then,” with that he turned and left the building the bells tinkling behind him. Ebony couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face, she heard Beryl whisper ‘Thank you God!’ behind her but she chose to ignore it and get back to her work.
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