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Bookstore Love


It was six thirty and Ebony was looking over the outfit she had chosen to wear in her mirror. It was a black tea length dress made with a silky material, the sleeves came down just past her elbows the neck line was rounded and deep enough to expose a little of her cleavage that she tried to hide with strings of pearls. Her fiery hair was pulled back into a twist adding the vintage look. Her make up was bold, red lips, winged eye liner and a shimmer of gold on her eye lids and a light blush to her cheeks.

She stood in front of her mirror looking over herself and debating whether or not to change her clothing again. However her debate was interrupted when her phone dinged. Walking away from the mirror and over to her bedside table she picked up her phone and looked at the screen. It was a message from her sister.

Have fun tonight sis. Leo says be good and make sure your date keeps his hands to himself.

The red head laughed, her sisters boyfriend was the sweetest guy, always looking out for the two of them. Evanna and Leo had been together coming up to three years now and the two were smitten. The relationship Evanna and Leo had was what she ached for. A cute relationship where the two were so madly in love with one and other. The compliment each other in everyday.

I will I’m sure. Tell Leo I will make sure he does.

She hit send and went over to her wardrobe pulling out a scarlet trench coat. The coat fell just above the hem of her dress complimenting her black stilettos. Her phone dinged again but she ignored it and grabbed her clutch throwing her credit card in it and her lipstick before grabbing her phone off the charger and heading out of her bedroom and into the lounge room to wait.

Ebony didn’t have long to wait before her doorbell chime ran through the house. Checking herself once more in the mirror hanging on her hallway wall she reached out and opened the door. Automatically a smile stretched across her face at the sight in front of her.

Ignatius stood on her doorstep a single red rose in his hands, around the stem a ribbon was tied the same colour as the petals. He was dressed in a black suit and tie and his hair was frosted with water from the light drizzle outside.

“Wow,” he gaped his light eyes gazing over the red head as he took in her attire, vastly different from what he normally saw her wearing at the bookstore. She was radiant, almost like a fifties movie starlet. A light giggle left the woman’s lips as he locked his eyes with hers again. He noticed her cheeks were brighter even under the blush. “You look beautiful…” his accent caused Ebony to weaken at the knees. Ignatius held out the rose for her. “This is for you m’lady.”

Reaching out the red head took the flower holding up to inhale it’s sweet scent. “It’s beautiful thank you.”

“Well are you ready?”

Ebony nodded her head, the sandy haired male held out his right hand, she took it smiling as he entwined their arms together walking toward his car. Charmingly Iggy opened her door taking her hand and helping her into the vehicle before walking around and jumping in.

He pulled out and headed toward the destination he had planned for dinner tonight. The car ride was quite for a while before he broke it.

“This may sound like a stupid question, but have you always wanted to work in a bookstore?” he turned his attention to her briefly before turning it back to the road ahead.

“No, for a long time I wanted to be an English teacher but than I went to school,” she joked causing the male to laugh, “No I think I was in grade eight when I realised that I wouldn’t have been able to manage being a teacher. So the next best thing for me was a bookstore worker, it was later that year that I applied Tidbits Bookstore and within maybe a month I got a phone call saying I had got the job and I have been there ever since. And I have loved every moment of it. Working with Beryl has been fantastic she is the best boss. Plus I meet so many bookworms it’s great.”

“Are you saying I’m Bookworm?” his tone was light and playful.

“If that is what you want to be called than yes.”

“I much prefer Book Lion because we are a fierce group of people.” Ebony allowed a laugh to fall from her lips which in turn caused the male to turn and look at her again. “What?” he asked laughter breaking his voice.

“Nothing, nothing… It’s just I have never heard Book Lion before.”

“Really?” the red head nodded her head, “Huh right…” a wide smile was spread across his face as he turned down a street not far from their destination. “Then you are obviously fine with being a Bookworm?”

“I mean yeah, there are worse things that we could be called,” the male pursed his lips before nodding his head realising the female was right there certainly were worse things they could have been called. The two continued to drive along enjoying a light conversation before Ignatius pulled into a car park. Stepping out the male walked around and opened the door for Ebony.

“Right this way M’lady,” he flashed her a dazzling smile as he took her hand in his and the two began to walk into. The two were right in the shopping centre of Glenelg, Ebony hadn’t missed spying The Beach House as they drove in.

“Of course,” she giggled taking the males hand and walking into the centre with the male. They passed several shops and cafe’s before they came to a stop outside The Hogs Breath Cafe.
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